August 25th – September 2nd, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter


Hello Irvington Pre-K Families,

We have had a great full week of school getting more familiar with the rules, routines, and expectations of Pre-K. The students are adapting so quickly and we know it is going to be a fantastic year because we have such a fantastic group of kids. We so look forward to getting to know your children!



Monday September 5th there is no school in observance of Labor Day.


***********Please remember we are a peanut-free program and to avoid sending anything with peanuts or peanut butter in lunches. Other nut butters are welcome*********


Please remember pick up time is at 3:00. We have after care children starting promptly at three.


Thank you to all of the families for helping to make such a seamless transition when dropping off in the morning. We have learned throughout the years that the best approach is to just, “Jump right in the pool,” when it comes to leaving your children in our care. One of our goals is to foster independence, so we encourage the families to have students put their belongings in the right spots in the morning, i.e.: putting lunch boxes away, hanging up backpacks and coats, etc.



Thursday of last week was a great day! It went so smoothly and made for a wonderful first day of Pre-K.  We played games to learn the names of our new classmates.  We also began learning about the rules, routines, and expectations of the classroom. We practiced a variety of things like; sitting on the carpet “criss cross applesauce” and eyes on the teachers, lining up as a class, learning about safety while in the classroom and outside, and learning a very important “call and response” where the teachers say, “Pre-K voice check,” at which point everyone puts two thumbs up and catches a bubble in their mouth, so they can listen for directions. Due to it being such a successful day, Magical Mir came by to perform a magic show! As you all can imagine, the kids were awestruck!

Monday we began our day by making crowns with our names on them, and they looked great! The students were Kings and Queens for the day! After some free choice with the toys and activities in the room, we circled up as a class on the carpet. It was there that we learned our good morning and name songs. Ask your child if they can sing any of them for you! Then we went outside for recess where we played with bouncy balls, sidewalk chalk, stilts, and scoops! After that we went inside to talk about counting the days of school from here on out. Then we were introduced to what calendar and weather looks like, as this is something we will do every morning. This will eventually become a job for each Pre-K student as the year progresses. Throughout the day we read, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus, First Day Jitters, and Slug Needs A Hug. Later in the day we spent some time working on a picture entitled, “This is what I drew on my first day of school,” which are now hanging in the classroom for your viewing pleasure.

On Tuesday we continued practicing our routines. We read some great books:  It’s Okay to be Different, It’s Okay to Make Mistakes and  Late For School. For our morning project, we made noodle necklaces, which looked fabulous of course! After rest time we had the pleasure of working with watercolor paints, and created beautiful works of art. Towards the end of the day, we ate snack (an especially favorite part of the day for this group) and went  outside for recess. We finished the day by packing up and playing some “Eye Spy.”

On Wednesday we began the day with using tempera paints. They look amazing and are decorating our walls quite nicely. We also worked on patterns by gluing shapes on construction paper. This project was just for fun and we will be learning about patterns at a later date. While in the middle of free choice, there was a Fire Drill! Despite never having practiced such a thing, the kids did a wonderful job. They quickly lined up and followed direction to the school’s safe place, located at the south end of the blacktop. In this line the students were to listen for their names and raise their hands. Teacher Mir was even there to see what a great job we did for our first drill, and he said we would have a magic show again very soon for their efforts. Throughout the day we read, The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza, 10 Little Ninjas and Ally-saurus.


Thursday we kicked off the morning with the play doh that families have kindly provided us. After that we had our morning circle and sang our morning songs and then read, The Bear’s Surprise. Then we went outside to play with our equipment for our first recess. Everyone is practicing sharing and taking turns quite well, and we look forward to seeing that for the rest of the year. Later we read, Little One, Small Saul and Shhh! We have a plan. We ended our day with recess on the play structure, where the students have been mastering the monkey bars and fire pole.


Friday we had a fun morning of free choice. Then, during our circle time, we quizzed the kids about the schedule we follow. The teachers were SO impressed at how well they remembered the sequence of events throughout our day. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed with more free choice and two fun stories, Over In The Meadow and Corduroy. The day ended with some running around under the covered area as it was pouring down rain! Then we came inside and said our goodbyes as families came to pick up.



Thank you all for such an awesome week! Have a wonderful three day weekend!



-Team Pre-K