Newsletter March 5th – 9th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K 

Hello, Pre-K families!

We had a great first week being introduced to the basics of art. First we discussed that art is not one thing and that it is all around us, in parks, theaters, on the sides of buildings, in our schools etc. We talked about lines, shapes, primary colors, how art makes us feel and much more. And of course did a few projects and crafts along the way. Next week we will continue our unit on art and the letter of the week will be Tt. Please help your child choose something for share that begins with Tt.

Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Audrey D’s and Elise’s family for bringing the nutritious snacks this week!

Person of The Week

Will was our Person of the Week. He says that he has red hair and brown eyes. His “favorites” are: Color – Green, Blue and Yellow. Number – 100. Book – Batman. Movie – LEGO movie. Animal – Bear. Activity – Playing Batman. Food – Tacos. Dessert – Candy. When Will grows up he wants to be a bus driver. And if he could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) Drive a “choo-choo” train  2.) Be able to fly  3.) Go to Hawaii “right now!”


Monday after our morning meeting, we went into our learning groups and began talking about art! We read a few pages from, A Child’s Introduction to Art which a perfect place to begin. It even included instruction on how to view and appreciate art and touched on the fact that there is no such thing as bad art, as long as the piece makes you think! For letter Ss share, Carter showed off a Star Wars swimsuit, Havana brought in a stuffed seahorse and Audrey MW shared, “The Snitch” from Harry Potter. In the afternoon we worked on Person of the Week pages for Will. He told us that he loves the colors: Green, blue and yellow and that he also likes bears and “choo-choo trains.” Everyone got to work drawing lovely pictures and dictating kind words about him. After rest time we enjoyed a nice session of music and movement followed by recess! Our day ended with snack and free choice.


On Tuesday during learning groups we read a cute book called, Mouse Paint. This is a fun story that provides a great lesson about primary colors. One day, three white mice discover three jars of paint: red, blue and yellow. They thought it was mouse paint so they climbed right in. As the story unfolds, we see what happens when the colors mix! Ask your child what colors you have to mix together to get, green, orange and purple!  For letter Ss share, Will brought in a stegosaurus, Effie showed off Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) and Bayard shared his toy snake. Our day ended with a book on the carpet called, Bartholomew and The Oobleck, which was a story by Dr. Seuss that none of us had heard before! It was a hit!


Wednesday in our learning groups we read, Lines That Wiggle which talked about all of the lines and shapes we see not only in art, but the world around us. Then for the related project, we used Sharpies to make abstract drawings and then used our plethora of dried out markers dipped in water to act as watercolor paints. These turned out uniquely beautiful and will be coming home soon. For letter Ss share, Audrey D brought in her slippers from home, Kellen shared a seashell and Al showed everyone a pair of his socks. In the afternoon we listened to some Pre-K “favorites” for music and movement like, Let’s Go Swimming and No More Pie and finished the day with free choice.


Thursday when we met for our learning groups we read, Perfect Square. This was such a cool book because it shows kids how to transform their works of art if something didn’t go as planned the first time. Each page of this book shows how there are endless possibilities to our creations. There were so many wonderful examples of how to reuse and recreate using what we already have. What a great lesson for an age group who is often quick to grab a new sheet of white paper! Then for a fun art project we used dried colored penne pasta, macaroni, buttons and colorful cut straws to create a beautiful collage in a bowl full of clear glue! When these colorful creations eventually dry, they are supposed to be dreamcatchers. It was a bit of an experiment, so stay tuned!


Friday was a great day to play “catch-up” from all of the fun art projects this week, while also enjoying the many choices to play with around the room. During our morning meeting, we went around the circle and each shared what we had for breakfast and then read an awesome story called, Extra Yarn. The class listened so intently and thoroughly enjoyed the story. For letter Ss share, Matilda brought in a picture of a snowman that she built with her mom, Mila shared her giant stuffed snake named, Leo and Enzo showed off the stripes on his pants. In the afternoon we rocked out to some great songs chosen by the kiddos as it was “You-choose-Friday-music!” Then we headed outside for a nice long recess with the added bonus of no rain! Our day ended with reading Will’s Person of the Week book.


Have a great weekend!



-Team Pre-K!