Newsletter October 9th – 12th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K 


Hello, Pre-K families!

It’s been a short but sweet week here in Pre-K! We started talking about the Fall season and all of the fun we can experience during this time of year. We collected beautiful leaves, studied them closely, made collages, crafted scarecrows, and that was just the beginning of this unit! Next week we will continue discussing Fall, and the letter of the week will be E. Please help your child choose one item for share that begins with E.


Thanks and Reminders


*Thank you to Eliah’s family for bringing such nutritious and delicious snacks this week.

*Next week Lydia’s family will be providing snack.

*Scholastic orders are due October 25th! You can order directly with this link

*If your child has outgrown any of their clothes, we are currently accepting donations 🙂


Person of The Week


Matilda was our Person of the Week. She says that she has white hair and and blue eyes. Her “favorites” are: Color – Pink and purple. Number – 20. Book – Princess books. Movie – The Princess and the Pea. Animal – Unicorn. Activity – Playing with my mermaid. Food – Sandwiches. Dessert – Ice cream. When Matilda grows up she wants to be a singer. If she could have three wishes they would be: 1.) To have wings  2.) Have fairy magic  3.) That flowers could grow really fast.


Monday we kicked off the week by introducing the new theme, Fall! We read, A Reason For the Season and then took a nature walk to observe and collect some beautiful fall leaves. When we returned we each shared our favorite thing to do with our families during Fall. After that we went over the sign language letter D and the one sound that it makes. For letter D share, Saoirse brought in a stuffed dog that looks like her real dog, Maizie, Audrey D shared a dime and told us that it is 10 cents, Carter showed off his stuffed duck that he likes to play with, and Luke shared a toy duck from his bath tub. In the afternoon we did Music and Movement using the egg shakers, trying to match the beat of the songs. We did a great job! This group has rhythm!


Tuesday morning during our learning groups we read, What Happens to Leaves in the Fall? Then we had the opportunity to look closely at a variety of leaves we collected from the previous day with magnifying glasses. Later while free choice was going on, many friends got the chance to play in the sensory table filled with all kinds of nature that smelled like a delicious evergreen forest! For letter D share, Bayard showed everyone a picture of him with his auntie Caroline at a dinosaur exhibit at OMSI, Lydia shared her toy dinosaur that came in a box from her auntie, Kellen brought in his stuffed dinosaur and Eliah shared his dinosaur dragon with moveable arms and legs! In the afternoon we had a leisurely free choice, followed by a fun game with Teacher Mike called The Rhythm Detective.


Wednesday morning, we worked on Person of the Week pages for Matilda. Everyone did a fantastic job of drawing pictures and dictating lovely words about her. Later, we read a perfect book for Fall, Leaf Man with illustrations made from actual fall leaves. The story line follows the journey of Leaf Man, who used to live in a pile of nearby leaves, but has now been caught by the wind, blown here and there. A Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows! For our related project, we got the chance to make leaf collages with beautifully colored fall leaves that we collected on a nature walk. For letter D share, Uriah showed off his spoon digger, Effie shared a picture of her dad, Will brought in his stuffed dog named, Ziggy, and Matilda showed everyone a picture of her and her dad. In the afternoon we had a blast during free choice listening to books on CD at our new listening station. We finished the day with a funny story on the carpet called, SkippyJohnJones and the Big Bones. Boy did this one get the laughs! So silly!



Thursday during group time we read, The Little Scarecrow Boy. It’s a cute story about a fierce scarecrow, his scarecrow wife and their little scarecrow boy who longs to be just like his father. For the special project, we made our own scarecrow kids using a variety of cut out construction paper, googly eyes, yarn for hair and “straw.” They look adorable and will be decorating the Pre-K walls in no time. After lunch was over we had a little treat thanks to Alex H bringing in doughnuts for his letter D share! As one can imagine, this caused quite the wave of excitement! For the remaining letter D shares, Havana showed off her dragonfly clip, Mila brought in a toy dinosaur, Elise shared a picture of her daddy and Evelyn showed everyone her duck. Just before rest time, we got to listen to a special story that Enzo brought called, Zen Shorts. Then in the afternoon we rocked out to some awesome songs during Music and Movement. After that we played games outside with Teacher Mike, followed by reading Matilda’s Person of the Week Interview and book that we made for her! Then we sang our goodbyes for the long weekend.


Have a nice long weekend!



-Team Pre-K