Newsletter November 27th – December 1st, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 

Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a great second week of cooking in Pre-K! Thank you to all of the families that provided items to make our personal pizzas and dirt cups. Next week we will begin our two-week unit on Winter and the letter of the week will be Jj. Please help your child choose one item for share that begins with Jj.


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Carter’s family for providing snack this week. Havana’s family will provide snack next week.

*As the weather continues getting colder and wetter it is extra important that your child has the appropriate outdoor clothing; heavier coats, gloves, hats, rain boots etc. We will still go outside and play rain or shine.


Person of the Week


Evelyn was our Person of the Week. She says that she has golden hair and blue eyes. Her “favorites” are: Color – Golden. Number – 21. Book – Peppa Pig Swimming. Movie – Puffin Rock. Animal – Unicorn. Game – Candyland. Food – Macaroni and cheese with peas and salmon. Dessert – Ice cream with caramel. When Evelyn grows up she wants to be a nurse.  And if she could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) To Fly  2.) To be a Unicorn  3.) To always know what to do.


Monday we spent the morning playing with fresh play-doh and making beautiful watercolor pictures. Then at morning circle we read, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and reviewed what we learned in the first week of our cooking unit, discussing the importance of following every step in a recipe. After that we learned a few fun facts about Evelyn so we could make beautiful Person of the Week pages for her. Everyone worked hard to draw pictures and dictated the kindest words about her. For letter Ii share, Carter brought in some ivy that he found outside, Havana shared a picture of herself when she was an infant and Uriah showed off his ice cream scooper!  In the afternoon we “bopped” around the classroom to some fun songs like, Animal Action and The Bean Bag Dance. We finished the day playing under the covered area since the rain was plentiful!


Tuesday We kicked the day off by reading, Red Hen Makes a Pizza. This was a cute story about making pizza and the importance of helping our friends! Then we reviewed our “Kitchen Rules” as the personal pizza project would soon take place. Everyone got the opportunity to make personal English muffin pizzas. They got to choose from pepperoni, olives, green peppers, marinara sauce and of course, cheese.  We also converted the dramatic play area into a pizza shop! The students helped make a restaurant sign that shows when the shop is open or closed! They also used hole punchers with red, yellow, and green paper to make pretend red pepper flakes, oregano, and parmesan cheese. The kids loved this dramatic play transformation and were eager for their turn in the shop. For letter Ii share, Lydia brought in some ink, Eliah shared a picture of himself at Irvington School, Luke brought an ice cube and Evelyn showed off some pretend ice cream. In the afternoon we enjoyed music and movement on the carpet and then Teacher Mike came by for a couple fun games outside called, “Mountains and Valleys” and “Shipwreck!” Then we came inside and played “I Spy” as we said goodbye to friends.


Wednesday using our new items from the pizza shop, the students made a slice for a friend, first asking exactly what they would like to have on it.  This ended up providing a great opportunity to practice our counting skills with the various pieces of pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and more. They also got to practice using some kitchen utensils like tongs, and serving spoons to make salads for their friends too. Then in the middle of all of our fun, we had a Fire Drill! The class did a fantastic job of lining up quietly and exiting the building in a timely fashion. We even received several compliments from the vice principal and teachers who saw what a great job we did. For letter Ii share, Saoirse brought a book called, Iggy Peck, Architect and Kellen showed off an ice pack. We finished the day reading, Iggy Peck Architect because Uriah also brought the book as it starts with the letter Ii. It was such a fun rhyming story, everyone loved it.


Thursday morning, we circled up to discuss the cooking project. Dirt Cups! We decided that these would contain: “mud,” “rocks” and “worms.” Some students were a bit concerned about eating the worms, but the teachers assured everyone how tasty they are! In groups of 6 we worked together to make the “mud,” which turned out to be……chocolate pudding! Each student had the chance to add in a half cup of milk and then stir, stir, stir! By the time everyone had helped out, we were left with a huge bowl of “mud!” Then we put it in the fridge for later in the afternoon. After free choice, we worked on letter Ii pages and went over the sounds it makes, as well as the sign language Ii.  For letter Ii share, Will showed everyone the insect page from his book called, Everything You Need to Know About Bugs and Alex H shared his book called, I am Not Going to Get Up Today. After some fun on the carpet during Music and Movement, everyone washed up to make and consume their dirt cups! Each student got their own cup of mud along with two (gummy) worms and some rocks (crushed OREO cookie).  Needless to say, this cooking project was a hit! Our day ended with a nice long recess to run off the energy from those dirt cups followed by reading, Bee – Bim – Bop which was a fun repeating book that everyone joined in on.


Friday we had a nice morning full of free choice and more time in the Pizza Shop! Then just before going outside for recess we read, The Little Bitty Bakery and sang the funny pizza song while we got coats on and lined up. Just before rest time we read Evelyn’s Person of the Week book so she could hear all of the nice things we had to say about her, followed by reading, The Gingerbread Boy. When we got up from rest time, everyone was eager to make their way to the carpet for Music and Movement since it was choice day for the songs. We enjoyed popping all over the carpet to the “Popcorn song” and some other favorites.  Then we did our last few letter Ii shares for the week. Effie brought in some toy insects, Alexander shared an indigo colored wooden pendant, Audrey D. brought in some ivy and Mila shared an ice cream cone eraser. We spent the rest of the afternoon taking and making orders in the Pizza Shop, having fun at the sensory table with measuring cups and water and then headed outside for recess. We finished our day on the carpet singing our “goodbye song” and then read, Muncha, Muncha, Muncha!


Have a lovely weekend!


-Team Pre-K!