Newsletter September 25th – 29th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families!

We spent this past week learning all about community helpers! We learned about firefighters, police officers, doctors, dentists, construction workers, librarians and more. We also began doing our official Pre-K sign-ins. Students will practice writing their names every morning before making a table choice. Next week we will be learning about our five senses and the letter of the week will be C. Please help your child choose one item that begins with C for share.


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Effie and her family for providing the super scrumptious snack this week!

*Next week Effie’s family will be doing snack again.


Monday we arrived to find a new way to sign in. Every weekday, students will write their names on the appropriate day and then place it on a tray to show they are in attendance. We also discovered the student job chart! There are ten jobs, so each student will have a job every other day of the week. Ask your child what jobs they have had so far! During group time, we received a piece of mail from Beaumont Pre-K, our sister program. They sent us drawings of their classroom, and they had some questions for us about what our school is like and what we like to do throughout our day. This was a great opportunity to talk about postal workers! After that we read, Career Day and Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do. Both books showed many different kinds of jobs, so as a group, we each shared what we want to be when we grow up. During free choice, we got to work on drawing pictures for Beaumont Pre-K with dictated words about what we do at Irvington. For letter B share, we went over the sign language letter B as well as the sound that it makes.  Alexander brought in a basket from home, Kellen shared his stuffed bumble bee, and Audrey MW showed everyone her super cool bird pen. In the afternoon we enjoyed Music and Movement, then free choice, followed by games outside with Teacher Mike.


Tuesday during morning group time we read, Firefighters and learned some really important information. We talked about all of the ways they help us and discovered that they do so much more than just fight fires. We also discussed how we reach firefighters if we need them, and do so by calling 9-1-1. The students said that even if a cell phone is locked, you can still make an emergency call. Then we learned about the very important safety phrase, “STOP, DROP and ROLL.” Ask your child what they can tell you about this phrase! For our special project, we made firefighters of our own using cut out shapes from construction paper. They are now hanging in the classroom above the coat hooks. For letter B share, Luke brought in a blue balloon, Will showed off his Blazer ball, Havana shared her old baby booties, Carter brought a book and a butterfly, Evelyn shared some bark that she brought from her garden and Uriah brought a book called, Barnyard Dance. We finished our day playing games with Teacher Mike.


Wednesday we learned about police officers during group time and read, Police Officers On Patrol.  When asked how we reach the police if we need them, everyone shouted out, “CALL 9-1-1!” Such a smart group of kids we have! We discovered that much like firefighters, police officers do so many things to help around the community. For letter B share, Effie showed off her Berenstain’s B Book, Elise shared, Bambi & Friends of The Forest and Audrey D brought a picture of her brother, Blake and her visiting the Bronx Zoo. In the afternoon, we worked on letter B pages, both tracing the letter and writing it on our own. Following free choice, Teacher Mike showed up for some games out on the soccer field! At the end of the day we sang the goodbye song and then we read, Small Saul which is a fun story about an unlikely pirate.


Thursday morning, we talked about dentists and the importance of brushing our teeth so we don’t get cavities! We went around the circle, each sharing about an experience at the dentist. It sounded like everyone likes going to the dentist because they get to bring SOMETHING home with them like stickers, toys and new toothbrushes. For letter B share, Lydia showed off her binoculars, Eliah brought in bubbles and binoculars as well, and Saoirse shared her yellow bracelet. After we did music and movement on the carpet, a special guest came by for a surprise. It was none other than Magic Mir himself! He wowed and impressed the crowd with a few new tricks he had up his sleeve! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his visit and look forward to his magical return. Then we enjoyed some free choice, followed by games with Teacher Mike. We finished the day with a story called, Strega Nona on the carpet after we sang the goodbye song.


Friday during morning group time, we learned about engineers. We got to watch a really cool short video about five different kinds of bridges that are designed by engineers. They are called, suspension bridges, beam bridges, arch bridges, truss bridges and cable-stayed bridges. The students then had the chance to construct their own bridge using a variety of materials on construction paper. There were popsicle sticks, twine, straws, paper strips, wrappers and glue. Everyone did a great job and they should be on the walls of the classroom in no time. For letter B share, Alex H brought in a toy school bus, Mila shared a small LEGO box that had a necklace with beads on it and also had a small bag inside, and Matilda showed everyone her bell that she likes to play with. Just before rest time Teacher Sarah read one more community helper story called, Dot The Fire Dog. In the afternoon we rocked out on the carpet doing Music and Movement. It was extra fun, since we get to choose the songs on Fridays! Naturally, the kids chose all of the songs that require the egg shakers! After that, more friends worked on constructing bridges, while others enjoyed play-doh and free choice art. Then we welcomed Teacher Mike for games and recess, played to our heart’s content and then headed back inside to pack up and say goodbye for the weekend.


See you all on Monday!

-Team Pre-K