Newsletter February 13-17, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter February 13-17, 2017


Hello Pre-K families! We had another full week of Pre-K. Our main focus was on friendship, making and being a friend, and kindness. We celebrated the earning of 25 STARS on Friday with a PJ party! We also enjoyed a visit from Ms. Nina, gym with Mr. Barnes, and music and movement. Next week we will begin our rocks and crystals unit as well as celebrate the 100th day of school on Thursday with tons of fun activities. The letter of the week will be R, please help your child select one item that starts with the letter R for share.


Thanks and Reminders


Thanks to Mirabel and her family for the wonderful snack this week! Please remember that there is no school on Monday, February 20th.


Katelyn was our Star Student this week. Her birthday is October 21, and she is 5 years old. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. Katelyn’s favorite color is rainbow and her favorite number is 1 million. She loves going to the movies and her favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast, and favorite book is Princess and the Frog. Her favorite animals are a cheetah and jaguar. Katelyn loves mac and cheese and favorite dessert is chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cake. When Katelyn grows up she wants to be a swim teacher, gymnastics teacher and a school teacher. If she could have three wishes, they would be to be magical, to be a fairy, and to have a Barbie Dream House.


On Monday, we began our morning making Star Student pages for Katelyn. The students are continuing to put forth their best work on these pages. Everyone is excited for their week to be Star Student and get their book. We spent the day talking about friends, and how they can be boys and girls, and people in our families. We enjoyed reading several Elephant and Piggie

books by Mo Willems. We read My New Friend is So Fun, I am Invited to a Party, and We Are in a Book. For share, Camille pulled a queen from the Q-pocket and told us about the evil queen from Snow White, Anika shared her mittens from Canada because they are “quality,” Aviana shared the word quiet and told us that you need to be quiet when the baby sleeps, and Zulia shared a queen from the Q-pocket and told us that a queen lives in a castle.


On Tuesday, we were treated to our monthly visit with Ms. Nina, the Multnomah County Youth Librarian. She read The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddle Duckling, how to Find a Fox, and The Storm Whale. Then the students sang to her a new song that we have been singing; I Love the Mountains, and she really enjoyed it! We spent our choice time making a variety of friendship/valentine-type cards and drawings! The students loved handing out their creations to their friends. During share, Mirabel brought in a quarter and told us she likes to play the game pennies at her house, Ruby shared a crown and told us that queens sometimes wear them, Alex shared the word quick and said he tries to be quick in the morning, Sarah shared a queen from the Q-pocket and told us that the queen looks quite pretty, and Rory told us that he likes to look at ducks in the pond and that they say quack! We also enjoyed music and movement and had some fun with a few favorite songs!


Wednesday was the day the rain began, and students were very energized by the shift in the weather! We were able to manage our usual 3 outside times, however, everyone really had the wiggles. We sang several songs that we have been learning in music and movement, and practiced a lot of different listening games too. We continued our discussion on friendship and we modeled how we can use kind words to help apologize to our friends. We focused on what our voices sound like, what our faces look like, and the words we use. The students always find it somewhat funny when the teachers play out common kid behavior, and then they get to tell us what it should look like instead. We read several more books on friendship like; Bear and Squirrel Are Friends…Yes, Really! Friends, Dream Friends, and You Are My Best Friend. For share, Lucas shared a quilt from the Q-pocket and told us that it keeps you warm, Katelyn shared her tennis shoes and told us that they make you quick, Charlie shared a queen of hearts from his deck of cards, Elli shared a queen from the Q-pocket and told us that queens married kings and live in castles, and Bianca told us that her running shoes make her jump really high and very quick too. Many students continued making cards and drawings for their friends and family.


On Thursday, the students worked really hard on safe bodies on the carpet and during our clean up and transitions. They did a great job and earned 4 stars towards their next party! Keep it up, Pre-K! Students had a great time in gym with Mr. Barnes! We got to rotate through a wide variety of “stations” that included hula hoops, basketballs, Frisbees, large bouncy balls, badminton paddles and balls with scoops. We spent the morning decorating envelopes to take home a “surprise” on Friday. Students loved using the alphabet stickers and markers to create some very colorful envelopes! In the afternoon, we then worked on friendship bracelets that will be randomly placed in an envelope to surprise a friend, which will be handed out on Friday. This kind of sharing can be hard for students to accept, but most students did a great job! For share, Avi shared a quilt from the Q-pocket, Gabe shared the letter Q from the Q-pocket and told us that it looks like the letter O, but different, Grant shared a small camera that he can play games on and he calls it “CameraQ,” Kellen shared a duck from the Q-pocket and told us that it says quack, Severin shared the word quick and told us that sometimes he is really quick, and Vaughn shared a question mark from the Q-pocket and told us that he really likes questions!


On Friday, we were all very excited about our Star Party/ Pajama Day! We spent the morning playing and having a very long choice time. We enjoyed a very long and dry outside playtime too! We learned a new song called Mail Myself to You that works into our friendship and card sending unit. We read Katelyn’s interview and Star Student book. We got to read extra books

Before rest time. We read You Will Be My Friend, Bear & Hare Share!, Big Friends, and How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends. This started a great conversation about what we do when we have a fight with our friends. In the afternoon, we watched a great short called Curious Garden based on the book by the same name. We had another choice time, decorated a cookie to eat with our snack, and handed out the surprise envelopes with the friendship bracelets inside! We also earned 3 stars today! We hope you all enjoy the long weekend, and see you all on Tuesday!


  • We are offering summer day camp!! In addition to our K-4 camp, we are offering a camp just for 4 and 5 year-olds (must be 4 by June 2017 and fully potty trained)! This is a great chance for pre-K grads to spend time with their school friends and meet some buddies from Irvington Pre-K, and incoming Pre-K friends for the 2017-2018 school year will be able to meet some of their teachers and new classmates! Registration is open now, and you can sign up for just a couple weeks or the whole summer. We have lots of outside time, special projects, and make our own special snacks on Friday! You can pick up a schedule and registration form near the sign-in book, or check out the Irvington Extended Day website.



🙂 Team Pre-K