Newsletter April 17 – 21, 2017


Irvington Pre-K Newsletter April 17 – 21, 2017


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a lovely week in Pre-K learning all about farms! We read some really fun stories, sang “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” planted seeds, made butter and crafted some adorable “Muddy Pigs.” We have also closely monitored our caterpillars and are so excited to see their growth! Next week we will be learning about dinosaurs and the letter of the week will be Z!


Thanks and Reminders

Thanks to Zulia and her family for providing the delicious and nutritious snack this week.


Star Student

Grant was our Star Student this week. He says that he has brown hair and brown eyes. His favorites are: Color – green. Number – 100. Book – Elephant & Piggy. Movie – Lego Land. Animal – koala. Activity – “playing with goo.” Food – pizza. Dessert – marshmallows. When Grant grows up he wants to be a Chocolatier and if he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.)Be a frog  2.)Live in a house that goes to the moon  3.)Live in LEGOS.


On Monday we kicked off the week by making Star Student pages for Grant and working on letter Y pages. Then we began our farm unit by reading, I Spy On The Farm and Barnyard Banter.  For share, Anika brought in a kitty pillow pet because it is a young cat, Elli showed off her new stuffed lamb that she named, “Y-ya,” Charlie brought in a gooey, green spider named Yoda and Aviana shared her new stuffed lamb named, Yani (who likes to play with yo-yo’s). We finished the day by playing outside and then reading, Yours Truly, Louisa.


On Tuesday we had a quick free choice followed by a quick recess so we could get our wiggles out before the arrival of the best librarian in the West, Miss Nina! She brought three awesome books with her that captivated the class as usual. They were called, Neko Draws a Feeling, How The Queen Found a Perfect Cup of Tea and Ring Bearer. Then just before she left, we sang the song that we performed in front of the school for her, Peace Like a River.” She loved it, of course! After recess we rolled into share, Camille shared grass from her yard, Mirabel brought in some yarn and talked about how her family likes to weave with it, Bianca showed off her “Wild West” sticker book with cowboys that say, “yeeeee-hawwww,” and Rory brought in a pencil because it was yellow. In the afternoon we learned about the anatomy of a flower by drawing and labeling all of the parts, and then each student “planted” two pea seeds in wet paper towels that are now hanging on the windows of the classroom while we all anxiously wait for them to sprout!


On Wednesday it was Grant’s official birthday, so the class spent the morning coloring birthday pages for him while he decorated his crown. Then after calendar and weather we read, Pigs In The Mud, which was a great Segway into a Pre-k favorite project appropriately called, “Muddy Pigs.” Using pink construction paper, sponges and brown paint, each student made an adorable muddy pig and they all turned out great! For share, Zulia chose the yawn card from the share pocket and said that she does that when it is bedtime, Grant shared a penny and said that it is money and both words end in Y, Ruby chose the yak from the share pocket and said that they have horns, and Alex chose yogurt from the pocket and said that it’s yummy and he eats it sometimes.


On Thursday we had a full morning! First, we enjoyed some free choice, and then we circled up and went over jobs just before making our weekly trip to the gym to see Mr. Barnes. In the gym, we moved from station to station while rocking out to some fun songs, playing with scooters, basketballs, scoops, hula hoops and much more. Then we headed back to the classroom where we talked more about life on a farm. We discussed how cows produce milk, and that butter is made from milk (cream). The class sat in a circle while passing around two jars of cream. Each student had three 15 second turns shaking the cream to help make the butter. By the end of everyone’s third turn, we had butter! Then we added a little salt, spread it on some multigrain bread and ate it up! The class LOVED it. Charlie even said, “I wish we could do this every single day!” In the afternoon, we worked on coloring our favorite farm animals to paste to our “farm-scape” that everyone contributed to by drawing grass, fences, trees, flowers and people. Throughout the day we read, There’s a Pig in My Class!, Farm and Anywhere Farm. We finished our day with a fun song on the carpet, “Animal Action.”


On Friday we greeted Sarah with a birthday crown for her to decorate while the rest of the class did their best to color a nice page for her book. Then during morning circle the class experienced a Lockdown drill and did an amazing job keeping quiet and taking it seriously. After that we headed outside for recess and played on the blacktop with balls, chalk, scoops and stilts for the first half and then made our way to enjoy some time on the play structure. After recess we finished up share for the week. Kellen pulled the yak from the share pocket and said, “yak’s eat grass and they get eaten by crocodiles,” Avi chose the yak from the share pocket, Severin chose the yacht and said, “I would go fishing,” Sarah chose “yelling” from the pocket and said that it’s only for outside, Lucas chose the yacht from the pocket and said that he would sail until he is retired, Vaughn chose yogurt and said that marionberry is his favorite flavor and Gabe chose the yo-yo from the share pocket and told us that he has a blue one. After rest time was over we read, Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken, followed by a short free choice with the added bonus of visitors! Two girls from third grade (former Pre-K students) came to visit our class to help out with having snack OUTSIDE. Then we had an awesome recess, came inside, packed up and said our goodbyes!


Have a great weekend!

Team Pre-K