November 14th – 18th, 2016


Irvington Pre-K Newsletter November 14th – 18th, 2016


Hello Pre-K families!

We have had a sensational week learning about our Five Senses, as well as earning the 25th star for our class party! We will send an e-mail to families once we schedule it. Next week will be a short one, dedicated to talking about all things that deserve thanks! The letter of the week will be J!


Thanks and Reminders

  • Thank you to Vaughn and his family for bringing snack this week!
  • Please remember that there is no Pre-K on November 24th and 25th.



On Monday we began talking about the way we experience the world, through our five senses! We started with our sense of sight by playing several rounds of a perfectly appropriate game, “I spy!” We also read, Sight from the Learning the Five Senses series. Then we learned a cute song called, “Five Senses.” Ask your child if they can sing it for you. For share, Charlie brought an ant because he likes them and because it’s an insect, Camille shared an invitation she received to a pirate party, Lucas showed off an “insta-photo” from being in the “no-cavity club,” and Rory brought in some chocolate and vanilla ice cream from his pretend kitchen at home.


On Tuesday we had our favorite monthly visitor, Miss Nina! As per usual, she arrived with several awesome books to share with us! The first book was called, The Pros and Cons of Being a Frog, a story with whimsical illustrations and an important message about acceptance, the second was, Ada Twist, Scientist, a wonderful tale of persistence and problem solving, and finally, More-igami, a story about a little boy captivated by origami who learns that only practice makes perfect. For share, Grant brought a worm because he said it is an insect that likes to dig in the dirt and Anika shared an ice cube from a frozen block. Later we talked about the sense of hearing and read, Hearing, from The Five Senses series. For a fun little project, we made shaker eggs later in the day. Everyone loves a noise-maker! We also played hearing BINGO, listening to a variety of sounds that everyone marked on their BINGO sheets.



Wednesday we began the day by talking about our sense of smell, by reading, “Smell”. We learned that our noses actually help us taste! This is why when we get sick and have a stuffy nose, we can’t taste our food! For share, Bianca took a trip to California and shared her itinerary, Vaughn showed off his red ant because it is an insect and his mom likes the color red, Mirabel chose ice cream from the share pocket and said that strawberry is her favorite flavor, and Katelyn chose igloo from the share pocket and told us that she has been in one before when she was in California. Throughout the day we read, Lines That Wiggle and Go Little Green Truck. Towards the end of our day we did a fun smelling activity, where you had to identify what you were smelling on the sheet provided by drawing a line from the number to the picture of the smell. Ask your child what they remember!


On Thursday after morning circle, we headed to the gym. We had a blast moving from station to station while “rocking out” to kid-friendly music! There was even a new lowered basketball hoop that we were able to successfully use! After gym we did some more share for the week. Zulia chose the grasshopper from the “i” pocket and told us that it is an insect and that she doesn’t really like them, Severin chose from the pocket as well and pulled out a picture of the inside of a box and told us he has played inside a box before, Avi chose ink from the share pocket, Sarah chose the grasshopper and said it is an insect and she loves them, Alex chose the inside of the box picture and said he likes to craft with boxes, Gabe chose ink and said, “they used it in the olden days to dip pens and draw.” For our sense of the day, we talked about the sense of touch, and read, Touch from The Five Senses series. For our project we started working with (touching) some cinnamon scented salt dough.  Everyone loved that it smelled so good! Later we read, The Day the Crayons Quit. What a fun story that was! Everyone loved it, including the teachers.


On Friday morning, we finished working with the cinnamon salt dough and left each of our creations out to dry. Then after our morning routine we read, Taste and talked about how we taste things by using our tongue. We learned that different parts of our tongue are responsible for different flavors! It can taste four different flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. For our last share of the week, Kellen chose the grasshopper from the share pocket because it is an insect. Later in the day just before our last recess we got to do the “popcorn” song with Teacher Emily. This is rapidly becoming a Pre-K favorite! We finished our day with recess, followed by packing up and snack! During snack we tried to identify where we were tasting the different flavors on our tongues. We did this very politely though, using our best manners!


Thank you for another wonderful week! Have a great weekend, everyone!



-Team Pre-K