Newsletter February 5th – 9th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter

Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had another lovely week reading more fairy tales and enjoying the variety of activities and projects that accompanied them! Next week we will turn our focus towards friendship, talking all about what it should look and feel like. The letter of the week will be Qq, please help your child choose something for share that begins with Qq.


 Thanks and Reminders

*In the next couple of weeks our class will be working on a short play. Please bring an old pillowcase that you can donate for costume making. Old fabric strips/pieces are welcome too!

*Thank you to Eliah’s family for bringing the delicious and nutritious snack this week!

*If any families would like to make and donate some fresh playdough, Pre-K would SO appreciate it!


Person Of The Week

Luke was our Person Of The Week. He says that he has brown hair and blue eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Green and yellow. Number – “A trillion.” Book – The Gingerbread Man. Movie – Trolls. Animal – Cheetah. Activity – “Playing.” Food – Noodles. Dessert – Ice cream.  When Luke grows up he wants to be a scientist. If he could have three wishes, they would be:

1.) I wish I was a Knight.  2.) I wish I could be a dragon. 3.) I wish I could be a dinosaur.


Monday morning, we greeted AL with a birthday crown to decorate while the rest of us colored gorgeous pictures to celebrate his half birthday! Then we circled up and resumed our fairy tale unit by reading the original rendition of, Jack and The Beanstalk. The castle in the clouds was a great inspiration for the project that followed. We did guided drawings of castles using black Sharpies! The class did a great job of following the directions and the castles look terrific! For letter Pp share, Luke showed off his pink pig stuffed animal, Elise brought in her penguin and Carter shared his pirate flag. In the afternoon we rocked out to a few of our favorite tunes during Music and Movement and then Teacher Mike came by for some games outside.


Tuesday morning, we circled up on the carpet and read a great tale called, A Bean, a Stalk and a Boy Named Jack that was similar to the original story, with a few differences. Ask your child what was different in this one! After group time, we got back to work on our castle drawings, adding vibrant watercolors to finish them. They are beautiful and should be adorning the walls of the classroom in no time. For letter Pp share, Alex H. brought in a periscope and a penny, Havana showed off a princess pacifier and Effie shared a toy penguin. After rest time we worked on Letter Oo and Pp pages and did some work in our journals before heading outside for recess. Our day ended with listening to, Chicken Little on the carpet as we said goodbye to friends.


Wednesday we got to work on Person Of The Week pages for Luke. He told us that he loves the Oregon Ducks and the colors yellow and green. For letter Pp share, Audrey M.W. showed everyone a picture of her sister, Penny, Will shared his penguin and Uriah brought in some pea pods! Just before rest time we read the original version of, The Gingerbread Man and did a fun math activity to follow using large cut-out gingerbread men and a variety of items to decorate them with. Then we used dice to choose how many eyes, buttons, noses, etc. to put on them! The kids really enjoyed this activity! When we got up from rest time, we went on a “Bear Hunt” and bounced around to the “Popcorn Song!” Then we ate a nutritious snack and finished our day playing outside!


Thursday we finished working on Person Of The Week pages for Luke. Then we circled up for our morning meeting and read, The Gingerbread Man Loose on The Fire Truck. What a fun gingerbread tale that was! For letter Pp share, Bayard showed off his book of planes by Richard Scary, Lydia shared a card she brought back from the Redwoods State Park and Audrey D. brought in, The Poky Little Puppy. When it was time for rest time to be over, there were still quite a few friends snoozing, so we enjoyed a healthy snack and some quiet free choice in place of Music and Movement. After that Teacher Mike showed up for some fun games and recess! Our day ended with some songs on the carpet as we said our goodbyes for the day.


Friday morning, we enjoyed a long free choice full of crown decorating, animal sorting, LEGOS, and listening to books on CD. Then during our morning meeting we talked about all of the amazing stories we have read over the past two weeks. Using glass gems to cast our votes, we decided that our favorite fairy tale was, Three Billy Goats Gruff! For letter Pp share, Saoirse showed off her L.O.L, AL brought in Penne pasta, Eliah shared a puzzle and Matilda showed off her book, Pete The Cat.  After rest time was over we circled up for, “you-choose-Friday-music!” Then we enjoyed a delicious and nutritious snack, washed up, and got to work planting our own magic seeds just like Jack from, Jack and The Beanstalk. We used small milk containers, filled them with potting soil and planted our seeds just right. We can’t wait to see when they sprout! We finished our day reading Luke’s Person of the Week book on the carpet.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



-Team Pre-K!