Newsletter May 15-19

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter May 15th – 19th, 2017


Hello, Pre-K families!


We have had a busy week finishing our Rainforest/Jungle unit and playing “catch-up” with some projects from last week. We read tons of books, checked on our peas we planted in the garden, enjoyed a visit from Miss Nina and took advantage of the warm weather. Next week we will be learning all about ocean animals and will also begin to work on learning letter blends.


Thanks and Reminders


There is no school on May 29 in observance of Memorial Day. The last day of school is June 15. Please let us know if you will be leaving sooner than that date.


Pre-K Graduation will be held in the cafeteria on Friday, June 9th. We will let you know the time as more details become finalized. We are planning to start around 1:45, and have a “cookie” potluck afterwards. Each family can bring a small (NUT FREE) batch to share with everyone. We will provide beverages.  We will finish by 2:45.


Star Student


Lucas was our Star Student. He says that he has black hair and brown eyes. His favorites are: Color – Rainbow, silver, golden. Number – 100 million. Book – Little Babaji. Movie – Skylander. Animal – Tiger. Game – Candyland. Food – Quesadilla with ketchup. Dessert – “The biggest chocolate cake.” When Lucas grows up he wants to be a pilot and fly a 737. And if he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) Play on the Seahawks  2.) Play on the Golden State Warriors  3.) To transform into a white bird with wings.



On Monday we kicked off the week with Star Student pages for Lucas. The class did a great job of drawing nice pictures and dictating even nicer things to say about him. In addition to working on Star Student pages, some friends worked on finishing up their sloths and snakes from last week. The snake project required some precision cutting with scissors to come out looking like a snake, and the class wowed with their skills! There was not one student who even asked for help, which was a stark contrast from the beginning of the year. Way to go, Pre-K! Then after our morning circle, we read a thought provoking story called, The Great Kapok Tree, which talked about the importance of not cutting down trees in the rainforests. Ask your child why we should leave the trees alone! In the afternoon, we did music and movement with Teacher Emily and then painted coffee filters with vibrant liquid watercolor paints. After the final recess of the day we read, Rumble In The Jungle as we said goodbye to friends.


On Tuesday after free choice and morning circle, Miss Nina came for a visit! She read three riveting stories: Shawn Loves Sharks, Tidy and Three Billy Goats Gruff. And we even learned a cool new song from her about a Doug Fir tree and a tiny mushroom (complete with movements). After that we headed outside to play until it was time for lunch. After rest time, we did music and movement on the carpet with Teacher Emily and then colored our favorite jungle animals to paste to the jungle scape. Later we read a story called, The Jungle Grapevine and then snacked up and went outside for recess.


On Wednesday morning we began working on a fun project called Jungle Poetry. Each student chose a jungle animal to write about in a fun and formulaic way. Then we read, “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth by Eric Carle and talked more about sloths and what funny sounds they make. Ask your child if they can imitate a sloth for you! In the afternoon we finished up our jungle poems (that are now hanging on the walls of the classroom and will soon be added to the Pre-K memory books) and made more tie-dyed butterflies. We ended the day with music and movement on the carpet with Teacher Emily.


On Thursday we had a fun and productive day! First we had a quick morning free choice working on things like monkey and lion masks (which everyone loved wearing) and painting our end of the year handprints that will serve as the back cover for the Pre-K memory books. It sure seemed like everyone’s hands had grown since the beginning of the year when we first did handprints. Then we went to the gym to see Mr. Barnes and played Tunnel Tag and Hit The Road Jack. Then we made our way outside for recess. After that, we read Lucas’ Star Student interview and book. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy all of the hard work everyone put into making his book. After rest time was over, we spent some time singing a few sweet songs that we will perform at the Pre-K graduation. Throughout the day we read, Jungle Jamboree and Gumption. The students asked what gumption meant throughout the story and by the end of it had used all of the context clues from the story and collectively came up with the right answer! Smart kiddos we have! We finished the day with snack and then recess before families began to arrive.


On Friday many students arrived in the mood to build! They worked together to create quite the little city, which was very involved! The balancing of blocks was especially impressive in a few areas too. The building was so fantastic we couldn’t stand the thought of cleaning it up, so we didn’t until much later in the day. Throughout the day we read, Umbrella, Wondergarden and Jungle Party and practiced our songs for the graduation. After rest time we had a quick free choice and then made our way outside to enjoy the beautiful weather for the rest of the afternoon. Then we snacked up and packed up and said our goodbyes!



Have a great weekend!


Team Pre-K