Newsletter November 6th – 8th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter


Hello, Pre-K families!

We had a short but sweet week focusing on health and wellness! We discovered some great ways to avoid germs, how to properly wash our hands, and even learned some yoga poses along the way!  Next week we will begin the first half of our cooking unit and the letter of the week will be Hh. Please help your child select one item for share that starts with Hh.



*Next week Saoirse’s family will be providing snack.

*Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come for conferences. It was so nice to touch base with families about these wonderful kiddos!

Monday we kicked off our health and wellness unit by reading, Germs Make Me Sick. Then we talked about the importance of handwashing and how we always need to use soap and water! To further prove how important soap and water is, we did a cool activity to demonstrate. First the students had vegetable oil poured into their hands and were instructed to coat them entirely. Then cinnamon was sprinkled over the top and this was to represent visible germs. The students were then asked to just simply rinse their hands under water and see if the germs were still there or not. The results were in! Water did not rinse away the germs! Only after the students used soap and water did they truly disappear!

 Tuesday we continued our quest into wellness by watching a quick video about sneezing. We learned that the germs that travel out of our noses and mouths when we sneeze, move at 100 miles per hour and spread onto surfaces and into other’s bodies. To demonstrate what this looks like, we simulated a sneeze by filling a balloon full of “germs,” and then popped it after we said, “Achooooo!” Then we discussed what we could do to keep germs to ourselves when we cough or sneeze and decided that if we don’t have a tissue, the inside of our elbows will work best!

Wednesday we began our morning talking about how our class can have a party by earning stars! We can earn these stars by being extra quiet when we are in the shared spaces of the school, like hallways and bathrooms, or when we line up as a class, or exemplary behavior during carpet time. Then we broke into groups and learned about dental health by playing a fun game called, “Race To Lose Your Teeth!” This game was a hit as we used mini marshmallows for the teeth! After that we read a great book called, Goodnight Yoga and practiced many of the poses together. Then in the afternoon we enjoyed some egg shaking on the carpet during Music and Movement, followed by some fun exercise games with Teacher Mike. Then we sang our goodbye song and packed up for the long weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Team Pre-K