Newsletter January 2nd-5th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families,

Happy New Year! We have had a fantastic first week back from winter vacation! Everyone came to school looking happy, refreshed and even a little taller! We spent the week getting back into the swing of things, reviewing the rules of the classroom and learned about a handful of arctic animals along the way.  Next week we will begin our SPACE unit and the letter of the week will be L. Please help your child choose one item to bring for share that starts with L.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Alex H. and his family for the delicious and nutritious snacks this week! Next week Carter’s family will be providing snack.


Person of The Week

Enzo was our Person of the Week. He says that he has light brown hair and light green eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Red and light blue. Number – Infinity. Book – Those Darn Squirrels. Movie – Moana. Animal – “Cute cats.” Toy – Play-doh. Food – Macaroni and cheese. Dessert – Gelato. When Enzo grows up he wants to be an artist and a scientist. And if he could have three wishes they would be: 1.) Have super strength  2.) Be a superhero  3.) Move things with my mind.


Tuesday everyone came through the door bright eyed and eager to see all of their friends. Once everyone arrived, we circled up and sang goodbye to 2017, hello to 2018 and each shared about something fun we did while on vacation. We also spent some time going over the rules of the classroom and what our volume should sound like when we are inside. Then we reviewed letters A-K and practiced their sounds as well as their sign language letters.  After lunch time was over, everyone got a new rest time spot and did such a good job of staying quiet and resting their bodies that they earned another point on our star chart, which means we only need to earn 5 more stars until we can have a party again! In the afternoon we worked hard on Person of the Week pages for Enzo, drawing multicolored pictures and dictating kind words for all of the reasons we like him. In the afternoon we “shook our sillies out” on the carpet and rocked out with the egg shakers. Then we ended our day listening to a great book on CD called, Here Comes The Garbage Barge. It was so interesting and the kids really enjoyed it.


Wednesday morning, we enjoyed a nice long free choice with fresh play-doh, a sensory table full of “snow,” and brand new, vibrant colored “dot markers.” Then during our morning meeting we read a great informational book about snowy owls. Ask your child what they can tell you about them! Later in the day, just before rest time we read, Ice is Nice and enjoyed the rhyming rhythmic tone of the book. In the afternoon we used the new “dot markers” to make paper bracelets, which everyone promptly wore! We also read, Arctic Animals and thoroughly enjoyed our Music and Movement session that was filled with Pre-K “favorites” like, “Going On a Bear Hunt,” “Let’s Go Swimming” and “Shake!” The day ended with our goodbye song on the carpet as we listened to, That Is Not a Good Idea by Mo Willems.


Thursday we read, A Mother’s Journey and learned about Emperor penguins and their life cycle. Everyone listened intently as we discovered that the father is the one that takes care of the egg while the mother travels 50 miles or more to find food for the baby chick. Then for the related project, we made personalized penguins with a picture of our face (and an orange beak)! The kids seemed to enjoy this fun and silly little craft. In the afternoon we had a blast on the carpet dancing to the kid version of “I’ve got a feeling,” and the “Popcorn” song. After that we headed outside to play “Band-Aid Tag” with Teacher Mike. Then we listened to, The Little Red Hen on CD followed by, The Polar Bear as we said goodbye to our friends.


Friday during our morning meeting we read, Narwhal and learned some fun facts about these interesting whales. Then we got to spend some time working in our journals. We practiced all of the letters that we have learned so far (A-K) and drew pictures to go with them. Then we bundled up to brave the elements for recess. After rest time and snack, everyone took turns working on a “snow-scape” for the penguins (that we made on Thursday) to go on. Check them out on the west wall of the classroom!  In the afternoon we read, Penguin Dreams followed by “Friday-You-Choose” Music and Movement. Then our week ended with a nice long recess and a book on the carpet as the school day came to a close.


Thanks for a great first week back. See you all Monday!


-Team Pre-K!