Newsletter January 23-27, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter January 23-27, 2017


Welcome back to a full week of school, Pre-K families! It was great to have everyone here and ready to get back to our regular schedule. Students had fun learning more about Polar Animals, getting to go to gym and having Ms. Nina visit us to read books. Next week, we will be talking about Fairy Tales and the letter of the week will be O. Please help your child select an item that starts with the letter O for share.


Thanks and Reminders

  • Thanks to Anika and her family for snack this week! We still have a few open slots if you haven’t signed up for snack yet.
  • Since we usually go to gym every Thursday, it would be great for students to have running/tennis shoes to wear on that day.
  • Also, please make sure your student has a weather appropriate change of clothing in their cubby in case of accidents.




Our Star Student this week is Severin. He is 4 ½ years old, has light brown hair and light blue eyes. His favorite number is 100 and favorite color is red. Severin’s favorite book is Goodnight Moon, favorite movie is Cars, and favorite game is Operation. Severin’s favorite animal is a dog. His favorite food is mac & white cheese, and favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream. When Severin grows up, he wants to be a Superhero and go really fast. If he could be granted 3 wishes, he would like to be able to fly, be 5 years old, and to see lots of dinosaurs.


On Monday, we started our day making Star Student pages for Severin. Each student makes a drawing and tells us why they like the student or gives a compliment about them that then is put together in a book for them to take home. Every student will be Star Student one time during our school year. We talked more about Polar Animals, and played around with making some sounds and movements that polar animals might make. For share Lucas brought his NinjaGo costume that he got for his birthday, Anika shared Jen her Star Wars toy because it is new, Bianca shared a necklace that she made, Sarah brought some noodles and told us they are her favorite food, and Ruby shared a very special necklace.


On Tuesday, we talked about the large, yet adorable walrus. We learned that these creatures feed on the floor of the ocean, and use their whiskers to find something to eat. They use their large tusks to move themselves around, fight for territory, and cut through ice. We read about walruses in Amazing Animal Journeys, Mama, Do You Love Me? and the section on walruses from Ocean Life Dictionary. For our project, students made walrus masks. We were treated with a visit from Ms. Nina and she read Ninjabread Man, Wilfred, and Rabbit. For share, Mirabel brought her Bitty Baby because she has nothing to eat, Katelyn shared her polar bear stuffie because they are from the North Pole, Gabe shared his Ninja Turtle costume, and Rory shared a bird nest from the N-pocket and told us he likes to look in the trees for them. Today we also made N-pages and had music and movement.


On Wednesday we learned many facts about the narwhal. We learned that they live in the arctic ocean and have very long horns that are actually a tooth. They use their horns to fight, to communicate, and to cut into the ice. Students colored and cut out drawings of narwhals to have them swim around in a pod. These are hanging on the wall. For share, Kellen brought in his butterfly net and told us that he catches lots of flies and butterflies with them, Alex shared a nest from the N-pocket and told us that birds come from eggs, Grant shared a net from the N-pocket and told us he has a mini net at his house, Avi shared a necklace from the N-pocket and told us his mom wears one, Severin shared a nail from the N-pocket and told us that you use a hammer with the nail to build stuff and that he likes to build racecars.


On Thursday morning, we had a very quick morning routine, so that we made it to gym on time. In gym class, Mr. Barnes taught us several new games. We learned tunnel tag, “hit the road jack” and snowball toss. The students are doing a great job listening and following the directions while playing the games. The kids love gym! We read Big Wolf and Little Wolf, Polar Bear Cubs, and Poles Apart. Today we also made birthday pages for Severin to celebrate his ½ birthday. For share, Vaughn brought in the letter N, for newt, alphabet card from his bedroom, Elli shared a rose from the share pocket and told us you use your nose to smell it, Charlie his owl nightlight that changes colors, Aviana shared a needle from the N-pocket and told us you use it with thread. In the afternoon, students were very busy making beaded necklaces and letters on snowflake paper to put into envelopes. We also had another music and movement session and learned some new songs about polar animals.


On Friday we enjoyed a calm and long morning choice time with painting, gluing “bits and bobs” onto construction paper, and building elaborate structures while using the ocean animals. We read Baby Polar Bear’s Snow Day and Penguins Slip and Slide. We also read a few pages from student-made books of Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? based on the book by Eric Carle. We read Severin’s Star Student book and interview. The afternoon was spent playing outside in the sunshine, and creating a variety of paintings using liquid watercolors and salt, as well as mixing regular paint.


Have a wonderful weekend

Team Pre-K