September 6-9, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


We had a wonderful week of learning about each other! We delved into the Life In a Bag share and all the students shared 3 things about themselves. We also enjoyed many books and activities related to our theme of All About Me.


Next week, we will turn our focus on families, friends and pets. We will be charting the members of our family, talking about who lives in our house, and talking about where we live. We will also talk about any pets we have or wish we had.


Beginning next week, we will also start our ABC share. This will be a weekly routine that will be part of our alphabet study. Students will bring in one item that starts with the letter of the week and share it with the class. We will start with the letter A and move through the alphabet. Students will practice writing the letter, recognizing the printed letter, learning the sign language letters, as well as learning the letter sounds. This is lots of fun and a great way to pave the way to reading.


On Tuesday, we started the morning out with some watercolor painting and playdough. For our share, Rory showed us a drawing of his family by his cousin, a bracelet with his name on it that he got while on vacation in Mexico, and a small ball because he loves to play soccer. Ruby shared a Peppa Pig’s mom and told us about a fun trip to Peppa Pig World in England, a drawing she made of her iPad because she loves to play games, and a very tiny cat bead because she really likes cats. Mirabel shared a Singing Sally card from her marching card game, a cupcake drawing that her sister made. Grant shared a small star that he has in his room for night time that glows in the dark, a sparkle rock that his dad found, and a photo of a train because he loves trains, and he told us about a small car he wanted to bring that makes noises too. Katelyn showed us her swim goggles that she uses for swimming, a photo of her sister Lucy, friend Sarah and herself with Minnie Mouse from an exciting trip she took to Disney World, and some gardening gloves because she loves to work in the garden. Sarah brought two books because she loves them so much! She brought Little Mommy about a little girl and her dolly, and a book of rhymes, and paint brush because she loves to paint. Zulia shared a CD of Disney music because she loves to watch Disney movies and music, and we listened to A Whole New World, also she shared a treasure chest that had a photo of her, her sister and her Grampy.


On Wednesday, students made small versions of themselves out of paper, which we call Mini Me’s. These were colorfully dressed and made to represent the way the students see themselves. We will add these to a larger project that will be on display in the classroom. We read What I Like About Me, and It’s Okay To Be Different. For our Life In a Bag share, Lucas shared a photo of himself at school playing with a dump truck because he loves trucks and going to school, a swimming mask because he wears it when he swims, a flag of India and he told us about his grandparents who lived there, and a tennis ball because he loves to play sports. Vaughn shared a Ranger Rick magazines because he really likes animals, a CD because he likes to listen to music and we listened to part of one song, and a sand dollar because he loves the ocean. Severin shared a very tiny watermelon eraser because he loves to eat fruit and watermelon is his favorite, a photo of his daddy’s work where they drive a forklift, and a paint brush because he loves to paint. Kellen shared a mini basketball that he plays with in his bedroom because he loves to play ball, a Jack and Annie Magic Treehouse book because these are his favorite, and a pretend bug because he loves bug and told us about his pet worm that he led into its cage. Bianca shared a book of all her drawings which she loves to do, a wooden glitter friend that she made when she went camping, and photos of having her friend Caroline over for a play date.


Thursday we started our Pre-K jobs. Students will have a job every other day, and they consist of jobs like line leader, caboose, calendar helper, weather helper, wake-up helper, door holder, lights helper, sweeper and substitute. These jobs help students develop self-sufficiency skills as well as a sense of responsibility for our classroom. For our Life In a Bag share, Anika brought a stuffed animal that she got in Seattle, where her aunt lives, a book called, Oh My, Oh My Dinosaur, that she READ to us (so impressive), and a flashlight that she uses to keep her from feeling scared at night. Charlie brought a small football because he likes the sport, a spatula because he likes to make cookies and banana bread with his grandma, and a deck of cards that he got when he rode on a train. Camille showed the class a picture of her and her little sister wearing matching outfits because she loves her sister, a soccer medal she earned, and a drawing that she made with her daddy because she loves drawing and especially loves to draw with daddy.


On Friday, we started the morning sign-in for Pre-K. Students found their picture on the table and placed it in the “I am here” basket. These will be used for our morning check in, as well as for any charts we make throughout the year. We continued with our Pre-K jobs and the students are doing a great job with this new responsibility.  In the morning we read The Kissing Hand again, and everyone was invited to make their own kissing hand. Students glued some red and pink hearts on a construction paper cutout hand. This book talks about how our families are always with us, and the goodbye kiss is a reminder of that. It is helpful to some students who may be having a difficult time with the new school drop-off transition. We had two more Life In a Bag shares. Avi shared a letter tracing card because he like to read and write his letters, a photo of himself listening to music because he loves to sing and dance, and a painting because he loves to paint. Alex shared a painting he made of a Creeper from Mine Craft because loves both Mine Craft and painting and the game, a recycled paper towel roll because he loves to make crafts, and a bear shaped cookie cutter because he loves to cut out cookies when his mom rolls out the dough. We enjoyed a lot of time playing with the balls, bubbles and chalk in the wonderful sunshine. We also had our second fire drill, and the students are working on lining up quickly and quietly and calling out “here” when we call their name. They did a great job and we are very proud of them!


Enjoy a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week!

Team Pre-K