Newsletter February 27th – March 3rd, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter February 27th – March 3rd, 2017


Hello Pre-K families!

We had an awesome week reading Dr. Seuss books, celebrating his 113th birthday and celebrating our 100th day of school! Next week we will be talking about a variety of artists while exploring their many art techniques and the letter of the week will be T!


                        Thanks & Reminders

Thanks to Grant and his family for bringing the delicious and nutritious snack this week! As a reminder: we go outside 3 times a day, every day. Please encourage your child to dress for the weather and make sure they have a weather appropriate change of clothing in their cubby.


                                                            Star Student

Alex was our Star Student this week. He says that he has black hair and brown eyes. His favorites are as follows: Color – rainbow. Number – 100. Book – Star Wars. Movie – Star Wars. Animal – cat. Game – Minecraft. Food – pizza. Dessert – cupcakes. When Alex grows up he wants to be a Mailman.  If he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) Fly 2.) Be invisible 3.) Have  giant hands.


On Monday we started our day by making Star Student pages for Alex. Then at morning circle, we began talking about a very famous man named, Theodor Geisel, AKA Dr. Seuss and read one of his famous works, Horton Hears a Who. This was a great story for Pre-K, as it focuses on the very important message of, “a person’s a person no matter how small.” For our related project, we got to make “Who-people” out of wooden pieces that we colored with permanent markers and dressed with felt clothing, and yarn for hair. They turned out great and the kids of course loved being able to take something home with them. For share, Vaughn brought in a stuffie and with the help of the rest of the class, he decided to name him Stanley, Anika chose the sock from the share pocket and said that it is a stinky sock and that her brother likes to try to wear them on his head, Aviana chose soup from the pocket and said that her favorite is “spaghetti soup,” Lucas brought in a stuffie named “Jiggy,” and told us that he likes to snuggle him, and Katelyn chose the sun from the pocket and said that she has been to space before.


Tuesday was extra special as it was the 100th day of school! First, we colored and cut out crowns that read, “100 days smarter.” Then each student received 100 stickers to put on their crowns. Boy was it quiet during the “stickering!” Once all of the stickers were in place, we crowned ourselves! After rest time, the class got a real treat when each table had thousands of small items sitting out, like: dried noodles, puzzle pieces, LEGOS, jewels, feathers, beads, buttons, and much more. Each student received a bag with their name on it to fill with 100 items of their choosing to take home. We finished the day reading another Seuss favorite, The Cat in The Hat.


On Wednesday after free choice, we read a Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy. For share, Alex chose the sun from the share pocket and said that it is a star and it is SO hot, Bianca chose the sock from the pocket and said that it is stinky and soft, Camille chose the sink and said that she likes to get her blankets wet in the sink and then snuggles them, and Gabe chose the word and number six and told us that his sister, Audrey is six. Later in the day we read, The Lorax and discussed why things unfolded the way they did in the story. Ask your child about what happened to the animals when all of the trees were cut down. We ended the day by coloring and cutting out candles for Dr. Seuss’ birthday cake.


On Thursday the students arrived to find a rather large birthday cake on the wall to celebrate what would have been Dr. Seuss’ 113th birthday. Everyone had the opportunity to make and decorate a silly “Seuss-like” hat and make a birthday card for him. Then we took our weekly trip to the gym to see Mr. Barnes. While there, we got to move from station to station, listening to kid-friendly music and playing with things like, badminton, frisbees, hula hoops, balls and scoops, basketballs and everyone’s favorite……….scooters! The students did a great job of using their safest behavior while rolling around on those. When we came back, we sang “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Seuss and then clapped 113 times in his honor. Our Pre-K class is truly a counting machine! For share, Charlie brought in his Seahawks magnet that is square, Sarah brought in one of her favorite Dr. Seuss books: The Cat In The Hat Comes Back, and showed us her favorite pages, and Anika showed off her Star Wars book because it starts with S and it is her favorite movie. Throughout the day we also read, Happy Birthday To You and Sarah’s book that she brought for share.


On Friday we made one more hat! Cat In The Hat-hats! The class was pretty jazzed about all of their take-home projects this week. After morning circle, we read a couple stories from Dr. Seuss’ Sneetches, including a Pre-K favorite, What Was I Scared Of. For share, Kellen chose the sink from the share pocket and said he likes to drive his car in the sink but it doesn’t work very well, Ruby shared her stuffed seal named, “Sealy,” Severin chose the seal from the pocket and said that they live in the sea, and Zulia also chose the seal and told us they are gray and they start with S. We finished our day by snacking and packing up and reading a very special Dr. Seuss story called, Oh The Places You’ll Go.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


-Team Pre-K