September 26th – 30th, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello Pre-K Families!

It’s been a fun week practicing the letter B, coming up with B words, and bringing in some awesome B shares! We have also talked a lot about listening and following directions (the first time) while we are at school, the importance of being safe in and outside of the classroom, and being kind to our friends.  Next week we will begin talking about the Fall season and all of the beauty that comes with it. And the letter of the week will be C. Please help your child choose one item that starts with C to bring for share.


Thanks and Reminders


  • Thank you to Kellen and his family for the delicious and nutritious snacks this week.
  • Please help your kids dress for the weather, as we go outside every day. Puddles are always closed during Pre-K, so rain boots are not necessary but raincoats are helpful. 🙂
  • Make sure there is a weather appropriate change of clothes in your child’s cubby.



On Monday we began our week by checking out our three-part projects that are hanging from the ceiling! This project has our Dream Houses on one side, and our “Mini-Me’s” and Street Poems on the other. They look great and the kids really enjoyed seeing of all of their hard work on display. For share, Alex showed everyone his blue LEGO, Sarah brought her black bear stuffie, Vaughn shared his Wild Krats bag that is blue and green, Gabe showed off his stuffed bear that had on blue pajamas, Camille brought in a baby bottle that she likes to feed her baby with, Avi shared his board book called, Larry Loves Portland, and Kellen brought in his Bugs Book and showed everyone his favorite pages. We read, Sophie’s Feelings are Really, Really Hurt (which was a great representation of why it isn’t nice to “Yuck somebody’s yum”) – Or in this case, to make fun of someone’s painting. We also read, The Feelings Book, which was a nice piggy-back to Sophie’s story.


On Tuesday we worked on our letter to send back to Beaumont Pre-K, our sister program. We talked about what we like to play with in the classroom, what we do on recess, what rest time looks like, who our teachers are, and how we love lunch and snack time. The kids did a great job of generating ideas on what to say in the letter. We read, Horrible Bear, I Stink (a funny book about a garbage truck) which everyone found to be quite amusing, and Not Your Typical Dragon. Throughout the day we also discussed various ways to diffuse any problems that arise between classmates/friends. The class came up with some really positive strategies to diffuse negative exchanges. Ask your child if they can tell you some of the strategies we talked about.


On Wednesday we kicked off the morning by making beaded bracelets with pipe cleaners, which everyone seemed pretty jazzed about! Later in the afternoon, we practiced writing the letter B with our alphabet pages. For share, Anika brought her Star Wars book and showed her favorite page, Zulia shared a picture that she drew of a tree branch, Charlie showed off his ABC baseball book, Rory shared his bouncy ball, and Severin shared his belly button! We also read, Sebastian and The Balloon, which was a delightfully, whimsical tale. Later in the day we had the opportunity to paint some pretty pictures with more tempera paint! Hopefully they made their way home for your viewing pleasure!


On Thursday shortly after rest time, the entire school had the very first Lockdown Drill of the year. This is activated when there is a threat inside the school building and the procedures are, Locks, Lights, Out of Sight. The class took it very seriously as we huddled together in our dark classroom while listening to the teachers whisper-read a story. Good job, Pre-K! After that, our schedule was a little “off,” so we headed outside for a nice and long recess just before lunch.     For share, Grant brought in LEGO bricks and told us he likes to pretend they are a train and that he has LEGO chair, Marshawn shared his pair of balled up socks that he likes to bounce. The day ended with some fun music on the carpet as we said our goodbyes!



On Friday everyone arrived full of energy! So much so that we cut free choice short and headed outside to blow off some steam! The rest of the day was spent reading books and even listening to, Extra Yarn on CD, which is a fun story to listen to. For share, Bianca showed everyone her pink wooden letter B that she keeps in her bedroom, Katelyn shared her biking helmet, Lucas chose the bike from the share pocket and talked about how he likes to go fast and do tricks on it, Mirabel chose the bumblebee from the share pocket and said that she likes them and that sometimes she calls her sister Beatrix, “B.” Ruby chose the banana from the share pocket and said that she likes bananas, banana bread, and the color yellow. After rest time we did a really cool project with large, waxy leaves. Using a hole puncher on and around the edges of the leaves, students then laced through the holes with a variety of different colored ribbons. We finished the day with another lively recess, followed by snacking and packing up!



Thanks for a wonderful week!



Team Pre-K