Ocean Room Newsletter August 27th – 31st, 2018

Ocean Room Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families!

It has been a wonderful first full week here in the Ocean room! We spent our time learning all of our new friend’s names, reading tons of fun stories and getting used to the rules, routines and expectations of being in Pre-K. We also had a blast familiarizing ourselves with the many choices the classroom has to offer! Next week we will be sharing all about ourselves through the Life in a Bag activity that was sent home with students. We are so excited to learn more about your child and what makes them special!


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to all of the families for a wonderful first week of school.

*If you have not yet sent a family photo please bring those in early next week.

*Please check our snack sign-up near the door and choose two weeks to provide snacks for our classroom. Suggestions and guidelines are attached to the sign-up sheet.

Please note: we are now a nut free program.

*There is no school Monday, September 3rd.


Monday morning after parents said goodbye, we gathered on the carpet to sing the morning name song and go over the three rules of Pre-K. They are: 1.) Be Safe  2.) Be a helper  3.) Be a Friend. We also learned something called a “call and response” so the teachers can get everyone’s attention. Then we read a story, followed by free choice and morning snack. After that, we headed outside to see our friends from the Galaxy room on the playground and ran off some energy! Then just before rest time we read another story called, First Day Hooray and listened to soothing lullabies as we rested on our mats. In the afternoon we did some songs on the carpet and enjoyed even more free choice time. Before we knew it, the day was over and some friends didn’t even want to leave!


Tuesday morning, we learned another “call and response” during our circle time so there is some variety when getting everyone’s attention. We also reviewed our classroom rules again before moving on to free choice. The students wowed and impressed with their amazing memories. They were able to recall all of the rules, collectively! During free choice, some friends enjoyed playing with play-doh while others painted pretty watercolor pictures, or built amazing structures with wooden blocks. In the afternoon we read a fun story called, I am Too Absolutely Small for School and then headed outside for a nice long recess as the weather was lovely! Our day ended with a healthy snack just before saying goodbye to friends for the day.


Wednesday began with a variety of morning choices like, Play-doh, LEGOS, marble track and more! After morning meeting we worked on painted handprints which will be used for a fun project next week.  Then before going out for recess we read, Sheila Rae the Brave, which was a great story about a little girl who wasn’t afraid of anything. During Music and Movement, the class sang and clapped along to some fun songs like “No More Pie” and “Buttons” before moving on to free choice for the afternoon. The day ended with snack, followed by a story on the carpet called, Miss Nelson is Missing as we said goodbye to friends.


Thursday morning was spent beading necklaces, painting pictures and posing for our individual class photos to put up in the room. Before going out to recess we read, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and learned our third “call and response.” After rest time, everyone enjoyed a few songs on the carpet before being dismissed to free choice for the afternoon. We finished our day reading a cute story called, My Teacher is a Monster while we said goodbye to friends.


Friday during morning meeting, we sang our name song and then talked about how to line up and exit the building safely for a fire drill, as one was planned to sound just before recess. The class did a great job of not only taking it seriously, but also exiting quietly and quickly. Go, Pre-K! In the afternoon we read, Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late and then learned about how to safely use scissors and glue and had the opportunity to make all kinds of creations.  We also listened to a super silly book on CD called, Nanette’s Baguette, which was a hit! Our week ended with a healthy snack and playing outside on the playground. Then we said goodbye to our new friends as families picked up.


Have a great three- day weekend, everyone!


-Team Pre-K!