Newsletter January 29th – February 2nd, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families,

We have had a whimsical week reading many of the classic fairy tales with the added bonus of some new versions too! In addition to all of the fun stories we had the pleasure of reading, we also enjoyed some fun activities and projects along the way. Next week we will continue to immerse ourselves in all things fairy tales and the letter of the week will be Pp.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Lydia and her family for the delicious snacks this week. Next week, Eliah’s family will be providing snack.

***There has been an increase with toys making their way into the classroom. Please remind your child that toys need to stay at home as they are not only a distraction, but they often get lost as well!***


Person of The Week

Carter was our Person of the Week. He says that he has black hair and hazel eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Pink. Number – 5. Book – The Gingerbread Man. Movie – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Animal – Lion. Activity – Origami. Food – Strawberries. Dessert – Cake. When Carter grows up, he wants to be a doctor just like his mom. If he could have three wishes, they would be:  1.) I wish I could be a lion.  2.) I wish I could go in an airplane.  3.) I wish for loving my mom forever.


Monday we kicked off the morning by discussing what we know about fairy tales. We talked about how most of them begin with, “Once upon a time……” and usually have some kind of repeating element to the story and often end with, “The end.” Then we read a true classic, The Three Little Pigs. Not only did we get to read the original, but we also heard a different version called, The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig (which was rather different!) Then for the related activity, we got together in small groups and wrote our own versions of the classic tale. Ask your child how their story went! For letter Oo share, Carter brought in a small felt board with an owl on one side and an ostrich on the other, Effie shared an origami bird that her dad made and Kellen displayed his orb ornament! In the afternoon we got to work on Person of the Week pages for Carter. We learned that he loves the color pink and that he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Everyone had wonderful things to say about him and drew some lovely pictures too.


Tuesday morning was spent reading yet another version of, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and “glitter-gluing” the rest of our planets so they could dry and FINALLY be put on display. They turned out magnificently and are now hanging from the ceiling for all to see! Come check them out! After that we had a surprise evacuation due to a heating problem in the building. The whole school had to wait outside for over an hour while the problem was being addressed, so Pre-K took the opportunity to take a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  In the afternoon we turned our focus towards letter Oo, learning the sign language version as well as the sounds it makes.  For letter Oo share, Mila brought in her owl stuffed animal and Saoirse showed off her purple octopus! We finished our day playing games outside with Teacher Mike.


Wednesday after morning choices, we circled up and read, The Princess and the Pea and another fun version of the story titled, The Very Smart Pea and the Princess to Be. Then we discussed how the stories differed from one another. For the special project, we colored and cut out princesses and chose a variety of “mattresses” to paste onto construction paper. The students then had to count the mattresses and record it on their sheet. For letter Oo share, Havana shared the page with an octopus on it from her sea animal book, Uriah showed the class an O’Shea family photo where they are standing by an “O” shaped pool, Matilda shared her brass octopus and Lydia brought in an obsidian rock.


Thursday we read, Goldilocks and the Three Bears followed by a really fun and clever version of the tale called, Goldilocks and Just One Bear. For the related project, we colored and cut out all of the characters from the original story. Then we taped them to popsicle sticks so they could become puppets. Everyone was pretty excited about being able to take something home for once!  For letter Oo share, Evelyn brought a bag of oatmeal, Bayard showed off his stuffed owl and Alexander shared a book called, Octicorn.


Friday during group time we read, Three Billy Goats Gruff and enjoyed the repeating nature of that tale. Then we had the pleasure of watching a short play of, The Three Little Pigs, put on by some of our classmates. That was sure fun! Go, Pre-K! For letter Oo share, Luke and Audrey M.W. both shared the name, “Oregon Ducks,” and Audrey D. shared her necklace she brought for last week’s letter Nn. Later when rest time was over, we were eager to get Music and Movement underway, as it was “You-choose-Music-Friday!” We rocked out too many of the Pre-K “favorites” and even got to display our best dance moves during a “freeze-dance!” We finished our day on the carpet reading Carter’s Person of the Week book.


See you all next week!



-Team Pre-K!