Newsletter December 11th – 15th, 2017

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter  


Hello, Pre-K families!

We had a terrific week doing all kinds of winter related projects and learning some great new songs along the way. We also had more birthdays this week than any other in Pre-K history! When we return from winter break we will be learning about arctic animals. We will also review letters A-K and have students share verbally about something they enjoyed while they were away from school.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Havana and her family for providing the delicious snack this week! When we come back from winter break, Alex H’s family will be providing snack.

Thank you to all of the families for such thoughtful and generous gifts! We are truly spoiled!


Person of The Week

Alexander was our Person of the Week. He says that he has brown hair and hazel eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Purple . Number – 4, “because I’m 4.” Book – Sebastian and the Balloon. Movie – Frozen. Animal – Tiger. Activity – “Zombie Tag” with my dad. Food – Pasta. Dessert – Popsicle. When Alexander grows up, he wants to be a pilot and a shark. And if he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) To fly  2.) To be a shark  3.)  To be a pilot.


Monday we kicked off the morning working on Person of the Week pages for Alexander and making a snows cape for our snowman project using white paint on light blue construction paper. We also got back to work on another step for our winter decoration craft to give to parents. Then we circled up for our morning meeting and read, Animals in Winter. For letter Kk share, Saoirse brought in a stuffed kitten, Eliah showed off his kite and Bayard shared a kiss from his mom on a piece of paper. In the afternoon we had a blast with Music and Movement dancing to the “Bean Bag Boogie” and “Boom-Chicka-Boom.” Our day ended playing “Band-Aid Tag” outside with Teacher Mike followed by recess!


Tuesday morning was awesome! First we greeted Audrey D. with a birthday crown (as it was her half birthday) for her to decorate, while the rest of us worked on making beautiful birthday pages for her! Then we took a trip to the library to experience something called, Irvington Reads for Fun. Each student from Pre-K had the chance to go around to different tables and select one book to keep! Then they got a special Irvington stamp to write their name on and a bookmark too! The kids had a great time and used their best manners the whole visit. For letter Kk share, Audrey D showed everyone a picture of her dog, Kiki, Kellen shared himself because his name starts with K, and Effie showed off a picture that she drew of Kellen. In the afternoon we completed the snowman project and they turned out great! They are currently hanging on our name hooks above the coat rack. We finished the day reading a story that Evelyn brought for us to enjoy called, The Gardener. It was adorable and we all loved it!


Wednesday we greeted Evelyn with a crown as it was her official birthday! While she decorated it with stickers, the rest of us got to work coloring birthday pages and wishing her a happy day! Then during group time, we read, The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School which is such a fun, rhyming tale! And for the related project, we used yarn to lace around our foam gingerbread people. For letter Kk share, Luke showed off a poster of the Kachidoki bridge in Tokyo and Will shared a picture of his dog, Komet. In the afternoon we made little cards to go with our gift to parents. The kids did a great job of writing small on those tiny cards! We finished the day with a nice long recess, followed by reading, The Snowy Day on the carpet as we said goodbye to friends.


Thursday morning, we greeted Will with a birthday crown since it was his official birthday and the rest of the class colored birthday pages and dictated birthday wishes! During group time we read, The Mitten and had fun looking at all of the pictures of the animals stuffing themselves into that mitten. For letter Kk share, Matilda brought her stuffed kitty, Havana shared her keychain and Alexander showed off some pictures of his mom, Kim from when she was a little girl. Later, we added some glue and glitter to our laced gingerbread people from the day before. The kids had a blast painting their gingerbread people with glue and then sprinkling on whichever colored glitter their hearts desired. In the afternoon we took the final step in finishing our gift to parents by wrapping them! They all turned out so wonderfully and the kids were really proud of their creations.


Friday morning, we celebrated Kellen’s birthday making more birthday pages. The week was full of birthdays, so everyone is now an expert birthday page maker! Go Pre-K! During our morning meeting, we greeted everyone with a nice song and then learned about snowflakes. Did you know, there are no two alike? And all snowflakes have 6 points. Then the group had a demonstration of how to cut the perfect snowflake. So, during free choice, everyone got the chance to try their cutting skills to see what kind of flake they could make! In the middle of free choice, we had a special guest! Magical Mir came to show off his latest and greatest tricks! Everyone was in awe, of course! After rest time and Music and Movement, the class FINALLY got to make their highly anticipated gingerbread houses. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir! Then we finished the day with recess and read Alexander’s Person of the Week book.



Have a fantastic winter break! We will see you all next year!


-Team Pre-K!