September 19-23, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter

We had another full week of fun and learning. We had a visit from Ms Nina our Multnomah County Youth Librarian, we started our daily student sign-in, and we learned a few new songs! We mainly focused on talking about our feelings, making friends, taking turns, sharing as well as looking at different homes around the world. Next week we will continue to talk about friends, feelings and start to look at the changes in the weather since it is officially fall. Also, we will move onto the letter B. Please help your child select one item that starts with B to bring for share.


A Few Reminders


  • Many thanks to Kellen and his family for the yummy snacks this week.
  • Please help your kid dress for the weather, as we go outside every day. Puddles are always closed during Pre-K, so rain boots are not necessary but raincoats are helpful. 🙂
  • Make sure there is a weather appropriate change of clothes in your child’s cubby.



On Monday, we began a new morning routine: Pre-K sign in. Students are practicing writing their own names each day of school. We have started with their first name in all uppercase letters. If your child has mastered this, we can modify this to meet their needs. We are here to assist, but are encouraging them to try their best. These should reflect their abilities, which will show much improvement throughout the year! We are not looking for perfection, just a willingness to try and for them to engage in the daily practice. We continued our letter A shares and Rory shared an apple from his house, Kellen shared three ants on an apple that he found outside, Severin shared an ambulance inside his A Team lunch box, Vaughn shared himself because his second letter is A and he is athletic, Camille shared a wooden airplane from her toy bin, and Gabe shared an airplane badge from Alaska Airlines. We read Ten Apples Up On Top, and Welcome To My Neighborhood, which is an alphabet book looking at neighborhood sights and sounds.


On Tuesday, we had our first visit from Ms Nina. She will be coming once a month to read books to our class. Today she read Knitting Ned the Pirate, Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion (a twist on the classic tale Little Red Riding Hood), and Mary Had a Little Glam (a silly variation on the song Mary Had a Little Lamb). We also sang a few silly songs too. During share, Charlie shared a piece of an acorn he found, Bianca shared a pink airplane, Alex shared himself because his name starts with A, and he told us that alligators and apples do too. We opened our sensory table today. The students were able to scoop, pour, measure and explore the small toys hidden in the beans and rice. The students enjoyed playing with playdough today too!


On Wednesday, we talked about different homes. We read from a variety of nonfiction books on the topic. We read Homes Around the World, Homes That Move, City Homes, Rural Homes, and Homes In the Past. During our choice time students made different homes out of our wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, foam blocks and our castle building blocks. There was a lot of pretend play using the small Play Mobil figures too. Today we learned a great song that is now stuck in everyone’s head. It’s called Over the Deep Blue Sea. I’m sure you all may have heard it by now.


On Thursday, we talked more about our neighborhoods and started the “On My Street” poems. Students thought about what they see and hear on their street, or around their neighborhood. We used those words to create a short poem. These will be added to their dream homes that they made last week. We read lots of books today like IshMy New Friend is So Fun, Should I Share My Ice Cream?, and Say Hello.  Today we were also surprised with a letter from the Beaumont Pre-K. We learned about their experience at school and they even sent some pictures. We will write them on Monday to answer many of their questions.


On Friday, we talked about our feelings, making friends and using our words to ask each other to play. Students used these skills while building long train tracks together on the carpet. We talked about how to make the pieces to connect into a circle so that our trains could continue to loop around. We took turns pushing the trains on the track and traded the box cars so each got a turn with different ones. The students are developing great social skills and many are learning how to play well with each other. Today we read Pigeon Has Feelings Too, and The Feeling Book. Despite of the rain, we enjoyed playing outside! We were able to play on the play structure in the afternoon and on the blacktop in the morning. We finished up the street poems too.


Thanks for a wonderful week!

Team Pre-K