Newsletter January 16th -19th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families,

We have had a great second week learning all about space. We spent our days discovering interesting facts about Mercury, Venus, Earth and the Moon. And of course, did some awesome related projects too. Next week we will finish our space unit and the letter of the week will be Nn. Please help your child choose something that begins with Nn for letter share.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Audrey M.W. and her family for the delicious snacks this week! Next week Alex H’s family will be providing snack.

** Irvington connect to Kindergarten is January 31st at 6:30 pm.


Person Of The Week

Mila was our Person Of The Week. She says that she has red hair and brown eyes. Her “favorites” are:  Color – Golden. Number – 100. Book – The Little Red Hen. Movie – Frozen. Animal – Cheetah. Activity – Playing on the play structure. Food – Sushi. Dessert – Cake. When Mila grows up she wants to be a Police Officer. If she could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) I wish I was a fairy  2.) I wish my brother was a principal  3.) I wish my mom could be my teacher.


Tuesday morning, we came back from the long weekend and kicked things off by learning about the planet that is closest to the sun, Mercury! We read, Mercury,  and got to listen to a fun song as well that taught us even more facts. For letter Mm share, Carter brought in his sister’s new Moana doll, Evelyn showed off her stuffed moose and Uriah shared his awesome microphone. Later in the day when Music and Movement was over, we enjoyed a healthy snack and got to work on Person Of The Week pages for Mila. Then Teacher Mike showed up to play “Shipwreck” with everyone outside. After the game we enjoyed a nice crisp recess and said our goodbyes as we read, Mooncake on the carpet.


Wednesday we continued our planet study and turned our focus toward Venus, the second planet from the sun. We read, Venus and learned that it is also known as Earth’s sister planet because they have so many similarities and also discovered that it is the hottest planet with more than 167 volcanoes on the surface.  For letter Mm share, Effie showed everyone a picture of her mom, Luke brought his mummy “Beanie-Boo” and Lydia shared a map of the British Museum she brought back from London. In the afternoon we worked on a Mercury/Venus double sided coloring page and practiced letter Mm in our journals. Our day ended with a soggy recess under the covered area playing with rubber balls and drawing with sidewalk chalk!


Thursday we learned about a rather special planet…….Earth! First we read, Earth and discussed what makes it different from other planets. The class immediately pointed out that Earth has life because we have oxygen and a temperature that isn’t too hot or too cold. We also talked about how it has gravity which helps keep our feet on the ground. We even found another silly song about Earth that had tons of cool facts. Then for the related project, we each made our own Earth using a fun painting method we like to call, the “blob and twist.” Ask your child if they can describe this process for you! They all turned out wonderfully and really look like planet Earth! For letter Mm share, Audrey D. showed off a state flag that she got while visiting Minnesota, Saoirse brought in a toy monkey that makes all kinds of sounds and Audrey M.W. shared some magnets from home. Towards the end of the day we did the “Bean Bag Boogie” during Music and Movement followed by recess and then read a chapter from, Paddington’s London Treasury.


Friday morning everyone signed in quickly and did a great job of settling into the table choices. It was such a nice morning the teachers awarded the class their last star they needed to earn another party. We have now (officially) earned 15 stars and will be celebrating our hard work next week! Stay tuned for details…We are thinking along the lines of a space party! After our morning meeting, we learned some interesting facts about the Moon and played a super fun game called “Marble Moon Math” and even got to make craters out of play-doh. The kids “dug” it!  For letter Mm share, Alex H. brought in a magnifying glass, Mila brought in some money and Alexander shared his purple stuffed monkey. After “you choose Friday” Music and Movement, we had a nice long free choice, went out for recess and then finished our week reading Mila’s Person Of The Week book full of lovely drawings and compliments for her!


Have a restful weekend, everyone!



-Team Pre-K!