Newsletter September 11th – 15th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter

 Hello, Pre-K families!

It’s hard to believe that we have already finished our third week of school! But as the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” And that we have had! We spent the week focusing on families! Next week we will be talking about our neighborhoods and community and the letter of the week will be A…. again (due to last week’s newsletter getting lost in cyberspace). If you haven’t done so already, please help your child bring in an item that starts with A. Please no toys.


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Alexander A and his family for providing another week of snack! Yummy!

*Please remember that pick-up time for Pre-K is no later than 3:00. After that, the room is reserved for aftercare and cannot have additional students who aren’t enrolled, due to state ratio regulations.

*Please check our snack sign-up near the door and choose two weeks to provide snacks for our classroom.

*When packing lunches, please remember we are a peanut free program. Please provide peanut free lunch items, almond butter and sunbutter are great peanut butter alternatives!


Monday we began delving into all things family! First we read, Families and discussed how all families are different. This picture book celebrates diversity with the many faces of present day families. Much like people who come in all shapes and sizes, so do families! Some have one parent, some have two, and many include extended family members. For our first related project of the week, we drew family portraits and dictated sentences about what we like to do with our families. Check them out in the classroom, on the west wall! Later in the day we enjoyed some free choice followed by games with Teacher Mike outside. Then we packed up and read a story on the carpet called, Late for School.


Tuesday we continued talking about families and their differences. During group time we read, A Family Is a Family Is a Family, which was a warm and whimsical look at many types of families. When a teacher asks her students what makes their family special, one child is worried that her family is just too different to explain. One by one her classmates describe who they live with and who loves them. The child realizes that as long as her family is full of caring people, her family is special. Later in the day we began charting who is in our families. It has a row for moms, dads, brothers/sisters, pets and a spot for any other members who might live with us. We also finished up the last part of the time capsules by weighing and measuring everyone in the class.  In the afternoon, we played a funny game with Teacher Mike called, DVD tag! Ask your child what they remember from it! At the end of the day we read, Pirate Vs. Pirate as we said our goodbyes.


Wednesday we introduced the first Pre-K “sign-in.” We are beginning with the students recognizing their picture and then placing it in a basket to show they are in attendance. Next week we will be looking for our printed name to place in the basket. And after we get comfortable with that, we will begin writing our names each day. During group time we read, Mixed Me. This was a wonderful book about a mixed race family and sparked a great discussion about skin color.  We talked about how sometimes children look like their parents and other times they don’t. In the story, some kids call the main character “Mixed-up Mike,” but he makes it very clear that he isn’t mixed up at all, just mixed. The kids at school tell him that his parents don’t match and he feels like people stare when they are out as a family. But Mike loves his deep-brown, bald headed dad and his cream-and-honey, red-haired mom and they clearly love him too. They declare that they mixed Mike perfectly. Between Mike’s confidence in himself and the way he embodies diversity, this story touches on all of the important topics. In the afternoon we rocked out to some great movement songs: Let’s Go Swimming and Hidey-Roo. Then we had a quick free choice and headed outside because the energy felt high. While outside, Teacher Mike joined us for our daily dose of games! We played Frozen Fish and Frog Tag. After we went in to pack up, we read, Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!


Thursday morning, we got out the watercolors and made beautiful paintings. Then we had our morning circle and talked about safety and the importance of keeping our hands to ourselves, unless we have asked a friend for a high five, hug, or handshake. We also agreed that while many of us are oh so strong, we cannot pick up our friends off the ground. Later, we read a wonderful story called, Waiting for May. A young boy anticipates the arrival of his new sister, who is living in China and waiting to be adopted by his family.  Having to wait until May to bring the little girl home, the family appropriately names her, May. For such a lengthy tale, the class did a fantastic job of listening and contributing to the discussion on adoption that followed. In the afternoon we used vibrant liquid watercolors to paint our self-portraits done in Sharpie. They turned out great and will soon be on display in the classroom. We also enjoyed some Music and Movement on the carpet to some really fun songs like, Shake My Sillies Out, Bop Til You Drop and more. We finished our day outside on the field playing games with Teacher Mike.


Friday we enjoyed a morning free choice with play-doh, LEGOS, and a fun crafting station with pinking shears of all different shapes and designs. During group time we read, This Is My Family. This was a great informational book that goes over important words like, adopted, divorced, stepmother, stepfather, grandmother, grandfather, quadruplets, triplets, twins, and further reinforced that all families are different in so many ways. We also read, My Family Your Family, which featured a diverse cast of characters that allowed us to compare, contrast and recognize why each family is special in their own way. After sharing about each of our families, we discovered that many families play games together. Everyone shared their favorite games, and then we played a fun “family memory” game in small groups. In the afternoon we ate a nutritious snack and then headed outside for recess and games with Teacher Mike. Then we packed up for the weekend and said our goodbyes.


Thanks for another wonderful week, everyone!



-Team Pre-K