Newsletter October 23rd – 27th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a full week of fun learning all about nocturnal animals, doing some awesome projects and activities along the way. We also spent a ton of time outside enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. Next week we will be learning about spiders and the letter of the week will be G. Please help your child select one item that starts with G for share.

Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Evelyn and her family for bringing the delicious snacks!

*As a special reminder, please only bring one blanket and one stuffie for rest time. Our cubbies are too small for pillows and sheets.

*We do not celebrate Halloween at school, so please no costumes. However, we will be having a spider themed tea party at the end of the week.

 Person of The Week

 Audrey D was our Person of the Week. She says that she has blonde/golden hair and blue eyes. Her favorites are: Color – Red. Number – 5. Book – Mickey Mouse. Movie – Minions. Animal – Elephant. Activity – Tea parties. Food – Sushi. Dessert – Cake. When Audrey grows up she says she wants to be, “a worker just like Daddy!” If she could have three wishes, they would be:

1.) Eat cheese all the time  2.) Be a fairy  3.) Be a giraffe.

Monday we greeted Havana with a crown to decorate while the rest of the class colored beautiful pages for her birthday book! Then in our learning groups we kicked off the new theme by reading, Night Animals.  Ask your child if they can tell you what it means when an animal is nocturnal!  For letter F share, Elise brought in a stuffed fish, Eliah showed off his football and Evelyn shared a picture of a fox. In the afternoon we enjoyed some fun songs for Music and Movement, Animal Action and Leap Like a Frog. Then Teacher Mike showed up to play some games with us outside. We played “Raccoon Tag” and had time for one more, but the leaves on the ground proved to be far more exciting. So we skipped the game and finished the day playing in the leaves.

 Tuesday the class got to work coloring pages as it was Luke’s birthday! He decorated his crown while the rest of us colored pictures and dictated birthday wishes for his special day.  In our learning groups we talked about raccoons and read, Raccoons and Bandits. We found out that raccoons are sneaky little creatures that like to steal food from garbage cans! We also learned that they have amazing vision and are really good at climbing up and down trees. Then for our related project, we made raccoon masks and got to pretend we were raccoons ourselves! These were sure a hit! For letter F share, Saoirse showed everyone her fairy, Kellen shared his stuffed frog and Lydia brought in her furry hat. We finished our day outside for a long recess in the gorgeous weather!

Wednesday we started the day off by working on Person of the Week pages for Audrey D, drawing multicolored pictures and coming up with really kind words about her. During our learning groups we read a great informational book called, Owls! We learned that there are over 200 different species of owls that exist on every continent across the world (except Antarctica). We also discovered that while owls can’t move their eyes, they can turn their heads almost all the way around and can also turn their heads upside down. For our related project, we learned an adorable poem called, The Wide Eyed Owl and then made our own owls to hang in the classroom. For letter F share, Havana brought in a fairy book, Audrey D shared a fan, Mila showed off her fish and Luke brought in a fork! In the afternoon we did a fun movement game called, “Popcorn!” Then we ended the day reading, While The World is Sleeping.

Thursday morning, we finally had some time to focus on letter F! We learned how to do the sign language F, the sound that it makes and then got to work on practicing writing it with letter F pages.   Then during our learning groups, we talked about the nocturnal winged creature known as, the bat! We discovered that historically, bats have gotten a bad rap because of their association with fictional characters. Just before heading outside for morning recess, we checked on our pumpkin that we left in the classroom to observe. We discovered that it was rather rotten! It had shrunk in height and had become very mushy and wrinkly! So we decided that it was time for it to finish decomposing in the community garden. For letter F share, Carter brought the number 4, Uriah shared the word FAST on a notecard and Matilda showed everyone her book called, The Lost Fairy. In the afternoon we had Music and Movement on the carpet and then read, Little Owl Lost. We finished our day playing outside with Teacher Mike!

On Friday some of us spent the morning collaging with shapes cut from the painted paper we created the day before, while others made perler bead creations. After our morning meeting, we worked on the “Leaf Hunt” project, played the nocturnal animal matching game and enjoyed the variety of choices that room 111 has to offer. Just before rest time we read, Three Billy Goat’s Gruff and then did a great job resting our bodies! For letter F share, Bayard brought a fork, Alexander shared his crafted wooden family and Will showed off his stuffed fox. After Music and Movement, we read Audrey D’s Person of the Week Book and interview and then experienced another Fire Drill! Everyone took it seriously and exited the building quickly. Good job, Pre-K! Then we came inside, snacked up, packed up for the weekend, went out for recess and finished the week listening to, Bats at The Beach on the carpet.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

-Team Pre-K