Newsletter February 20th – 24th

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter February 20th – 24th, 2017


Hello Pre-K families! We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. It’s been a short but exciting week here in Pre-K. We continued to discuss friendship and being a friend, looked at rocks and minerals, learned a new song from Sarah’s dad Scott, and had gym with Mr. Barnes. Next week we will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Tuesday (MORE DETAILS ON MONDAY!) We will also be discussing the works of Dr. Suess throughout the week. Our letter will be S, so please help your child select one item that starts with S for share.

                        Thanks & Reminders


Thanks to Severin and his family for the yummy snack this week! As a reminder: we go outside 3 times a day, every-day. Please encourage your child to dress for the weather and make sure they have a weather appropriate change of clothing in their cubby.



                                                            Star Student


Avi was our Star Student this week. His birthday is December 8tha and he is 5 years old. Avi says that he has black hair and brown eyes. His favorite color is blue, favorite number is 5, and favorite animal is a cat. Avi likes playing Anna and Elsa, and his favorite movie is Frozen. He also likes reading books and his favorite one is Flop. Avi’s favorite food is cheesy bread and favorite dessert is cupcakes. When Avi grows up, he wants to be a “grown up!” If he could have three wishes, he would wish to fly like a bird, be the color blue, and go in a real castle.




On Tuesday, we kicked off the morning with Star Student pages for Avi. We also interviewed Avi to learn a little bit more about our friend. For share, Ruby shared herself and told us that she loves her shirt, Katelyn chose the ring from the R pocket and said that her mom wears a ring every day, Avi chose the robot from the share pocket and said they say, “bee-bee-bop.” Camille showed off a ring she brought from home and said she likes to play with it with her dolls, and Charlie chose the red rose from the pocket and reminded us that his sister’s name is Rose. We read Big Friends, You Will Be My Friend, The Mitten, and The Lonely Moose. We also enjoyed music and movement with some of our favorite songs like, The Cat Came Back and Fish On A Rock.


On Wednesday started looking at rocks and minerals. Many students shared about a time they found a rock or “crystal” and we talked about how special rocks can be. We learned many new facts when we read National Geographic’s Rocks and Minerals. We learned about the rock cycle and the 3 stages that rocks pass through. We also enjoyed Sylvester and the Magic Pebble,and Bring Me A Rock! For share, Rory brought in his Ranger Rick magazine about animals and said that he gets a new one every month, Grant showed off his “Box-R” that he got from his grandpa, Anika chose the ring from the share pocket and told us that she likes to wear them for parties, and Bianca brought red roses with a red ribbon around them from her mom’s birthday. For our project, students drew a picture of what friends do, and how they are a friend to others.


On Thursday, we read If You Find A Rock, A Rock Is Lively, and Pebble: A Book About Belonging. This was fun to look at all the different kind of rocks there are, as well as what we do with rocks and how many students have collections of rocks. This inspired some “rock hunting” during our outside times too. For share, Mirabel brought in a LEGO wagon that she made and told us that her mermaid rides on it, Kellen shared a robot from the R-pocket and told us that they often have wheels, Vaughn shared his football ring that he got in a cupcake from a birthday party, Aviana shared her pink stuffed Easter rabbit that she likes to snuggle at rest time, and Gabe shared a rabbit from the R-pocket and told us that he fed a rabbit once at a zoo.



On Friday we had a fun morning trying out some new books from the library; Book-O-Beards and Book-O-Masks. These silly books make it look as if the reader is wearing a mask or a beard, and some students were even inspired to make their own page from the book. For share, Lucas shared a ring from the R-pocket and told us that you wear them on your fingers, Alex shared a robot from the R-pocket and told us he has one at home that he calls “Avi”, Sarah shared the letter R and told us that she has a doll named RO at home, Severin shared a red rose from the R-pocket and told us he loves the color red, and Elli shared a Rainbow Stick that she made at gymnastics. We enjoyed learning a “rock song” from Sarah’s dad Scott. We also read Avi’s Star Student interview and book that the students created for him.

Thanks for another wonderful week!

Team Pre-K