Newsletter October 10th – 13th, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter October 10th – 13th, 2016


Hello Pre-K Families!

It’s been a short but sweet week here in Pre-K. We talked all about the Fall season that is in full swing and enjoyed some absolutely beautiful Fall weather (while it lasted). We gathered leaves, did fun projects, and even conducted our own apple taste test. We also implemented a new strategy called the STAR chart, to help the class with listening and following directions, as well as adhering to the class rules that everyone came up with: Be safe, Be a helper, and Be a friend. Ask your child if they can tell you about it!


Thanks and Reminders


It appears we have reached the time of year when we are encountering many uninvited guests. Lice have made their debut in Pre-K! In our efforts to eradicate these unwanted “friends,” please check your child regularly and help reinforce what we have been talking about in class to avoid infestation: keeping hats, clothing, rest time blankets and stuffies to ourselves.



  • Thank you to Charlie and his family for the fantastic snacks this week.
  • Please help your child dress for the weather, as we go outside everyday. Puddles are always closed during Pre-K, so rainboots are not necessary but raincoats are helpful. 🙂
  • Make sure there is a weather appropriate change of clothes in your child’s cubby.
  • If you haven’t yet signed up for conferences, please do so. If the spots still available don’t work for your family, please check with us to make other arrangements.
  • Pre-K will be closed November, 10th (for conferences) and 11th.


On Monday we kicked off the week by working on letter D pages and making fall booklets. We got to color, cut, and then assist in stapling the books together. During carpet time, we spent some time talking about the importance of being a kind friend, what that looks and sounds like, and even did some role playing to demonstrate.  For share, Anika brought in her “doctor things,” Bianca shared her “pony-dolls,” and Vaughn showed off his lip balm disco ball, from San Diego. Later we read a story called, Leaf Man, which is a really cool book with illustrations made from actual fall leaves that display gorgeous landscapes. This whimsical tale was a hit with the class and made them even more interested in the beautiful colored leaves that we have been seeing outside.


On Tuesday after we had a great carpet time, where everyone sang the words to our songs without the help of the teachers, we created our very first STAR chart. The class has set a goal of earning 25 stars, so we can have a celebration of our own choosing. The stars can be earned in a variety of ways: being safe and quiet in the big bathroom, lining up quietly, stopping, looking and listening when the teachers call for attention, having a calm and quiet rest time, etc. While we were outside on our first recess, we had a fire drill! The class did a wonderful job of stopping what they were doing right away and lining up, walking quickly to our safe spot, and listening for their name and responding audibly with, “HERE!” This was a perfect example of how to earn a star, and we did! Towards the end of our outside time, we took a walk around the neighborhood and each collected two special leaves that had fallen to the ground to be used for the project. The project included observing the leaves like scientists and then drawing them and all of their details using Sharpie markers, and then painted with watercolors. They look awesome and will be on the walls in no time at all. For share, Ruby showed everyone her stuffed doggy named, Hope, Camille shared her baby doll, Ally, and told us that she is the oldest of her five baby dolls, Severin brought in his sister’s baby doll and said that she is the one he takes care of, and Grant shared his Dinosaur van/engine and said he likes to pretend it’s a real van.


On Wednesday we started our day by familiarizing the students with ways they can avoid getting Lice. We ultimately came up with, no head-to-head contact, no sharing clothes or hats, and make sure to keep coats from touching other coats, and whenever possible, hang them up! For share, Sarah brought her baby doll with eyes that open and close, Kellen shared a cute, knitted dog with a striped sweater, and Rory showed off his dinosaur named, Waxy. Later we read, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything. This was a great story and the class loved joining in on the recurring lines throughout. At the end of the story, the little old lady frantically makes her way back to her house, only to hear a knock on the door shortly thereafter. She opens it to find all of the scary things that had been following her. She realizes they aren’t scary after all, but compiles the “scary things” to make a truly terrifying scarecrow. This story lent itself perfectly to our scarecrow project, that everyone worked really hard on, and of course look fabulous.


On Thursday we greeted Vaughn by saying, “Happy Birthday,” and made some beautiful birthday pages for his birthday book.  At carpet time, we presented him with a card and sang, Happy Birthday to him. And by a stroke of luck, we discovered that he was also the line leader for his job! Then we read an adorable story called, Bad Apple, which was perfect for all of our discussions about being a kind friend to all. After that we tasted three different apples to decide our favorite kind. We tried, Jazz, Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious apples. The results came in with the Jazz and Golden Delicious each receiving 7 votes, while Granny Smith received 3 votes. This was a great opportunity to practice our counting skills! For share, our remaining friends each chose something from the letter D pocket of our alphabet chart. Katelyn chose the doll and said that she has one and likes to play with it. Lucas chose the dinosaur and said that he likes them. Gabe chose the duck and said he likes to watch them when he goes to a pond. Mirabel chose dice and said she likes to play them with her daddy. Charlie chose the door and told us that he likes his front door the most. Avi chose the dinosaur and said that it bit his finger. And Alex chose the door and shared that he likes to open the door for visitors that come to his house.  We finished our day with snacking and packing up for the long weekend.


Closed Friday


Thank you all for another lovely week!



-Team Pre-K!