October 3-7, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter


Hello Pre-K Families!


We began our week by saying goodbye to the month of September and hello to October! We are also turning our focus to all things fall related. We collected leaves, noticed the changes in the weather, some students shared about spooky decorations at their homes, as well as pumpkins on the front porch. We talked about friendship, making friends, and keeping our germs to ourselves. There were many fun projects, and wonderful books this week, and we played lots of listening games too.

Listening and following directions has been a challenge this week, and we are using lots of different strategies to reinforce this wonderful trait! 🙂 Next week we will continue with our fall themed curriculum and have some fun activities related to leaves and apples.

We will also be looking at the letter Dd. Please help your child select one thing that starts with Dd for share. We really appreciate your assistance!


Thanks and Reminders


  • Thank you to Charlie and his family for the fantastic snacks this week.
  • Please help your kid dress for the weather, as we go outside every day. Puddles are always closed during Pre-K, so rain boots are not necessary but raincoats are helpful. 🙂
  • Make sure there is a weather appropriate change of clothes in your child’s cubby.
  • Pre-K is closed Friday, October 14th.


On Monday, we sang goodbye to September and hello to October. We talked about how it is officially fall, and students shared the changes they are seeing. Students talked about the leaves changing, the wind blowing, and that it’s getting dark and cold. Several students told us about decorations at their houses, and pumpkins that they have gotten. For share, Kellen shared a stuffed crocodile that is his favorite animal and he calls him chompers, Camille shared a picture of her whole family because they all start with the letter C: Camille, Chris, Christine, and Collette, Charlie shared a stuffed caterpillar, and his name, Severin shared a red crayon and that’s his favorite color too, and Ruby shared a candle. Today, the students helped write our classroom rules and we narrowed them down to 3 simple ones we all can remember: Be Safe, Be a Helper, and Be a Friend. We mostly focused on being safe. The students loved sharing examples of what we should and shouldn’t do. Today we read The Big Storm, Horrible Bear! and Weeds Find a Way.


On Tuesday, we discussed catching our coughs and sneezes in our elbow/arm. We had a demonstration of how germs are spread and the importance of washing our hands. We filled a balloon with paper-confetti, small sequins, and puffballs. Then we pretended we had a big sneeze and popped it! Then we saw how far the “germs” flew. Students tried to collect all of the “germs” and then we glued those germs (plus some more) onto paper and labeled them. After the project, we talked through the steps of hand washing while we all practiced. We read A Sick Day For Amos McGee and Germs Make Me Sick. For share, Mirabel brought in a picture book and showed us a photo of her dad and told us his name is Curtis, Rory shared his stuffed grey cat named Venus, and Gabe shared some chestnuts that he collected. We also enjoyed “reading” the wordless book, Museum Trip. Students took turns describing what they noticed on the page in a kind of narrative and we made a great story out of it.


On Wednesday, we talked a lot about what it looks like to be a friend. We read My Friends, Should I Share My Ice Cream?, My New Friend Is So Fun! and Sebastian and the Balloon. For our project, students colored a square about what it looks like to be a friend for our “Friendship Quilt”. Students drew pictures of kids sharing toys, taking turns, asking nicely to play, and playing together. We are going to piece these together. For share, Katelyn shared a chestnut she found at her house that was still inside its sharp outer shell, Bianca shared a stuffed cat that she sometimes sleeps with,  Vaughn shared a crown he made at Dragonfly Preschool, and Grant shared a toy car that is a convertible.


On Thursday, we continued our discussion about fall. For our project, students made a small fall leaf booklet. Students colored the page, cut out the small squares, ordered the pages by number, and stapled them together. We read I See Fall, Fall Leaves, and What Happens To the Leaves In the Fall. Some students collected leaves while we were outside, and some jumped into leaf piles they scooped together. For share, Alex drew a cookie that he told us has chocolate chips in it, Zulia brought a cat card and told us her cat is named Perry Mason, Sarah shared a crab from the C-pocket and told us that they like to pinch feet at the beach, Anika shared a cake from the C-pocket and told us her favorite is chocolate, and Marshawn shared a cat from the C-pocket and told us he thought the cat was eating something. We enjoyed our snack outside during a brief dry spell.


On Friday, we worked on C pages, and everyone is doing a great job at practicing writing their names too. During share, we reviewed all the C-words that students shared this week, and there were so many good ones. Also, Avi shared a cow he pulled from the C-pocket and told us that cows eat grass, and Lucas shared a chestnut from the C-pocket and told us how he sees them on the ground all the time! Today we talked about another one of our rules; being a helper. We pointed out behavior that was helpful to other students and to the teachers. We talked about how some things, like being safe and being a friend, can be helpful. More often than not, students love to help out. Especially when they are noticed, and thanked for the helpful behavior. Today we read The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza (all about helping out, or not), Yellow Time (all about fall leaves), Me and My Cat, and Extra Yarn. Another wonderful week at Pre-K, a big thanks to all!

Team Pre-K