November 7-9, 2016

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families! We had a fun short week talking more about healthy eating, moving our bodies, and kindness to others. The students continued to enjoy the doctor’s office pretend play area with the addition of some babies, and had fun building creatures with modeling clay, making beaded necklaces, and playing outside. Next week we will be learning about the 5 Senses, and Ii will be our letter of the week. Please help your child select one item that starts with that letter for our share time.



Thanks and Reminders

  • Thank you to Katelyn and her family for providing another week of snack!
  • Please remember that there is no Pre-K on November 24th and 25th.
  • Thanks to all for taking the time to schedule and attend your child’s conference.



Monday we started talking about the letter H and we came up with lots of fun H words. Students signed in, and put their picture under the Yes or No sign indicating if they have an H in their names. We have only 3 students with an H in their name, just like the letter G. Students were very excited about the warm weather and sunshine! We spent an extra-long time outside in the morning and another extended time in the afternoon. We all soaked up lots of vitamin D. We introduced the idea of eating from the rainbow, and each student shared what fruits and vegetables they like to eat from each color of the rainbow. We learned the Rainbow Song too, so that we can remember all the colors that are in the rainbow. In the afternoon, students received a coloring booklet called Eat a Rainbow. The booklet has a wide variety of fruits and veggies from each color of the rainbow. For share, Katelyn brought in her magic wand and showed the hearts on it, Charlie shared his stuffed hippo named Hippy and told us he sleeps with it at night, Ruby shared her hat that her grandma made and she told us how cozy it is, Vaughn shared a snake that he likes to snuggle and his name is Henry, and Anika shared her PJ Hello Kitty shirt. We also read The Girl with the Parrot on Her Head and Healthy Kids.


On Tuesday, students had fun stringing beads onto colorful laces to make into necklaces. We enjoyed another beautiful day in the sunshine and the students made some amazing chalk drawings on the back blacktop area. We read a variety of books on healthy eating and we had fun pretending to be caterpillars while we read A Very Hungry Caterpillar. This beautiful book by Eric Carle shows us what can happen to even a small caterpillar when they over indulge in too many sweet treats. We also talked about how a nice green leaf fixed that tummy ache for the caterpillar! For share, Alex brought in his Minion hat and told us he likes to wear it on his head when it’s hot outside, Severin brought in an actual White House that plays the National Anthem, and we talked about it being election day. Sarah shared her Elsa helmet and told us she wears it on her head when she goes biking, Avi shared a horse from the H-pocket and told us how he likes to pet them and would like to ride one too, and Camille shared a bag of hay that she got from a farm. We also read They All Saw a Cat, There’s a Bear On My Chair, and Lines that Wiggle.


On Wednesday, students got to explore some modeling clay. The invitation to create something with their clay, some toothpicks, wooden dowels, small straws and small wooden disks was very fun for the students. They made lots of creative looking “creatures and machines.” We read Not A Stick and Not a Box that are perfect books for imaginative Pre-K students! We practiced some yoga moves from The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids, and did several new movement songs with Teacher Emily. In the afternoon, students had some fun making watercolor paintings, and building with the small LEGO pieces. For share, we reviewed many of the H-words from the week. Zulia shared a hand from the H-pocket and told us you pick things up with your hands, Gabe shared ham from the H-pocket and told us he hasn’t had it in a long time, Kellen also shared a hand from the H-pocket and told us that hands are for cracking sticks and driving vehicles. Mirabel shared a hat from the H-pocket and told us you wear one on your head when you go to the beach, Rory shared a heart from the H-pocket and told us that you give them when it’s Valentine’s Day, and Lucas shared a medal he won that makes him very happy! We also read Toot and Puddle: Top of the World, and The School’s First Day of School.


Thursday & Friday Closed


Thanks for another wonderful week!

Team Pre-K