Newsletter March 12th – 16th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter  


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a great second week learning more about art! We turned our focus towards two famous artists: Henri Matisse and Wassily Kandinsky and tried our hands at both of their art styles.  Next week we will finish our three-week unit on art and the letter of the week will be Uu. Please help your child choose something for share that begins with Uu.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Enzo’s family for bringing the delicious and nutritious snack!


***Next week is Irvington Spirit Week***

Monday 3/19 – Pajama Day

Tuesday 3/20 – Sports Day (Dress “sporty,” no cleats please)!

Wednesday 3/21 – Crazy Hair Day

Thursday 3/22 – Wear Your Favorite Colors


Person of The Week

Elise was our Person of the Week. She says she has blue eyes and brown hair. Her “favorites” are: Color – Rainbow. Number – 100. Book – Frozen. Movie – Frozen. Animal – Kitty. Activity – Drawing. Food – Macaroni and Cheese. Dessert – Chocolate ice cream. When Elise grows up, she wants to be an engineer, just like her mommy. If she could have three wishes, they would be: 1.) I wish Elsa and Anna were real  2.) See a real unicorn  3.) I wish I was a mermaid


Monday began with a nice morning circle, sharing about our weekends. After that, we got to work on Person of the Week pages for Elise. She told us that she loves all colors of the rainbow and kitties. This time, the students were encouraged to use every color of marker available to them. As a result, the pictures turned out beautifully! For letter Tt share, Luke brought in a tiger, Will showed off his T-Rex and Evelyn shared her thermometer. In the afternoon Teacher Mike came by for some games outside followed by some more recess! Then we came inside for a healthy snack and free choice and said goodbye to friends for the day.


Tuesday was a great morning! Miss Nina came by and read three awesome stories: The Adventures of Wrong Man and Power Girl, King Loui’s ShoesThere’s a Tiger in the Garden and finished her visit with the “fruit salad” song, which is always a hit.  For letter Tt share, Eliah brought in a teacup, Effie shared her turtle and Saoirse showed off her spinning top. In the afternoon we practiced writing the letter Tt in our journals as well as practicing the sounds it makes and the sign language version.  In the afternoon we had a nice long recess and then came inside for a healthy snack!


Wednesday was a busy day! In the morning we had a very special visitor named, Miss Alla. She has the important job of making sure that childcare facilities are a safe and happy place for kids! She complimented our class for being so polite and such good friends to one another. Later, during our learning groups we read, Henri’s Scissors. In this story about Henri Matisse’s life, we learned that in his later years he became very ill and was confined to a bed. While in this state he was inspired to use scissors to cut out shapes from painted paper. He then created beautiful collages all over his room and inspired others to “draw with scissors.” Throughout the day we made our own painted paper so we can cut shapes from it next week and make our own collages, just like Henri. Our day ended with letter Tt share: Carter showed off his turtle and top, Matilda also brought in a turtle and Audrey D. shared her teacup.


Thursday during morning choice time, we continued painting paper so we can be like Henri Matisse and draw with scissors next week. We also enjoyed making necklaces and bracelets with our beautiful beads . For letter Tt share, Alex H. brought in his T-Rex skeleton, Havana showed off her turtle, Lydia shared her teacup, Bayard showed everyone his pterodactyl and Uriah brought in a tiger. In the afternoon we read, A Splash of Red and then headed outside for a nice long recess. Our day ended with a healthy snack, followed by free choice!


Friday morning, we enjoyed crafting with fuse-beads, building LEGO structures and making awesome pictures with a variety of stencils and crayon rubbings. During our learning groups, we watched a book on video called, The Noisy Paint Box which was about a famous painter named, Wassily Kandinsky. What a fascinating story! Not only was he one of the very first painters of abstract art, but throughout his life, Kandinsky experienced colors as sounds, and sounds as colors! Because of this phenomenon, there were many bold and groundbreaking works of art bursting from his noisy paint box. For the related project, we made our own version of Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles using oil pastels and liquid watercolor paints. They looked like Kandinsky painted them, himself! For letter Tt share, Audrey M.W. showed off her tiara, Kellen brought a teacup and Mila shared her toothbrush and toothpaste. In the afternoon we ate snack outside and read Elise’s Person of the Week book. Our week ended listening to a book called, Mr. Wolf and the Three Bears.


Have a great weekend!



-Team Pre-K!