Newsletter May 1-5

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter May 1st – 5th, 2017


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a jolly time here in Pre-K this week reading all sorts of dinosaur tales, celebrating “May Day,” and crafting up a storm! And having finished the alphabet last week, we took a brief break from share, which allowed for more stories! Next week we will be learning all about jungles and rainforests, and hopefully seeing the final stages of the butterflies emerging.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Aviana, Elli and their family for providing the nutritious snack this week. And another big thank you to all of the students and families who brought SUCH delicious and THOUGHTFUL treats, we most definitely feel appreciated! What an indulgent week it has been!


Star Student

Vaughn was our Star Student this week. Vaughn is 5 ½ years old and says that he has “blonde-brownish” hair and “gray-blue-green” eyes. His favorites are: Color – green. Number – 6600. Book – Star Wars. Movie – Star Wars. Animal – Rhinoceros. Game – Trouble. Food – Cheese Pizza. Dessert – Brownies with whipped cream. When he grows up he wants to be a T-Ball player. And if he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) Be invisible 2.)Be a fairy 3.)Be a merman.


On Monday we kicked off the week by making Star Student pages for Vaughn. Then we said goodbye to the month of April and hello to May! To celebrate “May Day,” we made beaded bracelets and necklaces, paper flowers and tie-dyed coffee filters with vibrant and brilliant colors. We also continued our unit on Dinosaurs by reading, The Littlest Dinosaur, which is a cute story about the smallest dinosaur saving dinosaurs ten times his size. Then we read a fun and informative book called, How The Dinosaur Got to The Museum. This was a great book that taught us about what goes into discovering dinosaur bones and getting them to the museums. After that, we went over our KWL chart to review all of the new information we have learned about dinosaurs. The kids were “quizzed” on the definitions of: carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, paleontologist and more. Ask your child what they can tell you about dinosaurs.


On Tuesday morning we played with play-doh, and looked through some books called, I Took My Dinosaur To School And….. (made from former Pre-K classes). Each student draws a dinosaur of their choice along with a scene and then dictates a few sentences about what happened when they took their dinosaurs to school. Then we talked about how our class would get to make one too! Some kids were worried they wouldn’t be able to draw a dinosaur, so we talked about ways to make it easier, like looking at pictures in books or using dinosaur stencils. Later after rest time was over, we got started on our very own classroom book. The students did a great job of taking their time to draw the dinosaurs and scenes, as well as coming up with some very creative short stories. We finished the day with a nice long recess outside followed by snacking and packing up and then a few stories on the carpet: Rex and Dinosaur Cafe.


On Wednesday we had a fun morning playing with fuse beads and painting with watercolors, but with the beautiful weather, we were eager to make our way out to the sun. First we headed to the blacktop where some kids played with sidewalk chalk, while others dug around the big tree looking for “pill bugs.” Thanks to the sunshine, everyone was in great spirits, grinning from ear to ear. Then for the second half of recess, we headed to the play structure to continue the fun. The class really enjoyed how the cherry blossom tree was “snowing” light pink petals everywhere. After lunch and rest time, the class got to do some Music and Movement with Teacher Emily which is always a hit with this group. Then the whole class made giant dinosaur tails to wear! It was a quick and simple project, but that didn’t change how excited everyone got over it. Then the excitement continued as we had snack outside followed by a nice long recess! We finished the day playing games like “popcorn” and “dinosaur bone” on the carpet with Teacher Emily. Throughout the day we read, Dinosaur Starts School, Dinosaur Kisses and Stomp Dinosaur Stomp.


On Thursday we spent the morning coloring dinosaurs and “dino-scapes.” Then we circled up, went through calendar and weather and read, Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct (a Pre-K favorite that we read every year). After that we went to the gym where Mr. Barnes lead the group in some fun hula-hoop play. He showed us so many things that can be done with hula hoops and even played a few games with them as well. After that we headed outside to the 80-degree weather and worked up a good appetite for lunch. When rest time was over, we did some Music and Movement to songs like Animal Action and Yankee Doodle. Then we went back outside because we wanted to take full advantage of the weather. Throughout the day we also read, Dinosaur Rocket and Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner.


On Friday during morning choice time, we finished the last of the pages for the classroom book. It is truly one of the best collaborations to date, and will be a wonderful addition to the Pre-K library. It will also serve as an excellent example for next year’s incoming class. Way to go, Pre-K! Then we went outside and played under the covered area since it was raining! After that we came in and read Vaughn’s Star Student interview full of wonderful drawings and compliments. Later, we had a nice long free choice full of puzzles, LEGOS, books, drawing and much more. Then we packed up, snacked up and spent our last bit of the day outside. We said goodbye to friends as we read one final dinosaur book for the week, The Super Hungry Dinosaur.


Have a great weekend!


Team Pre-K