Newsletter October 2nd – 6th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K weekly review


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had an awesome week learning all about our five senses. We sang songs, played audio Bingo, held a taste test and even painted with Kool Aid and Jell-O. Next week’s theme will focus on the Fall season and the letter of the week will be D. Please help your child select one item that starts with D for share.


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Effie’s family and Alex H’s family for all of the delicious and nutritious snacks this week!


*Next week, Eliah’s family will be providing snack.


*Scholastic orders are due October 25th! You can order directly with this link


*For rest time, your child can bring in one blanket and one lovey.


*Please remember there is no Pre-K next Friday October, 13th.


Person of The Week


Effie was our very first Person of the Week. Her birthday is October 21st and she will be five years old. She says that she has silver hair and blue eyes. Her “favorites” are: Color – Pink. Number – 5. Book – Pinkalicious. Movie – Aristocats. Animal – Pig.  Activity – Puzzles. Food – Chicken nuggets. Dessert – Strawberry ice cream. When Effie grows up she says she wants to be a teacher. And if she could have three wishes, they would be:] 1.) Have a baby 2.) Already be a grownup  3.) Visit Mexico and China.


Monday after morning sign in and table choices, we circled up and learned a little tune to help us remember our five senses. Ask your child if they can sing it for you. (It’s a repeat after me song). Then during our learning groups, we played audio Bingo by listening to a variety of sounds on CD like, a vacuum, rooster, ticking clock, telephone ringing, bee buzzing, dog barking and more.  For letter C share, Eliah brought in a picture of his dad, Christoph in front of a volcano in Ecuador called, Cotopa, Saoirse shared her book called, The Circus Ship, Evelyn showed off some homegrown carrots and Audrey MW brought in a toy crab. In the afternoon we had a lively Music and Movement session, then recess, and finished the day reading the story Saoirse brought for share.


Tuesday we spent the morning making Person of the Week pages for Effie. Everyone did such a wonderful job of drawing pictures and dictating kind words about her. Each week throughout the school year, we will honor one student from Pre-K by being Person of the Week. We will be doing this until every student has had their turn in the spotlight. Later in the day, we learned about our sense of taste and watched a short clip about the awesome muscle known as, the tongue! We discovered that tongues are pretty complex and can taste many different flavors all at the same time. Then for a fun related activity we held a Pre-K taste test. We got to try a taste of lemon for sour, a pretzel for salty, baker’s chocolate for bitter and fruit snacks for sweet. For letter C share, Havana showed off a picture of her dog, Cocoa, Effie shared a picture of her brother, Calvin and Enzo brought in a beverage can. Throughout the day we also read, Seven Blind Mice and Stone Soup.


Wednesday we worked on letter C pages and made “fuse bead” creations, which are always a hit in Pre-K! During our learning group time, we took a nature walk to experience all of the sights, smells and sounds outside of Irvington. For letter C share, Kellen brought in his Cookie Monster stuffie, Matilda showed off her crown that she made with her mom, Bayard brought in a La Croix can and Mila shared a sparkly crayon. Later in the day we read some fun books related to five senses: Tony Baroni Loves Macaroni and Gladys Goes Out to Lunch. We finished our day playing super fun games outside with Teacher Mike.


Thursday we arrived to find a beautiful display of sunflowers and after morning table choices we found out why! Following learning about our sense of smell and reading, Farley Follows His Nose, we got to paint sunflowers of our own using lemon flavored Kool Aid and lime flavored Jell-O as the paint! For letter C share, Alex H brought in a picture of his cat, Archie, Audrey D shared a cloud, Elise shared a cat coloring page, and Will shared a car. In the afternoon we read, Me and My Senses and 15 Things Not to do with a Baby. After Music and Movement, Teacher Mike lead us outside for some games where we played “Shipwreck” and “Frog Tag.” Then as our day came to a close we sang our goodbye song and played “Eye spy” as friends were dismissed to their families.


Friday morning some of us made glow in the dark beaded necklaces while others played with LEGOS, blocks or dress up in the dramatic play area. During group time, we talked about the sense of touch and watched a short video clip about it, learning that it is not limited to one area of the body. Our skin gives our brains a wealth of information about the world around us, such as temperature, texture, pain and pressure. Then we passed around a variety of textures to feel. For letter C share, Alexander A showed off his deck of cards and Lydia shared a Conker chestnut that is used for a game. After that, we went outside where the weather was perfect and had a nice long recess. Later when lunch and rest time were over, we had Music and Movement! This was extra fun since Fridays are when we get to choose the songs! We ended our day by reading Effie’s Person of the Week interview and book that we made for her and sang our goodbye song.


Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!



-Team Pre-K