November 28th – December 2nd

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello Pre-K families!

We have had a blast learning about space this week and finally got to celebrate all of the hard work it took to earn our Pajama Party. Next week we will continue learning about space and the letter of the week will be, K.


Thanks and Reminders

  • Thank you to Vaughn and his family for bringing snack again this week!


On Monday we welcomed two new friends to our class, Aviana and Elli! Everyone was so friendly and eager to “show them the ropes!” In addition to being the welcoming committee, we spent the morning working on letter J pages, playing in the sensory table and enjoying all of the many choices Pre-K has to offer. For share, Charlie brought in his joke book and told us a funny pirate joke, Bianca showed everyone her favorite jelly that she likes on her sandwiches, Vaughn shared his stuffed jaguar and told us that they eat crocodiles, and Anika shared a picture of her cousin, Jack who she loves to have playdates with. Later we talked about nebulae, which got their name from the Latin word for cloud. They are massive clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium gas, and plasma. Appropriately called, “Stellar Nurseries,” nebulae are where stars are born. For our project, we created our very own beautiful nebulae using colored pastels. The kids loved how the colors can be blended or “smudged” together. They are now hanging in the classroom and make for a rather galactic experience. We also read, The Sun Is My Favorite Star.


On Tuesday we kicked off the morning with play doh and a creation station! Many students made some pretty awesome creations. Hopefully they have made their way home by now. Later while reading A Look At Mercury, we learned a few things about the planet closest to the sun! We now know that Mercury has no moons and is the smallest planet in our solar system. Then we read a cool story called, Finding Wild and Teacher Mir stopped by and got to hear it too! He complimented the class on how well they were listening and sitting calmly on the carpet.  For share, Severin showed off his super cool “calm jar,” full of sparkly liquid that he made when he went to the Peanut Gallery, Ruby chose jam from the share pocket and said that she likes to eat jam, Zulia showed everyone a picture of her great grandma, Jolenta who almost lived to 100, and Camille chose the jar from the share pocket and said she likes to drink from them. For our special project we made name rockets using a variety of neon colored construction paper. They are hanging right along with the Nebulae in the classroom.


Wednesday it was Rory’s birthday! We spent the morning working hard on birthday pages for him while he decorated his crown. All of the pictures everyone colored looked so great! Later we read, Scholastic Discovers More: Planets: Venus. We discovered that much like Mercury, Venus has no moons and also learned that Venus is considered to be Earth’s twin! After we came in from recess, we sang Happy Birthday to Rory and presented him with a card from the class. For share, Mirabel showed off her My Little Pony book, Rory showed off his jaguar mask, Alex shared his favorite cherry jam in a tiny jar, and Katelyn showed off her jacket. Toward the end of the day, we got to do some fun movement on the carpet with Teacher Emily. One of the activities involved hiding under a blanket, which is always a pretty big hit with Pre-K kiddos.


On Thursday we began our day talking about stars. We learned that a star is a ball of gas made of mostly hydrogen and helium that is very bright. Then we headed to the gym to have some fun with Mr. Barnes! We did a quick warm-up and then played two fun games called, Hit The Road Jack and Poison Tag. Ask your child if they can tell you how to play! For our project, we cut out and painted our own stars with glitter and then mounted them along with the poem/song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on construction paper, and practiced writing the word star on it as well. For share, Kellen chose the jet from the share pocket and said that he likes how fast they fly, and Elli chose the Jeep from the share pocket, and said that she has never been in a Jeep, but likes it because, “wheels spin around 30 times and they need gas.” We finished our day reading a Pre-K favorite, The Three Little Aliens and The Big Bad Robot, which everyone thought sounded quite familiar!


Friday everyone arrived wearing pajamas with their favorite stuffies in tow. The class was bursting with excitement as they finally got to celebrate all of their hard work earning stars for this very day! We had a quick morning free choice and then circled up to admire one another’s pajamas and to introduce our special stuffies. Then we listened to a super silly story called, Chicken In Space. It was about a chicken named, Zoe and her friend Sam, the pig. Sam agrees to go on an adventure to space just as long as he gets to eat some pie along the way. It was a fun book and everyone seemed to enjoy lounging about in their pajamas while listening. For share, the remaining friends chose from the share pocket. Avi chose juice and said that apple is the best, Aviana chose jacket and said they are cozy and warm and fluffy, Gabe pulled out the jet and said that they have engines and go fast, Grant chose the Jeep and told us how he rode in one that went really fast, Lucas chose jam and said he likes to put strawberry jam on his bread, and Sarah chose the jar and said she likes to put milk in them. Later we read a book about comets and found they are made of ice and dust particles with a tail of gas pointing away from the sun. For our project, we made our own comets and even got to see how far they could soar through the air. After rest time was over, the day got even better……. the class got to watch a cool video about space, while eating popcorn! Needless to say, it was a great way to end the week.



Have a great weekend, everyone!



-Team Pre-K