Newsletter January 8th – 12th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families,

We had a blast delving into the first week of our space unit. We learned about spaceships and rockets, made our very own Pre-K Space Station in the dramatic play area and even got to play inside a rocket ship tent! Next week we will continue learning about space and the letter of the week will be Mm. Please help your child choose something for share that begins with Mm.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Carter and his family for the delicious and nutritious snack! Next week Audrey M.W. and her family will be providing snack.

Please remember there is no school Monday January 15th, 2018 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Person of The Week

 Alex H. was our Person of the Week. He says that he has blonde hair and blue eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Blue and green with turquoise. Number – Infinity. Book – The Cat In The Hat. Movie – Ghost Busters. Animal – Elephant. Activity – Puzzles. Food – Cereal. Dessert – Ice Cream.  When Alex grows up he wants to be a Scientist. If he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) I wish I could have super strength  2.) I wish I could be a superhero  3.) I wish I could be a cheetah.

 Monday we kicked off our space unit by reading, Explore My World: Planets. This was a great overview to the solar system. We also celebrated Eliah’s 5th birthday by coloring beautiful birthday pages for his birthday book. For letter Ll share, Al showed off a picture of his whole family but pointed out his brother, Luke. Evelyn shared her “love” heart stuffie, Uriah brought in his light-up balloon, Effie showed off her lion and Saoirse shared lichen. Towards the end of our day, Teacher Mike came by for some games outside where we played, “Toy Story” and “TV Tag.” Then we said goodbye to friends as we read, Mousetronaut.

Tuesday morning, we made Person of the Week pages for Alex H. Everyone worked hard to draw a nice picture and dictated kind words about him. For letter Ll share, Carter brought in a ladybug, Luke showed off a picture of himself and Eliah shared his book, The Lorax. In the afternoon we went over the sound that letter Ll makes, the sign language version and practiced writing it on our letter pages and in journals. Just before going outside to play, we held a compliment circle where everyone gave a compliment to someone else in the group. Not only did it feel good to receive those kind words, but it seemed everyone felt the best when giving them. What kind friends we have in Pre-K! Our day ended playing games outside with Teacher Mike, followed by recess.

Wednesday we spent the morning learning about spaceships and rockets. Then the class worked together to turn the dramatic play area into a space station. There are even windows with a view of outer space! For our special project, we made name rockets. Students had to write the letters of their name on different colored squares and glue them in the correct order in the shape of a rocket. Then we added a pointy top and flames coming out of the bottom. They look great and are hanging over the names above the coat racks. For letter Ll share, Audrey D brought in a lollipop, Will shared some lions, and Mila showed us her list. We finished our day reading, Hello Moon. This was a cute story about a little boy who talks to the moon as if it were a new friend, asking it many questions, until he finally tires and falls asleep.

Thursday after our morning meeting, we watched a short video about stars. We learned that there are many things in the galaxy that look like a star from earth, but we now know some ways to decipher what it really is. For our related project, we made our very own stars using oil pastels and even named them! These are now hanging with the name rockets above the coat racks. For letter Ll share, Kellen showed off his light, Bayard shared his LEGO race car and Alex H. brought in his head-lamp! In the afternoon we enjoyed some Music and Movement where we went on a “Bear Hunt,” and sang along to a song in Swahili!  Our day ended with a book, How To Catch a Star on the carpet as friends were picked up by their families.

Friday everyone arrived to find a real rocket ship (tent)! It was so awesome; the kids couldn’t wait for their turn inside to control the ship. But before blasting off in the rocket ship, we read a book called, The Sky is Full of Stars.  For our related project we used tinfoil and the paper towel and toilet paper rolls to make telescopes to see the stars! Sometimes the simplest projects are the biggest hits! After rest time it was “You choose Friday” for Music and Movement. Naturally, “You’re Welcome” was chosen from Moana. Everyone displayed their best dance moves for that tune! Then we circled up and sang along to “How Far I’ll Go,” (from Moana as well). During snack time we finished up our last two shares, Matilda shared a picture of her new little brother, “Jude-er Raindrops” and Audrey M.W. brought in an inflatable light that her daddy got for Christmas. After that we read Alex H’s Person of the Week book and then headed outside for recess.


Have a nice long weekend! See you all Tuesday!

-Team Pre-K!