Newsletter April 24-28, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter April 24-28, 2017


Hello, Pre-K families! This has been a great week. We started our exciting unit on dinosaurs! Next week we will continue talking about dinosaurs. We will be taking a break from our alphabet share, to work further on number 1-20. We will still have an informal share but it won’t be related to the alphabet.


Thanks and Reminders


Thanks to Zulia and her family for the snack this week. Please make sure your child has a weather appropriate change of clothing in their cubbie. Also, if anyone is interested in making some playdough for the class, we would love to have it.


Star Student


Sarah is our Star Student this week. Sarah’s birthday is April 21, and she is five years old. Her hair is silver-brown and her eyes are blue. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite number is 132. Sarah likes the Magic Tree House books and the movie Frozen, and really enjoys putting together her Elsa puzzle. She really likes animals and some of her favorites are squirrels, kitties and cheetahs. Sarah likes macaroni and cheese, and for dessert, vanilla cake. When she grows up, Sarah would like to be a princess. If she could have 3 wishes, she would wish for a baby, to be a fairy, and to get a baby frog.


On Monday, we launched our dinosaur unit and the students told us all that they knew. The students came up with lots of information that we wrote down on the whiteboard. We are going to use this information as well as some more things that we learn to make a Pre-K fact book about dinosaurs. We made Star Student pages for Sarah and we interviewed her. We read Dinosaur Countdown, How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? and Dinosaur Farm. For share, Mirabel brought in LEGO Friends book that she got from her cousin Zeeza, Rory shared his book Zoom and he showed us his favorite page, Elli shared a zebra from the Z-pocket and told us that they are her favorite animal, Zulia shared herself because her name starts with Z and she told us that her favorite costume is her Elsa one from Frozen.


On Tuesday, we looked at how paleontologists discover bones and they make it to the museum. We read How Do Dinosaurs Get to the Museum, Dinosaur Bones, and a few pages from D Is for Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Alphabet. For our project, students tried to piece together bones from a dinosaur cut-out. They chose from an Apatosaurus, Triceratops, and a T-Rex. It gave the students an idea what paleontologists do. We also watched the music video of the song I am a Paleontologist, by They Might Be Giants. For share, Camille shared zip code from the Z-pocket and told us that she wrote a letter to her friend, Alex shared zoo from the Z-pocket and told us that his favorite animal is an elephant, Anika shared a zipper and told us that she has a great zipper on her backpack, and Sarah shared a zebra from the Z-pocket and told us that she saw one at the zoo.


On Wednesday, we read The Super Hungry Dinosaur, Never Follow a Dinosaur, and Dinosaur Starts School. The students worked on a variety of dot-to-dot pages that made various dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles. They have greatly improved their number recognition and counting skills. For share, Vaughn brought in his sister’s stuffed zebra and told us that it is a kind of horse that lives in Africa, Lucas shared a zebra from the Z-pocket and told us that zebras eat grass, and Bianca shared zip code from the Z-pocket and told us she wants to mail a letter.


On Thursday, we started our morning with table choices and gym. The students enjoyed having gym with Mr. Barnes and playing two games: protect your pin and snowballs. We read Scaly, Spotted, Feathered, Frilled: How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Really Looked Like, Dinosaur Zoom, and The Littlest Dinosaur. Students made dinosaur puppets out of cut painted paper. We focused on the dinosaur having either feathers or scales, and created and overlapping appearance. For share, Charlie wrote the word zoom and told us that cars zoom really fast, Avi shared zip code from the Z-pocket and he told us his address, and Severin shared zoo from the Z-pocket and told us that tigers, elephants and giraffes live there, but that he hasn’t ever been to one.


On Friday, we focused on learning more about the Apatosaurus. This long necked herbivore was over 75 feet long, and our entire class plus two teachers could fit inside the outline of its foot print. We read from Dinosaur More: a First Book of Dinosaur Facts. While we were outside, students also held 75 feet of yarn to measure out the total length of the Apatosaurus. For share, Ruby shared a photo of her sister Zinnia and told us that they like to play family together, Aviana shared zipper from the Z-pocket and told us there is a long one on her coat, Gabe shared zoo from the Z-pocket and told us he likes the monkeys and gorillas from the zoo, Grant shared Owen the Owl and told us zips through the sky, and Kellen shared zebra from the Z-pocket and told us that they go in packs so that they don’t get eaten. We also read Sarah’s Star Student book, her interview and Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, just for fun!