Newsletter October 30th – November 3rd, 2017


Irvington Pre-K 


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a spider-tastic week in Pre-K! We read spider stories, watched a spider video, made spider hats, and even had a spider themed party! Next week we will be talking about health and wellness, and we will be reviewing letters A – G (since it will be a short week). We will not be doing letter shares or having a Person of the Week. We will resume both of these the following week.


Thanks and Reminders


*Next week Will’s family will be providing snack.

*There is no Pre-K next Thursday, November 9th or Friday, November 10th.

***There will be all day care on the 9th if you are already an after care family. Please let Ingrid know if your child will be attending.


Person of The Week


Bayard was our Person of the Week. He says that he has light hair and green eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Red and blue. Number – 5. Book – Goodnight Gorilla. Movie – Stuart Little. Animal – Dragon. Toy – Playmobil. Food – Macaroni and cheese. Dessert – Popsicles and ice cream. When Bayard grows up he wants to be a firefighter.  And if he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) To fly  2.) Be a ghost  3.) Be an owl.


Monday we began our day working on Person of the Week pages for Bayard. Then we kicked off our spider unit with a KWL chart, which stands for what we already know about spiders, what we want to know about spiders, and at the end of the unit we record what we learned about them. For letter G share, Will brought in his Goodnight Goon book, Eliah shared his sunglasses, Effie showed off her giraffe and Alexander A shared an ABC book that his grandma made. In the afternoon we had a blast on the carpet with some new Music and Movement songs: “Spider On the Floor” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” We also enjoyed a fun game called, Spider Under the Rug! Everyone loves this one! After that we ate a nutritious snack and headed outside for some games with Teacher Mike.


Tuesday we worked on letter G pages in the morning, went over the sounds it makes and also learned the sign language G. During our learning groups we read a classic African folktale that we have been reading in Pre-K for years. The story is called, Anansi The Spider: A Tale from The Ashanti. In this traditional Ashanti tale, Anansi sets out on a long, difficult journey. Threatened by a fish and then a falcon, he is saved from a terrible fate by his sons. But soon finds himself in a predicament when he can’t decide which of his sons to reward. At the end of the story, the students were asked which son they would pick to reward and why. After our discussion, we collectively decided that each son played an important role in saving their father, so they all deserved a reward. Luckily in the story, Anansi thought so too and found a way to do so. Ask your child how he rewarded his sons! For the related project, we made our own Anansi spiders and even got to take them home for once! Later, for letter G share, Mila brought in a granola bar, Saoirse shared a gem, Carter brought a gourd and Uriah shared some sea glass.


Wednesday we spent the morning painting with watercolors and doing more leaf rubbings using all of the leaves we have been collecting this school year. Then in our learning groups we read an Eric Carle classic, The Very Busy Spider. For the related project we made “Very Busy Spider” puppets on popsicle sticks and got to take them home! For letter G share, Evelyn brought in a book called, The Shortsighted Giraffe, Audrey D shared a picture of her friend George, Lydia shared some ginger root and Havana brought in a stuffed giraffe. We finished our day reading the book Evelyn brought for share.


Thursday we read a wonderful spider story called, Sophie’s Masterpiece. Sophie is an artist who wants to spin beautiful creations all day long and, someday, a masterpiece. As a spider though, Sophie has a hard time finding a welcoming place in which she can be free to live and spin. She’s shooed and shuffled all over Beekman’s Boardinghouse until one day she finally finds the warm, comfortable, safe home for which she always yearned, and the inspiration for the masterpiece of her lifetime. For the related project, we used glue and glitter to spin our own masterpieces! For letter G share, Luke brought in some green glasses, Elise shared her Go Fish Game, Matilda shared her goggles and Audrey MW shared a lump of gold. Our day ended with a nice long recess!


Friday we spent the morning making spider hats to wear at our spider tea party. Then we joined together on the carpet for an audio/visual book appropriately titled, Miss Spider’s Tea Party. This was a cute story about a spider who wants her insect friends to come over for tea, but each one turns down the invitation, fearing she will eat them. After word spreads of her coming to the aid of a wet moth, her friends’ perspective changes. This is a great story that shows it is not nice to judge others before you know them, because oftentimes we are wrong! After rest time was over we watched a Wild Kratts video about spiders! Then we put our spider hats on and sat down for our spider themed tea party! We had spider-cider and made spiders out of an Oreo cookie, raisins for eyes, and pretzels for legs! We even took pictures so we can remember our first special Pre-K party! After the party, we read Bayard’s Person of the Week book that was filled with beautiful pictures and compliments and then headed outside for recess. We finished the week reading a few stories on the carpet as we said goodbye to our friends.