Newsletter September 5-8th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 

Hello, Pre-K families!

It’s been another great week here in Pre-K, getting more familiar with the rules, routines and expectations. We kept busy with projects, songs, stories and tons of play. Beginning next week, we will start our ABC share. This will be a weekly routine that will be part of our alphabet study. Students are to bring in one item that starts with the letter of the week and share it with the class. Please help your child choose an item for letter A and bring it next Monday. A great option could be something you find in nature, a photograph of someone special or a book. We ask that students don’t bring toy items for letter sharing.  Students will practice writing the letter, recognizing the printed letter, learning the sign language letters, as well as learning the letter sounds. This is lots of fun and a great way to pave the way to reading. Our unit will focus on learning all about families.

Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Alexander A and his family for providing our first week of snack! They were both nutritious and delicious!

*Please check our snack sign-up near the door and choose two weeks to provide snacks for our classroom.

*When packing lunches, please remember we are a peanut free program. Please provide peanut free lunch items, almond butter and sun butter are great peanut butter alternatives!

Tuesday we came back from the long weekend eager to learn and play! We kicked off the shortened day with our morning meeting and name song, and quickly discovered how well everyone is remembering names! Then we discussed the rules of the classroom again, reminding everyone to be safe with whatever we do, be a helper whenever we can, and always be a friend. Due to the air quality, we spent the day inside, but the students handled it so well. As a class we read, Chrysanthemum. This was a funny and honest story about teasing, self-esteem, and acceptance. Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect – until her first day of school where she finds herself being teased because of it! Later in the day, each of the students counted the letters in their name and wrote them on a chart to compare with all of the other names in our class. We also had time to break up into two carpet groups and began sharing “Life in a Bag!” Lydia brought in pictures of her cousins that live in Virginia and London, a postcard from London, and a book about London because she and her mom were both born there. Kellen shared a picture of him and his brother, a finger puppet that he made, and another dragon puppet because he likes to put on puppet shows with his dad. Mila showed off her leotard because she does gymnastics, a rock because she likes to skip rocks with her brother, and a tennis ball because she likes to play tennis and her daddy teaches tennis. Audrey MW brought in a drawing of her family on a hike because they like to do that together, a pair of round, black glasses because she likes Harry Potter, and a picture of a bike because she likes to go on bike rides. Uriah showed everyone a signed picture of his favorite boat racer because he loves to watch boat races, a picture of him with his papa and a dirt bike because they like to ride together, and an event map from the Portland International Raceway that shows where he likes to sit and watch rally car races.  Havana brought in a picture of her family and said, “We are cute,” a stuffed sea lion because she likes them, and a dreamcatcher keychain so she can have good dreams. After lunch and rest time were over, we had music and movement on the carpet and then said our goodbyes at 1:00 for the early dismissal.

Wednesday we kicked off the day by going over the rules of the classroom to reiterate the importance of being safe at all times. Then moved onto talking about appropriate voice volumes for inside the classroom. The class did a great job of listening and following directions. Throughout the morning, students did hand-prints with Teacher Emily and were able to mix their colors with a friend to make even more colors. These hand-prints turned into a great Pre-K sign for the classroom and is now hanging on the inside of the back door and looks awesome! All the while, Teacher Lacey interviewed each student for the Pre-K “Time Capsules.” These time capsules ask students what their “favorites” are. They also are weighed and measured and then this process is repeated at the end of the year to see how much they have grown and changed. When we broke into groups for share, Evelyn showed off a pine cone because she loves nature, shells to represent her love for the beach and a paintbrush because she likes to paint. Carter shared a Batman book because he loves Batman, Goggles because he likes to swim, and a picture of him on a pony, because he really likes them. Alex H shared a picture of his family while they were in Hawaii because he really liked it there, flattened coins from his collection and a favorite book called, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (which we read as a class later in the day and thoroughly enjoyed). Bayard brought in a card that he recently received from a friend on his 4th birthday, a card with his friend, Aowyn’s picture on it because she is special to him, a picture of his new baby brother and sister, and shells from the beach because he and his family like to go often. Alexander A showed off a homemade lantern that he crafted, a family picture because he loves them, and a sparkly rock because he likes to collect gems and rocks. Matilda showed off a princess wand because she likes princesses, goggles because she loves to take swim lessons, and a ribbon from swimming because she “likes to win stuff.” We finished the day with some games with Teacher Mike in the cafeteria. The kids loved it!

Thursday during our morning meeting, we talked about how to use scissors in Pre-K. Ask your child what they can recall.  Then during free choice, they had the chance to cut a variety of colored paper and used glue sticks to make collages. Before lunch we read, A Was Once an Apple Pie and I Must Have Bobo. Later in the afternoon, we shared more “Life in a Bag.” Audrey D shared a picture of her family while on a trip in Yosemite National Park because she likes to hike, an Irish Dance headband because she’s learning that kind of dance and a book called, Mirabelle and The Bouncy Red Ball. Enzo showed off an oven mitt that his grandma made for him because he likes to cook, a picture of him and his cousin making pizza in his grandma’s pizza oven, and a bag because he likes to pick fruit to put in it. Effie showed off a coin that she got from Great Wolf Lodge with her family, a book that her babysitter bought for her that she loves to read, and a piece of sea glass from her grandma. Will brought in a tennis ball because he likes to play with his family, a train because he plays with train tracks at home, and a squishy dinosaur from his collection. Luke shared an “I love tacos” pin that he got from Porque No? (because he loves tacos), a picture of him and his dad at a Timbers game, because they go to a lot of games, and an adorable baby picture of his first meeting with his old dog, Zoe. We finished our day with snack and then played games outside with Teacher Mike.


Friday during free choice, we listened to several stories: Hello Goodbye Window, Madeline and A Terrible Case of the Stripes (which is rapidly becoming a Pre-K favorite). We also finished up the time capsules by getting weighed and measured. This is always so fun to record because it changes so much over the course of a school year. We also finished our last few shares for “Life in a Bag.” Saoirse brought in a picture she drew of her family because she loves her family and loves to draw, a book called, Rebel Girls that showcases famous and powerful women, because it is her very favorite book, and a leotard because she does gymnastics. Eliah shared a German flag because both of his parents are from Germany, a Mets baseball cap because he likes baseball, and a picture of him riding his bike without training wheels at his new school. Elise showed everyone a zoo book because she likes animals, a picture of her as a baby eating her favorite – chocolate cake, and a book of Hawaiian fish because she likes how they look. We ended the day with games outside with Teacher Mike and then came inside to pack up and say goodbyes for the weekend.


Have a great weekend, everyone!



-Team Pre-K