Newsletter December 4th – 8th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families!

It’s been a really fun week here in Pre-K. We have had so many fun activities and projects, the days flew by! We also had our very first pajama party from earning 10 stars and some kids declared it was the best day of their lives! Next week we will finish our second half of the winter unit and the letter of the week will be Kk.


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Havana’s family for providing snack this week as well as next!


Person of The Week

Audrey M.W. was our Person of the Week. She says that she has brown hair and blue eyes. Her “favorites” are: Color – Pink. Number – 2. Book – Harry Potter. Movie – Harry Potter. Animal – Flamingo. Toy – My “bouncy toy.” Food – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Dessert – Ice cream. When Audrey grows up, she wants to be a geographer. And if she could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) To be a fairy  2.) To be a princess  3.)  To love my family forever.


Monday we kicked off our week by learning a few things about Audrey so we could do our best making Person of the Week pages for her. Everyone did a great job of drawing colorful pictures and dictating kind words about her. Later we read, Snow Snow Snow and There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow. For letter Jj share, Lydia brought in a jam jar, Matilda shared some jewelry, Luke showed off his “Joni ornament,” Evelyn brought her jump rope and Effie shared a jar with a picture of her dad, Josh in it. In the afternoon we played some fun carpet games like, “Bug under the rug” and “Rhythm Detective.”


Tuesday morning, we had our monthly visit from Miss Nina, the best librarian in the west. She brought three new stories with her: On a Magical Do-Nothing Day, Read The Book, Lemmings and When the Moon Comes. After she read the first two stories, she taught us a great movement song to get the wiggles out called, “Douglas Fir.” Then we sang our “thank you” song, she sang her “you’re welcome” song, and we said our goodbyes until next year! For letter Jj share, Audrey D. showed off some jeans and Havana shared her jewelry box. In the afternoon we worked on letter Jj pages, practiced the sound it makes and did some work in our journals! We also had fun helping to make a winter words poster to hang in the classroom. Everyone did such a great job coloring in the pictures! It looked like the teachers made it!


Wednesday was a fun and busy day! During group time, we listened to Frosty the Snowman and then made Snowman-Snowball-Slingers! Then we read, Best Snowman Ever and discussed our favorite winter activities. After recess, making our way back to the classroom we received a compliment for being so quiet in the hallway, which helped the class to earn the last star for our pajama party! For letter Jj share, Kellen brought a juice box, Eliah shared a picture of him with his friend Juniper, Bayard showed off some jewelry and Alexander shared a picture of his sister, Judy Claire. In the afternoon teacher Mike came by for a good dose of games outside. Then we finished our day reading, The Twelve Days of Winter.


Thursday morning, we had fun coloring hot cocoa mugs, gluing on marshmallows and practicing our counting skills. Then during free choice, we played with “snow” in sensory table, cut out snowflakes and played with fresh play dough. For letter Jj share, Will showed off his jump rope, Uriah brought some jellybeans and Carter also brought a jump rope. In the afternoon we read the “Leaf Hunt” book that we made as a class with Teacher Sarah. It turned out so wonderfully! Come check it out next week at drop-off! Our day ended playing outside in the crisp Oregon air!


Friday was an awesome day! The kids came bounding through the door dressed in their pajamas and full of energy! First we spent the morning making birthday pages for Elise and crafted some more snowflakes, this time with glitter! Then we enjoyed some free choice with our favorite “stuffies” in tow and eventually made our way outside to run off some of that energy. After rest time we did Music and Movement with teacher Michelle, shaking our egg shakers and jingle bells and singing along to some fun songs. When Music and Movement was over, we sat down for snack and enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate, with 10 mini marshmallows! Then we played with our Snowman-Snowball-Slingers, trying to sling them into the variety of cups and bowls set around the carpet area. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this! Then we huddled up to watch a fun movie short called, Jasper and The Winter Special. For letter Jj share, Audrey M.W. brought in some jingle bells and so did Saoirse! We finished our day reading Audrey’s Person of the Week book and Elise’s birthday book.


Have a lovely weekend!


-Team Pre-K!