Newsletter April 9th – 13th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K 


Hello, Pre-K families!

What a great week it has been learning all about insects! We talked about ants, butterflies, ladybugs, bees and more! We also did some fun activities and projects along the way.  Next week we will turn our focus towards dinosaurs and the letter of the week will be Xx. Please help your child choose something for letter share.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Uriah and his family for bringing the delicious and nutritious snack this week! Next week his family will be providing snack again!

Thank you to Audrey D’s, Audrey M.W.’s and Effie’s families for the play dough. We so appreciate it!

Pre-K has been invited to perform a song for the spring music program in the Irvington gymnasium on April 25th, 2018.  Families should arrive at 1:15 if interested in watching.  It will be short, but sweet!


Monday we kicked off the week by reading, I Love Bugs. This provided a great overview to the world of insects using simple rhymes and clear illustrations. The book touches on methods of movement, habitat, behavior and camouflage as well as the names of a variety of insects. For letter Ww share, Effie showed off her stuffed whale, Havana also brought in a whale “stuffie” and Carter shared a WOW/MOM card that he made at home.  In the afternoon we worked on birthday pages for Uriah, using as many colors as we could get our hands on. Everyone did a great job and dictated fun birthday wishes too. Our day ended with singing “Happy Birthday” to Uriah and reading his birthday book.


Tuesday during our learning groups we focused on ants! We began with a fun song to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” appropriately called, “Head, Thorax, Abdomen.” After learning about the anatomy of ants, we put our cutting skills to good use by cutting out the body parts of an ant and then gluing the labeled parts together on construction paper. For letter Ww share, Saoirse brought in a Wonder Woman doll, Eliah showed off a castle wall from his Knight’s castle and Lydia shared a book with the class called, The Magic Wishing Chair. In the afternoon we enjoyed a nice, healthy snack followed by free choice. Our day came to a close with a cute story called, Two Bad Ants.


Wednesday in the morning we learned about the life cycle of a butterfly while watching a super fun rap song about their metamorphosis. Ask your child if they can tell you the four stages! After that we did a fun project that displays each stage it goes through. And with truly perfect timing, we also received our very own butterfly larvae that we will get to witness going through each stage of the metamorphosis. This is a Pre-K tradition that has been going on for at least a decade! For letter Ww share, Alexander showed off a wallet, Audrey D. brought in a whisk and Mila shared a water bottle. The day ended with a book on the carpet called, The Invisible Boy, which was a great social and emotional book that really got the kids thinking and sharing about how to be good friends to one another.


Thursday during our learning groups we talked about those adorable little insects known as the ladybug! We read, It’s a Good Thing There Are Ladybugs, which provided a great description of their characteristics and four stages of development from egg to adult. For the related activity, we got to play a fun ladybug game where you roll the dice and cover the ladybugs spots with buttons. The kids love putting their counting skills to good use. For letter Ww share, Matilda shared her wristband, Evelyn showed off a whale painting and Will brought in a picture of himself, wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Our day ended on the carpet, reading a cute book that Evelyn shared with the class.


Friday was a really fun day as we got to experience the fruits of our labor with the party we earned from such good behavior. Everyone arrived in a costume of their choosing. There were princesses, dogs, tigers, fairies, race car drivers, firefighters and the list goes on! During morning circle everyone had the chance to show off and share two things about their costumes. Then during our learning groups, we talked all about bees and sang, “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee.”  For the related activity, we transferred “pollen” (yellow pom-poms) from the flowers to the hives. The kids loved this activity that also helped develop fine motor skills as they used tweezers to make the transfers. After rest time, we enjoyed a nice session of “you choose Friday music!” Then our week came to a close on the carpet as we got to learn more about bees while watching an episode of, The Magic School Bus called, “In a Beehive.” In addition to the fun video, the kids ate popcorn and fruit snacks on the carpet while they watched. What a great way to end the week!

Have a great weekend!



-Team Pre-K!