Newsletter September 18th – 22nd, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter  


Hello, Pre-K families!

It’s been a great week in room 111! We talked all about neighborhoods and homes. We also had our first visit from Miss Nina and our first practice Lockdown drill. Next week we will be talking about Community Helpers and the letter of the week will be B. Please help your child select an item for share that begins with B and bring it in your baggy with your name on it.


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Audrey D and her family for providing the delicious and nutritious snack!


*Next week Effie’s family will be bringing snack.


*We have quite a few friends who have been getting very hungry WELL before our 11:00 lunch time every day. Please encourage a hearty breakfast for these growing kiddos.


*We have been talking all about neighborhoods this week, so there is a neighborhood scavenger hunt in the Friday folder that families can do together. No need to turn in, just for fun!


 Monday we kicked off the week by talking about neighborhoods and different kinds of homes. We read, Homes and Homes That Move and discussed the recurring theme that much like people and families, homes come in all shapes and sizes! For letter A share, Saoirse brought in an apple and said that she eats them all the time, Kellen showed off his Angry Bird and said that he likes to play the game, Carter brought his stuffed alligator because he likes alligators, and Evelyn shared an acorn that she found outside and also showed three pictures she found in magazines that start with A: Australia, Antarctica and an ape. Later in the day we listened to, Bear Has a Story on CD and then played some fun games outside with teacher Mike.


Tuesday was an extra special day as it was our first visit from the best librarian in the west, Miss Nina! She has been coming every month to read to our Pre-K for close to a decade now. She is fantastic and always does the best voices when she reads. She read, Jabari JumpsCreepy Pair of Underwear and Chicken in The Kitchen. The class thoroughly enjoyed her and is looking forward to her visit next month. For letter A share, Uriah brought an agate that he found near the ocean and said it may have special powers, Eliah shared his mom’s yellow and gray apron that she wears when cooking, and Lydia showed off her alarm clock that glows and has special buttons. After rest time, we enjoyed some Music and Movement on the carpet to some fun songs like, The Cat Came Back and Peanut Butter & Jelly! Then when Teacher Mike arrived, we headed outside for games and recess! We finished our day listening to, A Sick Day for Amos McGee on CD.


Wednesday was the first late opening for Irvington, so we had the whole school to ourselves! This presented a wonderful opportunity to take a tour of the school. First we read, The Gingerbread Man Loose in The School which had excellent examples of places we could look for on our tour. Ask your child what they saw! For letter A share, Mila showed everyone an Angry Bird keychain that her mom bought for her brother, Alex H. brought in an alphabet book called, A Is for Astronaut and showed his favorite page, Audrey M shared an acorn she found in her driveway and put a fun glow in the dark face on it, and Enzo brought a small bag of almonds and said, “I think they are fresh.” In the afternoon, Irvington had another first for the year with a practice Lockdown drill. To help the students understand why this was happening, we read a story appropriately titled, Why Are We Having a Lockdown Drill? The class did an excellent job taking the drill seriously and staying quiet the entire time. Good job, Pre-K! Later in the day we got to work in our journals, tracing our names and practicing writing them on our own to prepare us for signing in next week. Just before heading outside for games with Teacher Mike, we read, Be My Neighbor. After games, we packed up, had a nice closing circle and said our goodbyes for the day.


Thursday we read a Pre-K classic, The Big Orange Splot. This is a great story about individuality and creativity. An orange splot on the house inspires Mr. Plumbean to transform his house into something of his dreams and ends up inspiring the seemingly uptight neighbors to do the same. The story shows that it is okay to be yourself and to be confident without being arrogant. Then for the related project, everyone had the opportunity to create their own house of their dreams using brightly colored construction paper in all shapes and sizes. For letter A share, Matilda brought in a book called, Armadillo Rodeo and said it is about a curious armadillo, Luke shared an alligator that he likes to play with, and Havana shared a picture of her dog Avee (short for avalanche) and said, “She loves me.” Later we had a dance party on the carpet to get the wiggles out. These Pre-K kiddos sure have some awesome dance moves!



Friday morning was spent playing with LEGOS, painting with watercolors and making bright and colorful collages. After our morning meeting, we worked on letter A pages, both tracing and practicing the letter on our own. Ask your child to show you the sign language A and also what sounds letter A makes! For letter A share, Effie brought in a book called, Alphabugs,  Elise shared an acorn that she found outside, Alexander showed everyone a picture of himself on the first day of school last year, and Audrey D also shared an acorn that she found! In the afternoon we worked in our journals, drawing pictures of our homes and dictating sentences about what we like to do when we are home. We read, Homes Around The World and Around Our Way On Neighbor’s Day. After that, we had another short dance party on the carpet and then Teacher Mike came to play games! After games and recess, we packed up for the weekend and sang our goodbye song!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


-Team Pre-K