Newsletter April 23rd – April 27th, 2018

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families! It’s been a busy week here in Pre-K, finishing up our dinosaur unit and singing our special song for the Irvington Musical Performance. Next week we will learn about jungles and rainforests and the letter of the week will be Zz! Please help your child choose something to bring for our last letter of the alphabet!

Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Will and his family for bringing the nutritious snack this week! Next week Kellen’s family will be providing snack.

*Our class must be going through a growth spurt! Although we have recently implemented a morning snack, many students have been finishing every morsel of their lunches and declaring they are still hungry! Perhaps an extra piece of fruit, veggies or something protein-rich would be a great option for those extra hungry friends.

*We are always accepting outgrown clothing donations!

*Please make sure your child has a spare change of weather appropriate clothing.

Monday we resumed our dinosaur unit by learning about the small but fierce carnivore known as the, velociraptor! We discovered that unlike they were portrayed in the movie, Jurassic Park, Velociraptors were actually much smaller than they appeared on the silver screen. It is estimated that they were only 3 feet in height and weighed between 15 and 30 lbs. Scientists now believe they were covered in feathers and had arms that looked like wings, but could not fly. For the related project, we colored and cut out small raptors that can stand on their own if folded the right way. For letter Yy share, Alex H. brought in a yo-yo, Carter showed off his yellow flubber and Luke also shared a yo-yo. Our day ended with free choice as families came for pick up!


Tuesday morning in our learning groups we read, Dinosaur More! And talked specifically about the unique looking dinosaur known as the Triceratops. We found out that they were herbivores and their three horns served as protection from the T-Rex as they roamed the earth during the same era. Then for the related activity, we did a fun matching game that involved counting.  For letter Yy share, Evelyn shared the word, “yo-yo” and talked about how she used her friend, Avery’s yo-yo on their last family trip together and Will shared the word, “yarn” and said that his sister likes to make hats with it. Our day ended with a book on the carpet that we have read before called, Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal! What a GREAT story for this age group!


Wednesday morning the kids came through the door eager to perform! First we took some time in our learning groups to talk about the spiny looking dinosaur called, the Stegosaurus. We learned they were herbivores weighing close to two tons, yet had brains the size of ping pong balls! Then we spent the rest of the morning talking about what it means to be a good audience member for the performances that we would get to watch, as well as what it means to be a good performer! The kids came up with great lists for both. Then we practiced our song once for good measure! It was so great, no further practice was needed. Then when it was time, we lined up and quietly entered the gym where we found a wonderfully large audience! Even with not one, but two mishaps with the CD, our class did a fabulous job of singing, Peace Like a River. Other teachers from the school even said they were brought to tears of joy because it was such a wonderful performance. Teacher Mir was so proud he promised the class a magic show for their job well done. Go, Pre-K! Later in the day for letter Yy share, Effie showed off some yarn and Uriah shared his, Yummy Yucky book. Our day ended with a nice, relaxing free choice!


Thursday during our learning groups, we talked about pterodactyls and watched a fun music video about them. We learned that they are NOT a dinosaur, but a flying reptile. We also discovered that they loved to eat fish! They had quite the advantage over creatures that didn’t fly as they could swoop down to the water and snatch the fish with their 90 sharp teeth and fly away! For the related project, we made pterodactyl and fish mobiles hanging from popsicle sticks. The kids enjoyed this project, especially since they got to take them home!  For letter Yy share, Audrey D. showed off her Yosemite bottle opener, Lydia brought in a yellow lemon and Eliah shared his yellow plate. The day ended with free choice and working on Pterodactyl mobiles.


Friday was, “The best day ever!” (according to the kids when they were told the magic show would take place before lunch). Magical Mir came by to wow and impress with some of his newest tricks and a few oldies too. He told our class that he wasn’t feeling well before he arrived. But after seeing everyone’s, he said his spirits were lifted and they were the true magicians for doing so. For letter Yy share, Kellen showed off his Minion socks that are yellow and Saoirse shared a letter Yy puzzle piece. During our learning groups we talked about our final dinosaur of the unit, the Brachiosaurus. We learned that they were herbivores and had extra-long necks so they could reach the vegetation in tall trees. We also found out they had teeth in their cheeks! Scientists also found that they swallowed stones, which they suspect may have been deliberate to aid in digestion. In the afternoon we worked on a rather large “Get Well Soon!” card for Elise, as she broke her arm over the weekend. Get well soon, Elise! We miss you!


Have a great weekend, everyone!


-Team Pre-K!