Irvington Pre-K February 29th – March 4th, 2016

Hello, Pre-K families!
This week have had a grand old time, reading books that rhyme! We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading all of his books that we could get our hands on. It was a blast for the students and teachers as we read his entertaining and tongue twisting tales. In addition to the fun stories, we made some great projects too. The crazy hats seemed to be the biggest hit of all. We also continued our quest to earn 60 stars for the next party of our choice. We are now more than halfway there, with 32 stars. Next week we will begin our Art unit, and the letter of the week will be, “U.”


Thank you to Macy and her family for bringing the delicious and nutritious snack this week.

***If you have only signed up for one week of snack, we still have two slots that need to be filled***
***If anyone wants to do a fun project at home with your children, we would gladly accept some more homemade play-doh :)***
Star Student of The Week

Bodie was our Star Student this week. He told us that he is five years old and has blackish-brown hair and green eyes. His favorites are as follows: Color – green. Numbers – 5,0,8. Book – Star Wars. Movie – Robin Hood and Bolt. Animal – cheetah. Activity – LEGOS and making bow and arrows out of toys. Food – sushi. Dessert – chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. When he grows up he wants to be a Police guy, because he wants to “handcuff people.” If he could have three wishes they would be: 1.) Be a LEGO 2.) Freeze time and space 3.) Fly through time.

Monday we kicked off the Dr. Seuss unit by talking about the famous man behind all of these fun tales, Theodor Seuss Geisel, AKA Dr. Seuss. The first book we read was, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? After that we made Star Student pages for Bodie. Then we did some fun coloring pages with Dr. Seuss characters on one side and Dr. Seuss mazes on the other. For share – Georgia shared her tiger puppet named, “Mr. Tiger,” and said that sometimes he flies. We finished the day with a nice long recess!

Tuesday we read some more great works by Mr. Seuss, There’s A Wocket In My Pocket which everyone had a good laugh about. We also read, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut. It is a great book to motivate children to read! For share, Macy showed off her toys that twist from Mt. Hood. Thoren shared his stuff-lovey tiger named, “Tige.” Thomas shared himself and told us that he has 269 toys. Mabel brought in her Taekwando Monchichi with a green and yellow belt. Sebastian shared his Star Wars toy ring. Hudson showed off his transformer toy and gave a demonstration. Toward the end of our day we had our monthly visit from Miss Nina. She read, Surf’s Up, Frankencrayon and Daniel Finds a Poem. Then to get the wiggles out, she did a silly, but fun movement song that everyone loved.

Wednesday was Dr. Seuss’s official birthday, so we read the appropriately titled, Happy Birthday To You! If he were alive today, he would be 112 years old! We made super crazy hats with drawings and stickers on them to celebrate and even sang “Happy Birthday” to him. Many students wore their hats the entire day. We took a picture of the class so families could see all of those crazy hats. Later we drew a giant birthday cake for him and each student colored and cut out 6 candles to put on the cake. We nearly ran out of room there were so many candles to paste on. By the time it was finished, it looked good enough to eat! Later we read some other classic Seuss tales like, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and an appropriate book called, Whacky Wednesday (as it was Wednesday).

Thursday we read, Thidwick The Kindhearted Moose. For share, Avy brought in her toy turtle and said he can hide inside his body. Timmy shared “Mad Eye Moony’s” toy wand from Harry Potter. Hazel shared a book by Dr. Seuss and said she likes to read it with Thomas. Penny showed off a drawing of Japan and said that Tokyo is the capital. Elle picked the tiger from the “T” pocket and told us that they eat meat. Salem shared a toy Elsa crown that is also known as a tiara. Keltin brought in some glow in the dark vampire teeth. Bodie showed off his T-Rex that has a long tail. Boone chose a tree from the “T” pocket and said that you can grow trees and climb them too. Neiko chose the TV from the pocket. We also read two very classic tales, Green Eggs And Ham and The Cat In The Hat. These books started the discussion of which Dr. Seuss book was their very favorite. The winners were, Green Eggs And Ham and Horton Hears A Who.

Friday we read Bodie’s Star Student interview and then his Star Student book filled with many lovely pictures and compliments. Then, we read, Horton Hears A Who again. This was a great book because of a particular line, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” This reminded everyone that people come in all shapes and sizes and that we should treat everyone with kindness. After that, we discussed the favorite Dr. Seuss books for the day, as they changed from the previous day. Twelve kids wanted the Lorax and in second place was, Horton Hears A Who. For share, Saoirse showed off her toy tiara from Princess Sophia. Louie picked the tiger from the “T” pocket. Later, we counted all of the candles on the cake that we made for Dr. Seuss. We counted 112! The kids did such a great job counting, making it look effortless! We finished the day by reading, Horton Hatches The Egg, which everyone loved, of course! Then we packed up and said goodbye!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

-Team Pre-K