September 12th – September 16th, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter


Hello Irvington Pre-K Families,

We have had another full week of Pre-K fun learning about ourselves and our families and did some great projects along the way. (Most of our special projects initially decorate the classroom, and then are filed away until the end of the year when we present the children with a Memory Book filled with projects they did throughout). We talked about how all people in the world look different than one another. We charted who we live with, and it was very interesting as the majority of the families in our class have the same makeup! So many sisters in this group! We also began the first letter of our ABC share, but due to the very few shares brought in, we would like to redo letter A next week to reinforce this weekly routine. We look forward to seeing shares that begin with the letter A, practicing writing the letter, recognizing the printed letter, learning the sign language letter and finally, learning the letter sound. This is a really fun way to pave the way to reading.



Thank you to Gabe and his family for providing the delicious and nutritious snacks this week!


We are a peanut-free program. Please avoid sending anything with peanuts or peanut butter in lunches. Other nut butters are welcome.


Please remember drop off time should be no later than 8:40, pick up time is BY 3:00. We have after care children starting promptly at three that use the classroom.


Monday we began our morning with practicing writing the letter, A and talking about a few words that start with A. Then during carpet time, we charted the members in our family that we live with by putting star stickers under: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and how many of each. After our morning routine, Gabe shared his life in a bag. He shared a photo of his family, a tennis ball because he likes to play ball, and a sheriff patch because  he likes police. When we came back in from our first recess, we had our very first batch of ABC shares. Severin brought his favorite kind of apple. Anika brought herself because her name starts with A! Katelyn brought an apple that she got from the kids stand at Target. Lucas shared a picture that he drew of his sister, Aria. Later we read a cute story called, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble that everyone loved, including the teachers!

On Tuesday we met our new student, Marshawn. The class was very welcoming, which was lovely to see. As we eased him into our routine, everyone made a beaded necklace. Some kids wore them while others saved them for Moms, Dads, Sisters and Brothers. We have a very giving group of students. At carpet time, we read, Two Eyes A Nose and a Mouth, with 100 pictures that illustrate a wide variety of eyes, noses, and mouths on multi generational and multicultural faces. This rhyming book celebrates our similarities and differences. We also had Marshawn chart who he lives with on our Family Chart. Just like the majority of the class, he has a sister too!


On Wednesday after we had a good dose of “free choice,” we came to the carpet and learned a new fun song called, Slippery Fish. Ask your child if they can sing any of it for you. We have also learned some other fun songs that help us stay in line when transitioning. Then we read a great book called, Shades of People, which reiterates that  everyone looks different on the outside, but to look beyond the obvious and accept all. We had three lively trips outside where we were able to get our energy out! We finished the day with snack and a book called, Families, where we once again saw that all families are and look different from one to the next.


Thursday we played with our train track set and play-doh. Then we did our morning routine with calendar and weather. Then we headed outside to the blacktop area and played with our bouncy balls, chalk and stilts. After that we came back in and read an awesome story called, The Big Orange Splot. This is a great story about individuality, and in this case it was about the appearance of houses on a street where all of the houses were exactly the same, but Mr. Plumbean defied the “norm.” Later in the day, the class had the opportunity to make their own dream houses. They really enjoyed this fun project, and they look fantastic. Look for them on the walls of the classroom next week!


Friday we greeted Lucas with Birthday Pages that everyone spent time and effort coloring for him! They looked great and were compiled to make a Birthday Book that he could take home. During our first carpet time, we presented Lucas with his birthday card from the teachers and the class and then sang Happy Birthday to him while he sat in the “teacher chair.” Then Marshawn shared his life in a bag: The Movie, Cars 2 because it is his favorite movie, a Ninja Turtle watch, because he loves them, and a bottle of premium bubbles that he loves to play with. We spent the rest of the day with some “free choice,” more outside time and a few stories: My New Friend is So Much Fun!, Should I Share My Ice Cream? And I’m The Biggest Thing In The Ocean.


Thank you for another wonderful week! We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!
-Team Pre-K