Newsletter January 22nd – 26th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families,

We have had a blast finishing up our space unit. We learned about the rest of the planets in our solar system through informational books and silly songs! Next week we will kick off our Fairy Tale unit and the letter of the week will be Oo. Please help your child choose something letter share that begins with Oo.


Thanks and Reminders


Thank you to Alex H. and his family for bringing the delicious snacks for us! Next week Lydia’s family will be providing snack.


***Monday is a normal Pre-K school day for us.


Wednesday 1/31 is Irvington Connect to Kindergarten


Person of The Week

Havana was our Person of the Week. She says that she has brown hair and brown eyes. Her “favorites” are: Color – Purple. Number – 1. Book – Fairy books. Movie –  Moana. Animal – Unicorn. Toy – My Little Pony. Food – Noodles. Dessert – Chocolate ice cream. When Havana grows up she wants to be a marine biologist. If she could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) To play with mom  2.) Be with my family all the time  3.) Go to Happy Panda.


Monday morning, we got right back to work coloring our planet pages. Then during our morning meeting we learned about the next planet closest to the sun after Earth, Mars! We read a great book about this popular planet, True Book: Mars and then got to listen to the Planet Mars song for kids by Silly School Songs. These songs for each planet have really been a hit with the kids. For letter Nn share, Saorise showed off her stuffed narwhal, Lydia shared her kazoo and Audrey D. brought a napkin. In the afternoon we had a nice long free choice and also worked on letter Nn pages before heading outside for a rather soggy recess! Then we finished our day reading, Hedgie Blasts Off!


Tuesday morning, we had one of our favorite special guests, Miss Nina! She of course brought three great stories for us (in her best voices as always): Natalie’s Hair Was Wild, Goldenlocks & The Three Pirates and The Summer I Taught My Cat To Read.  For letter Nn share, Matilda showed everyone some noodles, Audrey M.W. brought a notepad and Eliah shared his night lamp. In the afternoon we asked Havana to give us some ideas about what she likes so we could draw nice Person of the Week pages for her. She told us that she likes fairies and that her favorite color is purple. The whole class did an excellent job with their drawings and dictated nice compliments. In the afternoon we enjoyed some “Animal Action” on the carpet for Music and Movement. Then Teacher Mike came by for some games under the covered area, as it was raining! Our day ended with Calendar and Weather on the carpet as we said goodbye to friends.


Wednesday began with beading Saturn’s rings! Students had the chance to make a necklace or bracelet with beads of their choice. Then we circled up and learned about the famous planet with rings! First we read, True Book: Saturn and discovered that it is a gas planet and the rings are made of mostly rock and ice. Then we played the planet Saturn song for kids to see what other fun facts we could learn. For letter Nn share, Kellen showcased some Ninjago LEGOS, Luke shared a ninja star and Carter brought numbers to share. In the afternoon during second recess, students took turns coming inside to work with Papier Mache to cover balloons to create planets! These will eventually hang from the ceiling of the classroom. It was really messy, but also really fun! Our day came to a close as we played a round of “I spy….” on the carpet.


On Thursday we resumed the Papier Mache planet project. Everyone did such a fantastic job of taking their time to make sure the balloon was fully covered. By recess time, everyone had finished their planet. They all turned out wonderfully and just needed to dry a bit further before phase two: Painting! For letter Nn share, Havana wore her necklace that she got as a gift from her, Nana, Bayard brought a picture of Neptune, Effie shared a napkin and Enzo showed off his nightlight. Later in the day when Music and Movement was over, we learned about another gas giant, Uranus! Much like the previous planets, we read all about it in, True Book: Uranus and then listened to the Silly Song on the computer to see what other information we could tease out! Our day ended with playing games outside with Teacher Mike.


Friday was our day to celebrate earning 15 stars as a class. Everyone came to school dressed in their spaciest outfits! The class really went above and beyond with their attire, so we had to capture the fun with some photos. Just before recess, we came to the carpet to watch a fun Magic School Bus video that just so happened to be the very first episode ever! It was appropriately titled, “The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space.” For letter Nn share, Alexander brought two books, Nightsong and a picture book that his Nana made for him and his siblings, Uriah shared a necklace, Alex brought a picture of his two older brothers, Nick and Nate, as well as a nickel and Will showed off his book called, Ten Tiny Ninjas. Throughout the day we also painted our planets, did a moonwalk and ate a delicious constellation inspired snack. We finished our special day reading Havana’s Person of the Week book that was full of beautiful pictures and kind words.


Have a great weekend everyone!



-Team Pre-K!