Newsletter January 3rd – 6th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter January 3rd – 6th, 2017


Hello Pre-K families!

Welcome back from the extra-long break! We had a great week getting back into the swing of things and sharing about all of the fun we had while we were away. We focused on remembering the rules, routines and expectations of the classroom and reviewed letters J,K and L. Next week we will be talking about winter animals, finishing up a few winter projects, and the letter of the week will be M (and we will be doing share). Yay!



On Tuesday everyone came back full of Holiday cheer and eager to share about their time away from school. We also greeted Anika with a crown for her to decorate and colored beautiful birthday pages. This was to celebrate her special day that would have taken place Friday before break. Then after working on birthday pages and getting reacquainted with all of the fun our Pre-K room has to offer, we circled up to sing songs and share all about our breaks! Some friends traveled to places like Seattle, California, Bend, and Mount Hood and told us about how they went sledding and took skiing lessons. Then we read, Snow Dance and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow. After that we went outside to play on the blacktop, which felt more like the North Pole given the temperature! Later we sang Happy Birthday to Anika and presented her with a card and her birthday book. Then at the end of the day we had the pleasure of doing some music and movement with Teacher Emily.



On Wednesday we had another belated birthday celebration for Gabe as his was on New Year’s Eve. He decorated his crown while the rest of us colored beautiful pages for him.  At circle time we sang to him and read a card that he received from his grandparents in California and then gave him his gorgeous birthday book. After that we read, Waiting For Snow and the original, Knuffle Bunny. Later during free choice, some friends spent a lot of time coloring “icicle” coloring pages that looked so beautiful! The room was so quiet because many students were so focused on doing their best. All the while, the teachers also went around asking students why they like Earth. This was in an effort to try and finish one of the projects from our space unit that was interrupted due to the snow!


On Thursday we kicked off the morning with some fun in the sensory table that was full of rice, beans, frogs, measuring cups, bottles and more. We also played with some play-doh and made beautiful watercolor paintings. Then we ended free choice a bit early to head to the gym for our weekly visit. However, we arrived to find the gym in use by another class and Mr. Barnes was nowhere to be found! Thankfully, the class handled the disappointment well and we just bundled up for an extra-long recess. We also got to have another round of music and movement with Teacher Emily to make up for no gym! Throughout the day we also read, The Snow Beast, Bear’s Winter Party and Lemonade in Winter (which was a fun repeating story that everyone chimed in with)!


On Friday we did a fun project coloring large cups of hot chocolate and then gluing “marshmallows” to them and writing the number on the page. It was fun to color and a good way to practice counting and writing numbers. During circle time, we counted how many days we have been in school (75) and talked about how close we are getting to 100. After our morning routine, we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine! It wasn’t exactly warm, but it sure was pretty! We spent the rest of the afternoon “going on a bear hunt” with a little music and movement fun, and everyone finished up their hot chocolate project. Throughout the day we read, On The First Day of Winter, Snow Day Dance, and All You Need For a Snowman. We finished the day by packing up, snacking up, and then playing outside!



Thanks for a great week back, everyone!



-Team Pre-K