Newsletter March 20-24, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter March 20-24, 2017


Hello Pre-K families! This was a fun, fast and fabulous week. Students got to perform their song in front of the school and for the parents this week. We also earned our 30 stars for a party on Friday. Students discussed springtime and the changes they see outside. We are close to the end of the alphabet and we discovered that we have 4 students who have a “V” in their names. Next week is Spring Break and school will be closed for the week. We hope you all enjoy a restful break, and we will see you on April 3rd. That week we will be talking more about gardening, insects and the spring season. Many of our activities will be outside so please send your student dressed for the weather. Our Letter of the Week will be W.



Thank you to Camille and her family for the generous and delicious snacks this week!


Star Student

Gabe was our Star Student this week. His birthday is December 31, and he is 5 years old. Gabe has dark brown hair and brown eyes. His favorite color is blue and his favorite number is 100. Gabe likes monkeys and gorillas, and his lovely. His favorite book is The Backpack that Walked and favorite book is The Giant that Smashed the Pea.  Gabe loves burgers and fries and Little Big Burger is his favorite, and he likes pistachio ice cream. When Gabe grows up he wants to be a fireman, but he says, “I still have high school and college to choose”. If he could have 3 wishes, he would wish be the strongest giant, be a shark and swim underwater, and to ride to ride 10 miles on my bike.


On Monday morning, students worked on Star Student pages for Gabe. We talked about today being the first day of spring, and shared all the changes we noticed outside. Students said they heard birds singing, and saw flowers blooming. We talked about how the sun is still out later

in the day, and it seems to be raining more. We read Hello, Spring! and Wake Up! For share, Kellen shared a volcano from the V-pocket and told us that his mom found a volcano rock once, Zulia shared her dad’s Darth Vader toy, Elli shared a stuffed owl that she calls Veeya, and Ruby shared a vase from the V-pocket and told us that you put flowers in it.


On Tuesday, we went to the gym to rehearse our song for the school, and to watch the other student perform. The Pre-K students did a wonderful job singing and listening to the other classes. We read a variety of books about spring today. We read The Busy Spring, Plants in Spring, and The Carrot Seed. We enjoyed music and movement in the afternoon with some old favorite songs. For share, Rory brought a Valentine’s Day card from his grandparents, Charlie shared a Darth Vader mask that he wears for fun, Avi shared a volcano from the V-pocket, and Grant shared his Hot Wheels car from home that goes very fast on the track.


On Wednesday, the students did a wonderful job singing Peace Like a River for the parents and families of Irvington. If you haven’t seen the video please send Ingrid your email. We both read and watched the book on video of Miss Rumphius. It is the story of a woman who longed to travel the world, live in a house by the sea, and do something to make the world more beautiful. The story is based on the real Miss Rumphius, also known as the Lupine Lady, who planted lupine seeds all over the coast of Maine. Students made finger painted lupines, carefully dotting paint to make the flowering part of the lupine. For share, Bianca colored a valentine on a V-page, Vaughn shared a monkey named Vader that makes noise, Alex shared a violin from the V-pocket and told us he likes to dance to the music, Katelyn shared vegetable from the V-pocket and told us that peas are his favorite, and Mirabel brought her violet crayons and told us she likes to color fire with it.


On Thursday, we started the morning making some origami balloons out of brightly colored paper. Students did a great job folding the paper, and following the steps involved. We had fun in gym with Mr. Barnes practicing different exercise drills and learning a new game called poison dart frog tag. For share, Camille shared a volcano from the V-pocket and told us that lava comes out of it, Lucas shared a valentine-fox that he got from his nanny on Valentine’s Day, Sarah shared her blue velvet dress that her mom made, Severin shared vegetables from the V-pocket and told us that they are good for you, Aviana shared a van from the V-pocket and told us that “its a type of car that goes extra fast” and Gabe shared a violin from the V-pocket and told us his aunt plays one.


On Friday, students celebrated earning 30 Stars! We enjoyed a variety of art making projects with paints, colorful sharpie markers and paper, and Lego building in the morning. We took a short break to watch and cheer on the Kindergarten class who paraded their constructed floats around the halls. We read Gabe Star Student book and interview. We were treated to a long and exciting magic show by Mir right after lunch. He wowed us with so many magic tricks! In the afternoon, we enjoyed a spring-inspired snack of strawberries and pound cake. The students loved watching two familiar short books on video: Extra Yarn and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. We also started a fun project inspired by Extra Yarn, and we will continue working on it when we return from Spring Break.

Have a great week and see you all on April 3rd!