October 31st – November 4th, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter

Hello Pre-K families!

We had an exciting week here in Pre-K, saying goodbye to October and hello to November!  We also began to learn about all of the things we can do to have healthy bodies. We read some great books and did some awesome activities too.  Next week we will continue talking about health and wellness and the letter of the week will be H.

Thanks and Reminders

●      Thanks to Katelyn and her family for providing snack this week!

●      Please remember that there is no Pre-K on November 10th and 11th

On Monday everyone came bounding into the classroom full of energy! We began the day by making Jack-O-Lanterns with painted stems and worked on alphabet pages for letters F and G. Later we read, Runaway Pumpkin, Little Boo, and The Spider and The Fly. For share, Katelyn brought in her Ana/Elsa doll because they are both girls, Anika shared a baby girl doll that just so happens to be her favorite, Vaughn brought a card game called, WAR, that he likes to play with his grandma, Lucas brought in a soccer ball that he got at a soccer game, and Sarah shared her Ginko leaf. In the afternoon we got to color a variety of spider pictures and spent a lot of time outside, because we needed to let that energy out!

On Tuesday everyone arrived a bit more subdued than the previous day, (probably from all of that “trick-or-treating”)! We kicked off the morning by reading, What We Eat, and discussed the importance of eating a balanced diet of healthy foods everyday. To add to the discussion, each student talked about his or her favorite “healthy food.” For share, Bianca brought in a guitar, hat, and wig because she likes to rock out, Ruby showed off her pair of goggles she likes for swimming under water, and Rory shared his giraffe and said they have necks. At the end of the day, we read, Me And My Cat, a great story about friends who do everything together.

On Wednesday we started the morning with a fun song called, Dem Bones, which was a great lead into learning about the bone structure of the human body. Then for the related project, students colored and cut out different bones and pasted them together to construct a human skeleton.  For share, Zulia chose gift from the share pocket, and told us that sometimes Santa gives her gifts, Kellen chose the giraffe and said they have long tongues, Grant brought a sticker from his house and told us that his name starts with G, Alex shared the giraffe on his shirt and said that he likes to go to the zoo so he can see giraffes, Gabe chose gum from the pocket and said that he likes to chew it on airplanes and his favorite flavor is peppermint, Avi chose the goat and said that it eats grass, and Mirabel brought in her sparkly green crayon. We finished the day reading, Harry The Dirty Dog, which was a great story about a happy dog that was white with black spots. He loved everything except for taking baths. When bath time comes, Harry runs away and has loads of fun getting dirty. So dirty in fact, that he changed from a white dog with black spots, to a black dog with white spots. The kids loved this story.

On Thursday morning, we took our weekly trip to the gym to visit Mr. Barnes! We had a blast doing “stations!” We moved from station to station playing with: hula hoops, scoops, bouncy balls, badminton, and more. It was a blast and everyone loved all of the variety! For share, Severin chose the gift from the share pocket, Charlie chose the girl doll, and Camille also chose the girl doll. Later, we read, Why Do I Wash My Hands? And then did a great activity to demonstrate the importance of hand washing. Each student rubbed vegetable oil all over their hands and then were sprinkled with cinnamon (to act as the germs). The students were then asked to try and wash their hands clean without using soap. We discovered that it wasn’t possible to simply rinse off the germs. Washing hands requires soap to do the job the right way!

On Friday we had a small group of 13 students, as Irvington was closed for the day. We had a long morning free choice of drawing, coloring, and being pediatricians at the new doctor/dress up station, with the sensory table doubling as an exam table. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this new addition to the classroom. After morning circle, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and ended up staying out until it was time for lunch. It was pretty fun, as we had the entire back half of the school all to ourselves! After rest time, we did something super fun! We became workout superstars! Each student used their muscles to bounce balls, do jumping jacks and run in place. We even got special certificates when we finished the activities. We ended our fun day by packing up early, snacking, and then heading outside!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

-Team Pre-K