Newsletter March 6th -10th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter March 6th -10th, 2017


Hello Pre-K families!

We have had a wonderful week learning all about art and doing some beautiful projects along the way.  Next week we will continue to talk about art, and the letter of the week will be U.


Thanks & Reminders

Thank you to Bianca and her family for bringing the yummy snack this week!


Star Student

Mirabel was our Star Student this week. She says that she has brown hair and greenish blueish eyes. Her favorites are as follows: Color – rainbow. Number – 1,000. Book – Starry Night. Movie – Starry Night. Animal – cheetah. Activity – playing with toy kitty. Food – macaroni and cheese. Dessert – ice cream sundae. When Mirabel grows up she wants to be quite a few things: A vet, doctor, mom, ballerina and teacher. If she could have three wishes they would be: 1.) Fly 2.) To have treats everyday 3.) To eat a “ginormous cake.”


On Monday we started the morning off with Star Student pages for Mirabel. Everyone did a great job of drawing a nice picture for her and supplying even nicer compliments. Later we read, A Rock Is Lively and all of the stories in, Little Bear. For share, Grant brought in his “glasses fixer screwdriver” because it is a very tiny tool, Katelyn shared her Thunder Rock from the lava flows, Charlie showed off a ticket from when he saw Matilda The Musical, Anika brought in her toy mermaid, Aurora (who has a tail), Aviana shared her turtle stuffie named, Todd, who grew up in Australia, and Avi showed everyone a paper telescope that he made, and told us that you can see shiny stars with it. Towards the end of the day, we worked on self-portraits using permanent markers and watercolor paints.


Tuesday after morning circle, we read a fun book called, Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! For share, Rory chose the tiger from the share pocket and said that they live in jungles, Sarah brought in her stuffed tiger, “Tigey,” and said that he likes to go on rocks, Ruby shared her Hello Kitty toy and said that she sometimes plays with it, Camille chose table from the share pocket and said, “sometimes when I am eating dinner I want my mommy to eat at my little table with me,” and Kellen chose TV from the pocket and said that he watched Ninjago on the blue TV at home. We also read, Leonardo The Terrible Monster, which is always good for a few laughs! We ended the day with a game of “Eye Spy” as we said goodbye to our friends.


On Wednesday some friends spent the morning doing melted crayon drawings while others built what they referred to as “the wall of China” surrounding the carpet with wooden blocks. Then we headed outside for a rather wet recess. Just before lunch during share, Mirabel chose TV from the share pocket and said that it starts with T, Zulia chose the tiger from the pocket and said, “they go roar,” and Alex chose tie from the pocket and said, “you wear it when you get married.” In the afternoon, we read a book called, Henri’s Scissors. This was about an artist named, Henri Matisse who “draws with scissors,” using painted paper with different colors and textures and then cutting shapes out to construct his people, animals and scenery. In the afternoon, the class had a blast doing music and movement with teacher Emily.


On Thursday we had a quick free choice before we circled up for our morning routine. After calendar and weather, we watched a book on the computer called, Mouse Paint which taught us all about primary colors. When the book was over, the teachers demonstrated how to make secondary colors by mixing the primary colors together. Ask your child what colors can be made. For share, Vaughn brought in a teddy bear appropriately named, Teddy, Severin chose the tooth from the share pocket and told us about the time he knocked out his two front teeth on the coffee table, and Bianca chose the tortoise from the share pocket and said that they are really, really, really slow and they look like a rock. After rest time, in small groups, students had a chance to make a color wheel using red, yellow and blue paints. This was especially enjoyable as they got to mix the paints with their fingers. We finished the day with some music and movement inside (as the weather was not cooperating for recess).


On Friday we spent the morning painting, painting, and painting! After reading the book about the artist, Henri Matisse and discussing his similarities to Eric Carle, the class got the opportunity to paint just like both artists. The kids couldn’t get enough of it and before we knew it, we had run out of counter space to let them all dry! In the afternoon, we read a story by Eric Carle called, The Artist Who Painted The Blue Horse, which was more about the pictures than the story itself. The book was full of brightly colored animals! Pink bunnies, orange elephants, red crocodiles, blue bears and more. Franz Marc was the artist who painted the famous Blue Horse and was criticized for his unconventional style. At the time, people thought he was crazy for painting animals in such wild colors and insisted that it was wrong to paint them any other color than one might see in nature. But he felt that artists should have the power to make things any way they want, and did just that. For share, Elli showed off a paper telescope that she made and said it’s a lot easier to spy on people if you use one, Lucas chose the turtle from the share pocket and Grant showed everyone his lip therapy Chapstick. We ended our week by snacking and packing up so we could head out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! Then just before we said our goodbyes, we read Mirabel’s Star Student book and interview.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


-Team Pre-K