Newsletter October 17-21st

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter October 17th – 21st, 2016


Hello Pre-K Families!

We have had a great week learning about fall and nocturnal animals, and doing fun projects along the way to decorate the Pre-K walls. We read tons of awesome stories and informational books about a variety of nocturnal animals and seasonal changes taking place around us. We also continued earning stars towards our impending celebration!


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to the Klowden family for providing snack this week!

*As per our policy, please remember to keep candy and chocolate treats for after school. Rest time immediately follows lunch and we find it challenging for their small bodies to be able to rest after consumption.

*If you haven’t yet signed up for conferences, please do so. If the spots still available don’t work for your family, please check with us to make other arrangements.

*Pre-K will be closed November, 10th (for conferences) & 11th.


On Monday we began our unit on nocturnal animals, focusing first on owls.  We read, Little Hoot, The Happy Owls, Little Owl Lost, Whoo Goes There? and Little Owl’s Night. We also learned a cute poem called, The Wide Eyed Owl. Ask your child if they can recite it for you. For share, Vaughn brought in an elephant mask that his dad brought back from Oakland, Anika shared her electric angel that she got for her first birthday, Alex drew a picture of an egg and said that his brother, Avi likes eggs, and Camille brought an egg from her pretend kitchen. For the project, everyone made their own Wide Eyed Owl with the poem glued to the backside, which are now hanging from the Pre-K ceiling.


On Tuesday we greeted Kellen with a crown for him to decorate, while the rest of the class worked on birthday pages for his book. After our second recess, our favorite librarian, Miss Nina came back for another fun visit and read four stories to us: Mind Your Monsters, The Not So Quiet Library, They All Saw a Cat, and School’s 1st Day of School. For share, Rory showed off his train engine from Thomas & Friends, Katelyn shared a picture of her and her sister with their dog, Enzo, Sarah brought in a small stuffed bear that she sleeps with every night, and Charlie shared his shaker egg! Toward the end of the day we sang, Happy Birthday to Kellen and gave him his birthday card and book.


On Wednesday we kicked off the morning with some free choice and painting using tempera paints. After our first recess, we came back to the room to do some share! Ruby brought in a pair of orange eyes and said that they are an important part of our bodies and she likes the color orange, Bianca shared two ghost erasers that she brought from home, Zulia chose an eagle from the alphabet share pocket, and Avi chose the exit sign from the share pocket. Later we read some fun books about squirrels called, Daylight/Starlight, What Do Animals Do In The Fall?, Squirrels, and A Book Of Sleep. In addition to all of the interesting information, we learned a cute little song called, “Shake Your Bushy Tail.” For our related project, we made our own bushy tailed squirrels that are now on display.


On Thursday after we said our good morning songs and did calendar and weather, we went to the gym! We got to meet the gym teacher, Mr. Barnes who was so nice and did some fun activities with us. First, we did warm up exercises, then we played with hula hoops, and finished our first trip to the gym by playing tunnel tag! The kids really enjoyed themselves and were pleased to learn that it will be a weekly trip from now on. After we returned from the gym and were in the middle of a story, we had our very first earthquake drill. The whole class crouched down into the “egg” position on hands and knees while protecting their head and neck area. Once an earthquake drill is over, everyone then lines up and exits the building the same way we do for a fire drill. The class did a great job of reacting safely and quickly. For share, we had several students choose something from the share pocket. Gabe chose the elephant and said that he likes how they can squirt water at you with their trunks, Grant pulled out the egg from the pocket and told us that he likes his eggs hardboiled or scrambled, Kellen also chose the egg and said that he likes cheesy scrambled and “upside down” eggs, and Mirabel chose the ears from the pocket and said that she likes her ears! Later we learned about the very interesting nocturnal animal known as, the bat! We read some great books: TIME For Kids: Bats, National Geographic Kids: Bats, and About Bats. For the project, we made bat puppets! For such a simple project, they were sure a hit!


On Friday we worked on birthday pages for the second time during the week. This time for Miss Katelyn! Everyone worked hard to make a beautiful contribution to her birthday book. After our morning routine, we sang Happy Birthday to her and presented her with a birthday card and book from the class. Later we read two cool books called, Pumpkin Jack and Pumpkin Pumpkin, since we now have a pumpkin in Pre-K. Then everyone colored a small pumpkin and guessed how many seeds they think are in the class pumpkin. Just after rest time, we did our remaining shares for the week using the share pocket. Katelyn picked an egg and told us she likes to help crack them, Lucas shared a photo of an ear and told us they are for listening, and Severin chose the eagle and said that it flies! Our week ended with a nice long recess followed by snacking and packing up!


Have a great weekend!


-Team Pre-K!