Newsletter February 12th – 16th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had the friendliest of weeks here in Pre-K! We talked all about what it means to be a good friend through a variety of activities and thought-provoking stories. Next week we will turn our focus towards the theater arts and the letter of the week will be Rr. Please help your child choose something for letter share.


Thanks and Reminders

**There is no school/IED Monday February 19th, 2018**

Thank you to Audrey M.W. and her family for providing the delicious and nutritious snacks this week. Next week Elise and her family will be bringing snack.


Person of The Week

Eliah was our Person of the Week. He says that he has light brown hair that is, “kind of mixed,” and blue eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Dark blue and pink. Number – 1. Book – Jack & Annie and The Nights. Movie – Minions. Animal – Tiger. Activity – Coloring. Food – Macaroni and Cheese. Dessert – Lemon flavored ice cream. When Eliah grows up he wants to be a bus driver. If he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) I wish I could have jobs at home like I do at school  2.) I wish I could have a robot that flies  3.)  I wish I could have pink play-dough.


Monday began with coloring half birthday pages for Audrey M.W while she decorated her crown with stickers! Then we circled up for the morning meeting and began talking about friendship. As a class, we compiled a list of characteristics of a good friend. We came up with things like: sharing, being a good listener, giving high fives, hugs and handshakes, including everyone, using kind words, smiling and much more. Ask your child if they can share anything else from that list!  For letter Qq share, Evelyn brought in a special homemade quilt, Mila shared a story called, The Quiet Book and Alexander showed off a quilt as well! In the afternoon everyone got to work beading friendship necklaces, which was harder than one might think with how small those bead holes were! Good job, Pre-K! We finished the day with recess!


Tuesday we greeted Saoirse with a birthday crown to decorate while the rest of us worked on birthday pages to celebrate her turning 5! Then in the middle of free choice, Miss Nina stopped by to read some awesome stories in her most entertaining voices, of course! Then at the end of her visit, she sang a fun song with us called, “Bim-bam!” Ask your child if they can sing it for you, with the motions! Later in the day for letter Qq share, Havana showed everyone the Qq page from her, Trace and Learn book and both Matilda and Saoirse brought in quarters! In the afternoon we worked on letter Qq pages and then headed outside for recess and games with Teacher Mike!


On Wednesday we watched a book on video called, How Full is Your Bucket? This is a heartwarming story that encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation and love. Bucket filling and dipping are effective metaphors in understanding how our actions and words affect the people around us. Then for the related project, we made our own buckets and dictated sentences about how each of us are bucket fillers. Ask your child how they fill others’ buckets! For letter Qq share, Carter showed off his quiet stuffed timber wolf, Luke brought in some quinoa and Audrey M.W. shared a queen card from the game, Sleeping Queens. After second recess, our day ended by exchanging our friendship necklaces that we made on Monday and Tuesday! They looked great and everyone was very gracious and thanked the person who made their necklace.


Thursday during morning meeting we learned about the impact of words on others. The lesson uses cotton balls and sandpaper to help make the concept of kind and unkind words feel more real. The activity was a total success and the kids seemed to love it! for letter Qq share, Effie showed off some quartz that her daddy found and Will shared a shiny quarter. In the afternoon we had fun with music and movement, singing a song that taught us the word, “hello” in many different languages. Ask your child if they can remember any! After second recess was over, our day finished with a few stories on the carpet: The Recess Queen, The Story of Fish and Snail and the Pre-K favorite, Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!


Friday morning, we enjoyed a leisurely free choice time filled with vibrant liquid watercolor paintings, crayon rubbings, stencil drawings and much more. During morning meeting we reviewed what it means to be a good friend and talked about all of the fun things we did this week. After lunch and rest time were over we read, Miss Nelson is Missing and then ate a delicious snack. During free choice, we finished up our Bucket Filler project and enjoyed all of the frills of room 111. Before we knew it, Teacher Mike arrived to take everyone out for games and recess. Our day ended with the goodbye song on the carpet as friends were picked up.


Have a great three-day weekend!


-Team Pre-K!