October 24-28, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello Pre-K families! We had a fantastic week learning about spiders, with a Spider’s Tea Party on Friday to celebrate. We read lots of great fiction and nonfiction books about these somewhat loved, somewhat feared creatures. We practiced writing the letter F this week and learned lots of new F-words. We found out that no one has an F in their name. We also talked more about pumpkins, and arrived at the final count of pumpkin seeds in our little pumpkin. Next week, we will be turning our focus on health, fitness and wellness. Our letter of the week will be G. Please help your child bring something that starts with G for share.


Thanks and Reminders

  • Thanks to Alex, Avi and their family for the snacks this week.
  • Thanks to everyone for signing up for conferences, which will start on Tuesday November 1st.
  • Please remember that there is no Pre-K on November 10th and 11th.


On Monday, we continued to talk about pumpkins. We cut open the pumpkin in the morning and each student scooped out the pulp and seeds. This was a fun sensory experience for all. Some of the students loved the feeling but others thought it was “disgusting” and smelled terrible! We enjoyed reading Little Boo about a small pumpkin seed that wants to be scary. We also read We Harvest Pumpkins in the Fall, and Rotten Pumpkin that tells the life of the pumpkin after it is picked and carved. For our project, students colored and cut out pieces that represent the different stages of the lifecycle of the pumpkin. For share, Sarah brought in her stuffed frog and she told us that she loves to snuggle it, Rory shared a fork and told us he likes to eat spaghetti with it, Grant shared a small Shopkins chair and let us know it is some fancy furniture. Bianca shared a flower that she likes to pretend is real, Camille shared her musical frog that you tap with a stick, and Katelyn brought in the Princess Book and shared the page with the Princess and the Frog.


On Tuesday, we started talking about spiders. We read The Spider and the Fly and Anansi the Spider. We had a fun discussion about which of Anansi’s sons was the most helpful in saving his life. The students had great reasons, and some thought more than one son was helpful. We made our version of the spider from the tale that we liked the best. Students got to take these home too. We also read Pumpkin Time re-read Pumpkin Jack, and talked through the life cycle of the pumpkin from a small seed to a big orange pumpkin. Students made their bodies into the shapes we described. Students also counted the seeds by placing them on a 100’s chart, and we counted up to 390 seeds! This was more than anyone had guessed! For share, Avi drew a picture of his family and friends, Anika shared her fruit flavored flossers from the dentist, Vaughn shared a ferret dragon that he drew on a toilet paper roll, Alex told us that about how some dogs wear socks on their feet, and Mirabel shared a fan from the F-pocket and told us that she has some at her home.


On Wednesday, we continued our discussion of spiders. We talked about how spiders spin their webs from their spinnerets. We read Walter’s Wonderful Web that was about different shapes found in webs, and Sophie’s Masterpiece about an artistic spider who is a very generous weaver. Students made their own masterpieces using glue and glitter on paper. These beauties are hanging on the wall for all to enjoy! For share, Ruby brought in a wooden fish and wrote the word fish, Charlie pulled a fork from the F-pocket and told us he likes to eat fish, Severin shared a yellow and blue frog that he found in his sister’s fairy house, Zulia shared a fish from the F-pocket and told us that is swims in water. We also read The Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out Big Time, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and sang the song too.


On Thursday, we talked more about the anatomy of the spider and focused on the two body parts and the eight legs. We read National Geographic Kids: Spiders, Up Up and Away! and The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. We made spiders out of construction paper creating spiders that have two body parts, eight legs, and mimic Carle’s style. For share, Lucas pulled a fan from the F-pocket and told us he likes to use one when he gets hot, Gabe shared a fox from the F-pocket and told us that he likes their big tails, Kellen also pulled a fox from the F-pocket and told us about how he saw one at the zoo. The students also enjoyed another gym session with Mr. Barnes, which will be part of our regular schedule.


On Friday morning we geared up for our Spider’s Tea Party! Students got a spider ring to inspect the legs and body parts to see if they are accurate. We made spider hats, practiced some spider dancing, and quizzed each other on spider facts. We colored a variety of fun spider coloring pages, and also enjoyed lots of time outside in the beautiful fall weather. We read Aaargh, Spider!, Miss Spider’s Tea Party and The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything. In the afternoon students decorated a pumpkin shaped cookie and sipped on “spider cider.” We listened to some spidery-tunes while we wore out spider hats and spider rings. It was a glorious day and we all had fun! Thanks for another wonderful week. Enjoy the weekend and see you all on Monday.

Team Pre-K