Irvington Pre-K Newsletter May 7th – 11th, 2018


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a whale of a time this week learning all about ocean animals! We talked about sharks, hermit crabs, sea turtles and more! In addition to all of the ocean fun, our butterflies made their debut and we had the pleasure of sending them out into the world! Next week we will continue learning about the ocean and the letter blend will be sh. Please help your child choose something that begins with sh.


Thanks and Reminders

Thank you to Kellen and his family for bringing the healthy snacks this week. Next week, Bayard’s family will be providing snack.

*Pre-K Graduation will be on Friday, June 1st in the cafeteria. Please arrive around 1:45*

* If your child is attending Irvington next year for Kindergarten, please register in the main office, located at the front of the school*


Monday morning we arrived to find 6 butterflies had emerged from their cocoons and the net was covered in a red liquid. Although it looks like blood, it is not! It is actually called, meconium which is a liquid that comes out of the chrysalis. After we reigned ourselves back in from all of the butterfly excitement, we circled up and began our ocean unit by reading, Under the Sea, which was a great introduction to the world of ocean animals. For letter ch share, Evelyn brought in a fairy house chair, Luke showed off his “choo-choo” train and Alex H. shared his game called, Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh. Later in the day when we got up from rest time, we counted the butterflies and there were a lot more than 6, there were 16! What a success! So we gave them some fruit and Gatorade to help get them ready for their first flight later in the week.


Tuesday during our learning groups we talked about sharks. We read a National Geographic’s for kid’s book about the fierce creatures and learned many interesting facts about them. We discovered that they can sometimes go through 10,000 teeth in a lifetime and when they attack their prey; their eyes roll back in their heads to keep them protected. For the related project we made shark puppets using envelopes, pinking shears and gray/blue paint. For letter ch share, Effie showed everyone her stuffed cheetah, Carter brought in a cheese wrapper and Lydia shared some chalk. After rest time was over we enjoyed a book on the carpet called, Over in the Ocean, which everyone loved as it is a rhyming and repeating book. The day ended with a healthy snack followed by free choice.


Wednesday morning we watched a book on video called, A House for Hermit Crab by, Eric Carle. This was a great little story that details the life of a hermit crab and how they adopt a new home each time they outgrow their old. For the related project, we made our own hermit crabs, coloring and decorating the shells with a variety of colors and small sea creatures.  For letter ch share, Saoirse brought in some pink chalk, AL showed off his stuffed cheetah and Kellen shared a bunch of chocolate coins. In the afternoon we read a cute story called, Gilbert the Great and spent the rest of the day finishing up projects and playing in our ocean sensory table.


Thursday during our learning groups we talked about sea turtles and read a few pages from our Ocean Life Dictionary. We discovered that sea turtles are one of the most ancient creatures on earth and have barely changed in 110 million years. For the related activity we did a fun turtle game that involved rolling dice and covering the numbers on their shells. For letter ch share, Will shared his Thomas “choo-choo” train and Havana showed off her moon chimes. After rest time was over we sang some songs on the carpet like, “Baby Shark” and “Let’s Go Swimming.” Then we ate a healthy snack and finished the day with free choice.


Friday’s morning circle was spent reading, Hello Ocean. This was a sweet and descriptive story about a young girl’s journey of discovery as she spends the day at the beach. It led to a sharing circle about what everyone loves to do when they are near the sea. After that we worked on some top secret projects! Just before rest time we did the remaining shares for the week. Bayard showed everyone a page about cheetahs from a book at home, Uriah shared the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Mila showed off some chopsticks, Eliah brought in some chocolate from Peru, Audrey D. shared a chestnut and Matilda brought in some chocolate chip cookies. Later in the day when we got up from rest time, we did “You-choose-Friday-Music” and then went outside to let our butterflies take flight. Luckily there was just enough sun to coax them out of their cozy net! The kids thoroughly enjoyed watching them make their way into the world. What a great end to the week!


Enjoy the sun, everyone!


-Team Pre-K!